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#AtoZChallenge: U is For Uniqueness

#AtoZChallenge: U is For Uniqueness

The beauty of nature is its uniqueness.  Each thing of nature has its own beauty. We cannot compare the tranquillity of the river with the tidal waves of the ocean.  Everything is beautiful at its own place. If one thinks why the jasmine flowers are not blooming like the big and colorful Dalia that will be his or her highest stupidity.  We love Jasmine for its unique fragrance and white color. Dalia is so adorable to us for its unique types of colors.   Nature is so creative that we can find uniqueness at everywhere. This uniqueness is their individuality.

In the same way, existence is so creative that it creates us, exclusively. Everybody has some distinct qualities for those he or she is beautiful at his or her own place. But, we don’t know to value this uniqueness. We always try to copy other by ignoring our individuality. We are torturing our soul by comparing us with others and forget our exclusiveness. This comparison always makes us unhappy. Suppose, someone thinks he is inferior to others, it will be the cause of his misery.  On the other hand, if somebody thinks he is superior to anybody of his society, it will also bring misery to him. It is his ego, which thinks inferior or superior. And ego hurts.

Osho’s quote on Uniqueness

When ego dissolves or when we stop comparing ourselves with others, individuality comes out. This is so beautiful that we can not stop ourselves from loving our own existence. When we begin to value our individuality, we can accept all our imperfections. Self-love starts from this acceptance.

We are exclusively unique at our own place. We don’t need to find out that uniqueness within ourselves. We just need to respect it. I am I, I cannot be you. In the same way, I cannot expect that you will be me or you will behave like me. We should value each other’s individuality.  This is the only way to accept others as they are.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- U.My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


#AtoZChallenge: N is For Narcissist

#AtoZChallenge: N is For Narcissist

Superficially, a narcissist and the one who has self-love look almost the same. But, the basic difference between them is that a narcissist does whatever that gratifies his or her ego whereas a one who has self-love does things for their inner piece. People with self-love, know themselves and aware of their limitations or imperfections. Their love based on all over acceptance where they accept themselves with all their imperfections. Thus, they don’t try to hide their flaws by creating a false wall that is called ego. They are free to flow themselves as they are and ready to accept others as they are.

The narcissist one always needs an ego to wrap the things within him or her that he or she never wants to face. They fear to face themselves as they cannot take the imperfections within them. Thus, they need the praises and admirations from outside that satisfy their ego. Their ego is something that they exhibit outside to get those false admirations. It helps them to escape from their own flaws. Even, they so dare to run away from those flaws that they blame others for their wrong doings. They embellish their strengths with some positive appearance  (pretending something that they are no actually)  to get false importance from others.


These all helps them to nourish their ego, but not to bring the inner contentment. They are basically empty and alone from inside. They exist because of the people,  who nourish their ego by saying the words they like. In this way, they build a fantasy world around themselves and scare to get out from that zone. If the illusory world breaks, they just lose their existence as it is all about their ego.

quotes on narcissist

When the ego dissolves the thing left is the love for Self. Now, this love is pure and it is self-love that knows to live with all good and bad. The narcissist one can be the scan be the one who has elf-love when their ego dissolves and find their true Self.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- N. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

#AtoZChallenge: A is for Acceptance

#AtoZChallenge: A is for Acceptance

The most difficult thing in this world is the acceptance. It is the ability to learn what is not for you. You fight for the whole life to accept the reality and to accept yourself as you are. That’s why the struggle in life exists. The moment you accept yourself with all your imperfections and limitations, the struggle in life will disappear.

quote on Acceptance

Everyone is unique and everyone’s life is unique. But, you are trained from the beginning that you should be like that, you should do that or you should move like that way and so on. The whole society, around you, has been focusing on your imperfections and trying to rectify that by comparing you with others. This is the reason why the self-love is missing.  This leads to thinking that you are not a unique, you should be somebody to do something.  If you cannot accept yourself, you won’t be able to accept your life with all your success and failure. You will always miss the happiness in every event of lives. That will create anxiety and stress in life. No one can give you the happiness you need for. Happiness is the acceptance. It can only achieve when you can live the life as it comes to your way.

A is for Acceptance

Acceptance is the foundation where the love grows. When you start to accept ourselves, you will fall in love with yourself. It will change your living. You will feel everything is good and everything has happened to your betterment. This insight will help you to win your fear. Fear of future or fear of death. The agony of the past will be your insights of present and show you the light to move forward in life. There is no complaint, no repentance left in your life. You will feel grateful for everything. Joy and pain are the parts of life. They come to life, like the day and night. You cannot control that; you can only accept that and learn from that.

Find out the strength on you. Note down your limitations. No need to change that. You are perfect with all your imperfections. Just love yourself as you are because you are a unique.  Then, you can accept yourself and your life.  When you do that you can accept others as they are. It makes the life easy and stress-free.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z challenge April 2017 for letter A on the theme Exploring The Beauty Of Living. #atozchallenge


6 Keys to Discovering Real Happiness

6 Keys to Discovering Real Happiness


Real happiness is such a stage where you can find yourself as a separate entity from all the unhappiness and miseries of life. On such stage, you could realize yourself as an entity, which is untouched by the turmoil of the spirit. It’s an entity, which is far off from emotional disturbance and situational flowing of spirit.  You could see that you are set and everything is falling in its direction. You are fixed but not imprisoned. You could find the boundless freedom to flow as a river. You will discover yourself as a fearless entity beyond all circumstances of life. When your emotions transcend, fear disappears and prison unbolts, only love remains with your identity. You can discover real happiness only when you will find yourself as an independent, free, fearless and loving entity within the creation.

Real happiness
Enjoy every moment of life, just like the butterfly.

Life has no security. It’s running in its own rhythm. The only constant changes.  You cannot hold anything throughout the life except the memories. Thus, momentary happiness, pleasure, miseries all come and go with the current of animation. You can only enjoy everything when you flow your boat with its current and enjoy every moment of living. Finding the real happiness within you is the secret of enjoying the every bit of life.  To find this happiness, you have to go deep within yourself. On that point, there are certain ways to take hold of the rhythm of life and be happy in all situations.  Here are the 6 keys of discovering the real happiness.

Childhood happiness is the real happiness.

6  keys to discovering real happiness:

  1. Listen to your heart:

When life throws a challenge to you, when you think life is not working in the same direction that you predict, try to find out your internal voice. Focus on yourself. Practice meditation, if you can. People will come to you with their multiple opinions. If you live to hear those, either you will get confused or convinced by their compulsions. Try to be relaxed and listen to your heart. Later, you can understand that the voice of your heart is the ultimate guide of your liveliness. You possibly think it is illogical, but subsequently, you see its significance in your liveliness. Forget about the future, live in present and you will find real happiness when your action is triggered by your inner voice or the voice of your heart.

  1. Be truthful to yourself:

We have a tendency to impress others or to be recognized as good in the society. To do that we sacrifice a lot. We kill our inner voice, we are going against to our heart and do whatever people want . In this way, we are making us unhappy and untruthful to ourselves. You can find real happiness when you can speak what you believe and do you whatsoever want. This is truthfulness and it makes you so courageous that the concern of rejection from the society will disappear from your intellect.  You can remain happy in any turmoil and rejection of the bounciest. It’s because you are accepted by the greater Self and danced with the beat of life.

  1. Find your Passion:

Finding  your passion is another means of seeing happiness in any stress or pain. It’s a space where you can feel happy always. It’s a source of energy of energy in every exhausted condition of life. It’s because it makes a channel to deep  inside through which you can discover yourself. Passion comes to direct you towards your goal. Then, whenever you discover it, you will travel along the current of your animation and stay cool in every up and down of life. Passion is directly connected with your heart. So, performing the work of your passion automatically makes you happy.

  1. Accept the pain:

Happiness comes from pain (read this article)  When you are in pain, you are deflected from the external affairs. So, it is the high time to know yourself that is called introspection. Through the proper introspection, you can see the causes of the pain and all your limitations. You cannot improve or change other people’s  actions. You can only protect you from those unwanted actions by making yourself receptive. This is possible when you can recognize your actual individuality. This makes you so happy that the pain cannot dare to touch you. Happiness is bigger than the pain. But, you can discover this happiness after huge  suffering in pain. “The Sun always shines after the storm.” So, don’t try to escape from the pain. Accept it and use it to discover the real happiness. Otherwise, you will skip the happiness and suffer in pain again and again throughout the life.

  1. Accept and love yourself:

During the time of introspection, you may find yourself as an injured and erroneous individual.  Accept that entity. It is you. Don’t try to improve it. It’s your originality. When you accept it, you will fall in love with yourself. The flow of love for yourself will propel you to travel with the original flow of spirit. Flowing with the current of your animation makes you so happy that you can dance to the rhythm of life. Pleasures, miseries whichever come in your way, you will get over them with your own happiness.

  1. Accept others as they are:

 When you really accept yourself as you are, you could see everything in a positive outlook. You will find good in every single thing of life. This positivity helps you to nurture everything with your love and compassion.  It’s because now you are already aware of that the source of all is one and we all are full of love and compassion. The toxicity of society only covers it. Thus, we are reacting in different ways. This feeling of oneness helps you to accept other people as they are.  When you can accept people in this way , their actions cannot bring tear again in your eyes. You will just see their activities and smile in silence. This is the real happiness that brings a smile to your face even in the miserable situation of life.


Happiness is innate. It is present within yourself. The garbage of the society just makes a veil over it. Thus, you are running after it. Stop running and relax for some time. Then run inside yourself.  On that point, you will discover boundless happiness that is defined, real and unchangeable over time.

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The Joy of Togetherness in a Relationship.

The Joy of Togetherness in a Relationship.


The togetherness doesn’t only mean living under the same ceiling, sleeping in the same bed or planning for the same future. It is more than sharing room, bed, food, and money. There are many couples in this society who live in together  ( marriage or any live in relationship) without having the proper togetherness. They are living as two different bodies, but psychologically they are dealing with one or two different existence (s) between them, which has (have) no visual body. Those two existences are living behind the two worldly bodies like the shadows. And the two visual bodies are acting like the masks, pretending the togetherness by showing their artificial love, publicly. But, the pot is empty inside, in reality. It’s because they are not in real togetherness. The laughing, dancing, and intimate photos do not show the existence of the third or the fourth person between them, as they are invisible and present behind the polite masks.


What is the Real Togetherness:

Togetherness is a phase where the two real beings are living and loving together with their totality. It is a state of a relationship where no one using any mask to veil their unpleasantness.  It is completely based on acceptance, where both are able to accept their complete nudity. It’s not only physically, but also emotionally.

It is a place where each can express themselves totally with their perfectness and imperfectness, strength and limitations, good or bad. It’s like the open platform, where both can dance with their own rhythm and the rhythms maintains a sweet harmony between them.

It seems like what is yours is mine and what is mine is yours. But, this is not in a material aspect only,  but also from an emotional aspect. It is called sharing. Whatsoever is in your heart, your joy, pain, wound, desire is mine and whatsoever in my heart,  anger, jealousy, depression, happiness all is yours. When both can accept their limitations and strength as their own, everything falls into the harmony.

There is not any particular rule in togetherness.  It seems like the free flowing of the river. It slows down when obstacles come and flows with its current, when the path is clear. There is no need to control its direction.

Togetherness and Relationship:

In many relationships, the couples are claiming their relationships as the togetherness. But, they hardly maintain it. I have seen many relationships, where one is trying hard to impress other and hiding his or her originality from his or her spouse for the sake of insecurities. In that case, another person is dominating the relationship by exposing his or her Ego, shamelessly in that relationship. There is no harmony in such types of relationships because of the presence of three beings, two original and one mask. The mask and the original cannot make any togetherness.

Another type of relationship is also very common, where both partners are using masks and hiding their crude existences. The melody of togetherness cannot be played from the fake existences. It’s because there is more than one relationship are going along behind the two different bodies. That may be a relationship of slavery or monetary or enmity or anything apart from love. They are showing their love to all, but behind the door, the mask of togetherness has just been flown off from them.

Acceptance in Togetherness:

Togetherness is all about acceptance. Its potential depends on how much one accept other with his or her goodness and badness. No one can be perfect. It’s also not true or necessary that one will find his or her dream lover as his or her life mate. The beautiful faces, the handsome physics or the heavy wallets are enough to take the pleasure of a lavish lifestyle.  But those are not well enough to bring the joy of togetherness in a relationship.

And the joy doesn’t depend on upon the quality or qualifications of the individual involved in the relationship. It simply depends on upon the ability of the acceptance to each other’s totality.  It’s not that togetherness is the perfect pattern of kinship. It is, simply, the acceptability of the imperfections within a relationship by the two individuals. 



I agree with that it is difficult to accept other totally. But, if you have the weapon of love, you can conquer everything of the universe. Though it’s also true that one cannot do it alone. Cooperation from two sides can only make it possible.  If there is proper cooperation, the togetherness can be upheld even after the physical distances (separate living). The bonding of togetherness is so potent that it can get rid of every up and down in life. The warmth of this beautiful bonding, with fighting and loving, always makes the two people so energetic that they together can make the impossible to possible. When the togetherness reaches at its highest level, it turns into Oneness where the two souls live as one.

Identity Crisis is The Turning Point of Life

Identity Crisis is The Turning Point of Life

We always fear about the crisis and want to escape from it. But, a period of crisis can be the turning point of life if we embrace it and understand it, properly. We tolerate the crisis until it is tolerable. But, when it becomes intolerable, either we choose to terminate this life or to fight back. People, who choose the second option, can realize the significance of crisis in life. It is a dangerous as well as an important component of life.

When the crisis reaches the ultimate point where the doubt of our own identity arises, crisis starts to establish the proper way of spirit.  We always look outside and believe everything exists in outside. This belief resists us to look inside our heart. This belief distracts us from our true self. This belief produces a mistaken identity that is called Ego. And we begin to trust our outer identity that is our social positions and professions.

But, these are not our real identity. Suppose, if a doctor loses his memory by some accident, tell me, what will be his identity in the society after that incident?  Suppose, a writer loses his eyesight and cannot read or write again, what will be his identity, then? Suppose, if a husband leaves his wife and denies the relationship, what will be the identity of that wife?  Does that mean they bear no identity? Thus, these identities are very fragile and not permanent.  Those are built on our certain occupations and social status, which are non-permanent and assured.  

Identity crisis

We believe that positions and professions as our identity and slowly, it becomes our ego. When the ultimate level of crisis arises, it hits directly to that ego. Then, we confront the identity crisis. This is the most horrific crisis. It’s because everything in our life is grounded on our ego that we consider as our genuine individuality. When it dissolves, everything, related to it, has been ruined, completely.  Sometimes this identity crisis leads one to commit suicide. But, those, who don’t do that, can embrace it and utilize it to discover his real identity.

The ego exists as a shield of our true Self. When the ego fades away, the light of true Self enlightens the darkness of ignorance. This light reveals the true identity of someone. This identity is eternal and indestructible by anything. Thus, the crisis of identity can guide us to discover our real identity if we accept it try to understand it.

The crisis of identity is immensely important in life to discover our real identity. We just need to accept it and use that period of crisis as the time for introspection. The proper introspection can guide one to find the treasure of the true essence of life. Then the identity crisis becomes the turning point of life.


Courage and Cowardice

Courage and Cowardice

The most common fact between a coward and a courageous person is fear. But, the difference between a coward and the brave is that the brave moves ahead against the fear and the coward follows the fear. Hence, fear is the only the factor between them. If there is no fear in their minds, they become fearless.

Now the question is what the cause of this fear. It’s very important to recognize the fear accept it. This recognition differs the attitude of the courageous one from the cowardice one. One, who is courageous, can accept his or her inner cowardice as the fear has always been there in our mind. When one becomes aware of his or her fear, he or she can find the way to get rid the fear. If (s)he cannot do that when the situation comes, (s)he can accept that as (s)he was prepared for that. This attitude helps one to fight against the situation or flow with the stream of life’s event.

If I give you a real example, you can understand it well.  Once, my cousin sister went against her parents’ decision and left her parents to marry a man of a lower caste (according to her parents’ thoughts) and low economic status.  When she did that she was afraid of that she may not adjust in a different kind of culture or society of her in-law’s house and cannot maintain her lifestyle in a very low budget family.  In that case, she could not return to her parents. In spite of that fear, she took the step to marry the guy and stay with his family. It was possible for her as she recognized her fear and had a confidence on herself that if she fails, she can manage it by her own effort. Even, she did that later.

Fear-has-its-use-but-cowardice-has-none (2)

So, the recognition of fear and the confidence of fighting against the situation, which (s)he fears, is the borderline between cowardice and courage. There has always been a cowardice in the mind of a courageous person and (s)he knows that well. Thus, the courageous can cross the borderline.

But, the coward cannot do that because (s)he is not conscious of his or her fear. He or she knows that (s)he has a fear but cannot recognize that as (s)he cannot accept it. The coward always pretends that (s)he has no fear and shows that (s)he has enough courage to win the fear.  This attitude stops him or her to accept the fear. One cannot win the fear until he or she cannot accept it and recognize it. One cannot get over the thing, which he or she rejects. Acceptance helps us to move forward. But, rejection restricts our movements.

Insecurities and  fears are always playing around in the ground of our mind. Hence, we all have certain kind of cowardice in our mind. But, the step makes us courageous is accepting and identifying the fear. Yes, I afraid of losing my job, I afraid of losing my family and yes, I scared to death. This is the recognition. Courage exists in our mind because of our fear. Courage is given in our mind to conquer the fear.  We just need to accept the fear to realize our courage.  So, don’t quit like a coward. Take a step forward to move against your fear with your confidence.

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Melt like a Ice

Melt like a Ice

Water is the sign of liveliness. We are living when all our emotions are in an active state. But, we always try to be formal and freeze our emotions with the coldness of our ego or our image or pride. Just for an example of the saying boys cannot cry. Many boys are there in these societies, who try to suppress their tears because of that precept. Whereas we all know that tears are the sign of our aliveness, since our birth. Crying means our emotions are still alive.
Quote on Crying

Do you ever allow yourself to laugh out loud when you truly feel joy in your heart?  We used to write “LOL” in virtual talking. But, do we really allow that to ourselves? Before laughing, we start an alert from our subconscious mind, “hey, what the hell you are doing, people may think bad about you.” Then, we become conscious of holding our emotions. That doesn’t imply that we should convey our emotions at anywhere. But, we should find a space for ourselves where we can flow the water of our emotions and become free like the water of the river. Otherwise, we will be frozen by the coldness of our emotions.

Quote on water

If you think you are frozen, melt yourself with the warmth of love. When love comes into our life, all our emotions start to flow in their own way. We call when we cause hurt, we laugh in a touch of joy, we burst out of anger, we feel empathy for other’s pain, and so many feelings come as the undulations in the ocean of love.  In this way, love brings aliveness in our animation. Fall in love with yourself by accepting all your imperfections. The love for yourself makes you alive just like the water. All your imperfection will flow with the stream of that water.

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10 Ways To Detoxify Your Mind

10 Ways To Detoxify Your Mind

Detoxification of Mind:

Detoxification or detox is a process of releasing toxic component from our body. Like our body, our mind is also intoxicated by the toxic emotions and negative thoughts. Every emotion is the energy. So, a balance among the every emotion makes the mind beautiful and peaceful. If this balance is disturbed, the mind begins to suffer with stress, worries and unhappiness. This stress leads to search happiness outside, whereas it is within us. The toxicity of the unhealthy emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, greed, panic, frustrations, depressions etc., intoxicated our innate happiness. So, we need to detoxify our mind. Only then, we can find our innate happiness and peace of mind.

10 Ways To Detoxify Your Mind:


There are several processes of detoxification of the mind. Here, I describe the ten major ways to detoxify the mind.

1.     Releasing toxins:

Those toxic emotions should be released from the mind. But, don’t throw those to other’s mind in a raw form. Suppose, you are getting angry for some reasons. It raises your stress. Your mind will always try to release this toxin. To get relief from the stress, you just throw it to another person and he just follows the same procedure for his relief. In this way, anger toxicity is transmitted person to person. But, if you release your anger in some of your activities (it’s better to say which you love to do) like writing, dancing, painting, singing, jogging, cooking, walking or the works which need a huge energy (and you like to do that), it cannot spread toxicity in the environment. But, keep in mind, whatever you do, do alone. Try to use the tremendous energy of the powerful emotions, like anger and hate, in a purposeful work.

2.     Transformation of Toxin:

Some toxic emotions like jealousy, guilty of mistakes, Hate, you can transform into some good emotions. Suppose, you are jealous of your friend, who has a brighter career than you, and feeling intoxicated by the toxicity of jealousy. If you stop comparing you to your friend and practice the habit of appreciating the person rather than destroying the relationship, you can transform your jealousy to your empathy. Like this way, you can also transform the hate into forgiveness by accepting  the person as he/she is and learning a lesson from the incident . In this way, the energy of the toxic emotions will convert into the energy of performing some good work.

3.     Habits of learning- Innate Immunity:

This is a habit, which acts as our Innate immune system. It protects you from the exotoxin   (the  toxic emotions come from the external incidents).  If you practice the habit of learning from every small and big incident of life, the toxicity of those incidents couldn’t harm you. The lessons, which you have learned from the incidents will enrich you more. Suppose, if you try to learn from your failure rather than feeling frustrated, you can use the failure as your stepping stone.

4.     Self-value- Acquired Immunity:

Society has a tendency to release the toxin like panic, frustrations, negative thoughts  in the raw form to the environment , that means to other persons. These toxins can affect badly to the persons, who has no self-value. They see the poisonous toxins as the medicines for their improvement as they don’t know themselves. So, one should give value to oneself. Otherwise, one cannot fight with these kinds of exotoxins. It acts like an Acquired immunity. People make this system strong by the repetitive attack and exposure to these toxins.

5.     Introspection- Antitoxin:

Sadness or depression like emotions, generally distract people from the external environment and make the people less energetic. If one accepts this intoxication as the opportunity of self-growth, it helps one in introspection.  So, you can save your life from losing in a world of depression, by this way. Introspection is a very good antitoxin to detoxify the mind from many kinds of exotoxins like criticism, negative thoughts, wrong guideline, blind faith and so many toxins those badly intoxicate the mind.  So, these types of toxic emotions can create  antitoxin in the mind and then detoxify it.

6.     Patience-Innate Immune System:

This is also a type of the innate immune system. It helps us to keep patience in any unexpected situation and observe it properly.  People with this quality cannot get affected by the environmental toxin easily. One can adopt this nature by increasing his tolerance level of mind by continuous practice. Then, you can say it, as an acquired immunity.

7.     Dissolving the Ego:

Ego is highly responsible for toxicity in mind. Usually, we cannot understand it well until we find our true self. But, we can understand its presence by our pride or “I-ness”. Pride is a kind of toxin that not destroy  the person only, but also ruins his/her relationships.  It intoxicates the mind such a bad way, that the person forgets almost all of his/ her good qualities and emotions. The funny thing is that the pride intoxicated persons cannot realize their toxicity until they are ruined by their pride. So, it’s better to be conscious of the presence of the pride after every success or achievement. If it arises, try to dissolve that at the beginning. Otherwise, it will rise like a giant and finally kill you.

8.     Antitoxin- Self-praise:

Toxins,  like extreme criticism, the pressure of high expectations, negative thoughts, which are coming from the outside, can create a severe level of depression toxicity in one’s mind. This kind of toxicity kills the hope of living anymore or it can cause mental death. Sometimes this toxicity also leads committing suicide. In this case, self-praise acts as a chemotherapeutic medicine, which is formed from the poison of the snake. Self-praise, itself the  pride and kills our original good nature in normal condition. But, in the critical condition, it acts as a lifesaving antitoxin to detoxify tremendous toxicity in the mind.

9.     Meditation-Preventive measure:

Meditation is a good measure of preventing toxicity. But, a toxic mind cannot meditate well. So, if you practice meditation on a daily basis, environmental toxicity cannot intoxicate you easily.

10. Acceptance:

It is the ultimate way to detoxify our mind. It also prevents toxicity in the mind. Think positive and accept the life as it is. Everyone is unique. You cannot compare yourself to another person. So, appreciate the good nature and accept the bad nature of the people. Don’t allow the others interference in your life. Live the life in your way. This is the acceptance and ultimate medicine or preventive measure of toxicity in the mind.


Toxicity in mind is very common in our daily life. So, either we should do some preventive measure to protect our mind from the environmental toxicity, or we should practice the detoxifying measure to detoxify our mind. Practice these measures of detoxification to keep your innate happiness and peace in your life.

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Positive Thinking is nothing but Accepting the Life

Positive Thinking is nothing but Accepting the Life

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I’m thankful to all of those who said No to me. It’s because of them, I’m doing it myself.”- Albert Einstein.

These are the ultimate words of Acceptance.  Everything, whatever happened in my life is the best in all. When one could think like that way, he or she can move forward in life.

But, we always get stuck on the question, “Why me” or “Why do the bad things happen to me” and compare our life with others without considering other’s situations and struggles. This thought comes to our mind from frustrations and negative thinking. The day when you will stop asking the question to your life, life will start to give you the answer to your every question. The best way to move forward  is loving your life, whatever the life is. Positive thinking begins from here.  Positivity in life, happiness, courage all are hidden in the love of your life.

You cannot control the things, which are going on. Right? Can you stop the rain? Can you reduce the heat of bright sunlight in summer? No, we cannot do that. But we can use an umbrella in rain or we can cover ourselves with a cloth to protect our skin from bright sunlight. So, we can only try to protect us from the disaster or any unbearable conditions or we can learn the lessons from it. But we cannot control other people’s thinking and attitudes. There is a nice quote of Joseph Goldstein, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Thinking positive is the way to protect us from the external effects of life like other’s behaviors, unwanted situations or our limitations. There was a Bollywood movie, named “Three idiots”.  One of the dialogues of that movie was very famous at that time. That was, “All is well”. Everything which happened in our life, everything which will happen  in our future is for our well being.

You might think that as much as it’s easy to say, it is tough to perform or to follow.  But that’s not like that. When you love someone truly, you can accept his or her all good and bad qualities. Like this way love the life. Learn about the dark parts of the life. The lessons from the dark parts will help you to enjoy the light of the life. Light and dark both sheds are needed to experience a complete life.

Accepting dark and light sheds  as the part of life is called positivity. Now, whatever you think is positive. Your views towards the life become positive. A trust will be developed within you that whatever you had experienced in your life was good for you and whatever you will face in future, will develop you or you can accept that by your positive outlook. So, positive thinking is nothing but accepting the life as it comes to your way. In vice versa, acceptance is the only way to experience positivity in everywhere in life.

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