Sunset Song

Sun Photo Poetry

Farewel of Sun

The sky lit up with the fiery glows of sun,

The trees are ready to embrace the dark.

Day’s melody is ending in a splendid way

The climax is glorious at the end of the day.

Darken down and brighten up,

Let’s take the light to move forward.

The amazing picture of the sunset is captured by the creative blogger Zerocreativity. He published this picture and invited the bloggers to write a poem based on this photo. This poem is my entry for his photography. Then, he merged this poem in his photo to make this photo poetry. I must appreciate his amazing creativity. And I’d like to thank him for giving me the chance to entry my poetry at his Sun photo poetry Flip book.

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Photo credit: Zerocreativity

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I wish you write something else instead of ” The climax is glorious”…
Day’s melody is ending in a splendid way,….. this is gracious….. wish my life also end the same way…..


Beautiful poem