Sandcastle: The Cause of Misery

Lies and Truth:

People love lies, but they hate a liar. Yes, it is the harsh dilemma of life. A well-dressed lie is more acceptable than a naked truth of life. Lie consoles them. Lie maintains their illusory peace. Lie resists them to face the reality. On the other hand, the truth is very dangerous to the lie lovers because it is harsh and sharp like a sword that does inflict bleed. If a truth is disclosed to them, they have no option to escape. They cannot protect their ego from the attack of “sword”.  They cannot save their self-made “sandcastle”. A single twitch of truth will break the castle of lies, which is made with the blind faiths or well-dressed lies.

Sandcastle or the castle of false beliefs:

The sandcastles on the beach with the background of sea look good.  When the builder built the castle along the wet sands near the sea shore, (s)he knows that this is impermanent and it can be worn anytime with the onslaught of a tidal wave or the winds o’er the ocean.  But, when somebody builds this sandcastle in his or her mind with partial assumptions and the false beliefs or lies, (s)he never dares to think that it can also be destroyed by the tinge of reality.


The sandcastle in mind is very dangerous because its founding is prevarication. People hear those words, which they want to hear and construct the castle based on their assumptions. Then they feel secure to live within the self-made sandcastle. It’s very common in our daily life and this is one of the great causes of misery.

It is seen, mostly, in the parents-offspring and husband-wife relationships.  When the sons and daughters become grown up and live separately from their parents, parents always want to see them happy even after their marriage. Coming out this desire, they make the sand castle by their own assumptions. They only believe what they want to hear from their grown-up child(ren). They hardly try to understand them (children) or face the truth.  Even, the responsible sons or daughters don’t want to take their parents’ unhappiness and thus, help them to build their sandcastle by telling well-decorated lies.

Same things happen in husband–wife relationships unless one is super suspicious. I saw many women who don’t want to hear something wrong about their husbands. In fact, even after finding clues or proofs against their husbands’ misdeeds, they just close their eyes and ears and believe what they want,  that is the “peaceful lies”.  And based on this false beliefs, they build their sandcastle to make them secure. Not only wives, there are many husbands in the society who also have not enough courage to face the truth about their wives.

Breaking of the Castle: Misery

The sandcastle is good until something hurts it. When it is knocked down, sand starts to fall and slowly it blends with the dust. If one manages to save it from any external damage, (s)he can’t able to set aside it from the tidal rush of the sea.  The tide will come, by its own nature, and wash out the dream castle of sand.

The false beliefs or the wrong assumptions are just like the sand. A single twitch of truth can impair the whole construction.  Then, those beliefs start to fall down like the sand of the sand castle and finally, the builder has to face the wave of harsh reality.

Sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield.

No one can escape from truth. Closed eye or closed ear can act as a measure to stay away or hide from the truth. If life is an ocean, the reality is the wave of that ocean.  So, the castle of sand cannot exist for a long time. The Tide of the reality will inevitably come and sweep away all those false constructions. The pain of destruction of beliefs is more miserable than to confront the truth before making the beliefs.

Quote on truth
Truth and lies.


 It’s better to face the truth or to investigate the truth before making any assumption or false belief. The truth is very powerful. It keeps haunting to the heart of the false believers.  But, they don’t listen to their hearts and hold on their false beliefs. That leads to misery. But, if they find the truth and face it, they can make a solution for the particular problem or can find out any way to stand on that problem. It should be kept in mind that the fermented truth is more grievous than the fresh one.  The truth is not an alcohol like the lie. It is the food that makes us healthy for living a joyful life.

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Infinite Living

An excellent analogy of the ocean and sandcastle to bring out the nature of reality. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I truly believe that each person’s journey through life is about discovering their own truth and relating to others from that place of Being …or else everything else will just crumble away …as you have beautifully expressed with simplicity.

Infinite Living

If you get a chance I request you to read my post …Truthfulness, Kindness and the Dumbness of it all …it is my thought process on Truth 🙂


Excellent analogy many sand castles we build, the castles of lies, just because they comfort our thoughts, our view of the world. It doesn’t take much to go away. In an instant. But we like to hold onto them. In stead of the course truth that will hold onto any test of time.. loved this post .. 🙂


Absolutely awakening….though we all know it down under, but still choose to imploration….kudos Sayanti for such a beautiful post 🙂

Loved this, ‘…fermented truth is more grievous than the fresh one.’

Sudhir Chauhan

such a beautiful creation….. loved it….