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#AtoZChallenge: S is For Simplicity

#AtoZChallenge: S is For Simplicity

Everything depends on our thinking. If you think life is complicated, you’ll choose an intricate way of living. If you think life is simple, you must select simplicity in your life path.  In fact, most of us are living in a so complicated way that we forget the way of simple living. Even we often think like that, those, who are living with their simplicity, are foolish of this world. But, this so-called “foolish” can move the mountain.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains”- Steve Job

Why do we think life is complicated?

We make our life complicated. We think about others more than ourselves. We use our whole intellect and senses to judge others’ attitudes, actions, and behaviors. But, how can our small brain bear so many pressures? Life is very difficult to understand. We have so many duties, which we have to accomplish in this short life span. We are possessed to fulfil the expectations of our near and dear people. We have to reach out to our goal. We have to impress others to proof “I’m the best”. We have no time to think about us. We believe that the less important person in the world is “I, myself”. This belief is the root of all complications. Moreover, the huge concern of losing all in our life plays a great role to complicate our thoughts. So, we are always busy to protect those, which we have gained by this birth, and spending the sleepless night as a guard of our imaginary treasury.  But, the funny thing is we don’t know, actually, what is the real treasure of life. Above all, the ultimate fear that is the fear of death leads all the concerns of lives.

Simplicity in the children:

Simplicity lies within us. If you look at the children, you will see how much they enjoy their life. It’s all because of their simplicity. They have no headache to get to their goal. They have no obsession to please another. They do that, what they love to do. They don’t know to hide the truth with the well-decorated lies. They don’t bother to act according to their moods. They never concern about others perceptions think about them. They have no idea about death. Thus, they have no fear of death. This is their simplicity. This simplicity makes them so happy and cheerful.


 Simplicity is the secret:

So, it’s clear that simplicity comes from within not from outside. We lose this simplicity because of the complicated guidance. This intricate living makes our life so miserable that we have to run after the happiness. But, happiness comes from simplicity.

The simplicity of the children is inborn. They don’t have to achieve that. But, after living a “complex” life, we have to achieve the simplicity by our consciousness. We need to be awakened to revert back that clarity of childhood in our life.  And awakening is not a great deal. One has to focus on oneself more than another. One has to think about oneself more than anything in the world. It’s not the selfishness. It’s Self-love. If we allow growing that self-love, we will find love in everywhere. Love makes the life beautiful. It’s just like a relationship, which  becomes so simple and alluring by the touch of love. When you can realize yourself, you’ll understand all the complicated problem in a childlike way. This simple way of living will wipe out all your intricate beliefs, unnatural fear, and self-made miseries. Life becomes as simple as the child’s life. This childlike nature brings happiness. Thus, simplicity is the secret of happy life.


Simplicity is a real treasure of life. If we can find it again,  we will bring back our natural happiness and serenity. This makes our living so stress-free that we can use our full life energy at any workplace. Maybe, that’s the reason why simplicity can move the pile.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- S. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


Theme Reveal of Blogging From A To Z Challenge-2017

Theme Reveal of Blogging From A To Z Challenge-2017

This year,  Blogging from A To Z Challenge will be going to happen from this April. As per the challenge, the participants have to publish a blog post on each day of April except the Sunday of every week. That means, each day of April, they have to write on the topic (one day for each letter of the alphabet) based on their theme of this challenge, for example, April-1 for A, April-3 for B, April-4 for C and so on.

This year, I’m going to participate in this challenge. I don’t know whether I’ll survive in the challenge or not. Life is  going not the same as it is. Things can be changed at any time or any moment. From, this point daily blogging is really challenging.  From that point, surviving in the challenge is really challenging for one. Moreover, now I’m suffering in the Dry eyes and Iritis problem of my eyes. It makes my challenge quite hard. In spite of that, I hope I’ll complete the challenge. From this hope, I’m going to start this Blogging from A To Z challenge from tomorrow.

A To Z Challenge

Now, this is the time to reveal the theme. I choose to write on the theme of Exploring the beauty of Living. The topics of the theme will be motivational, based on the deep insights and experiences. Hope, it will help people to stay focussed in life and to love the life, more intensely.

So, stay tuned to this blog and join with me to explore the beauty of living.  Read the posts, and please, don’t hesitate to add your opinions or criticisms in the comment sections.  This blog is open for all criticisms.   Have a good day. Hope you will enjoy the challenge. If you want to participate the challenge, you can still register your blog to the provided link. Wish you all the best.



WP- Weekly Photo Challenge- Magic

WP- Weekly Photo Challenge- Magic

The great storyteller, Roald dahl said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it“. Everything depends on belief. If you believe in magic, magic or miracle will happen with you. The children are very smart to believe anything without storming their brain on the matter which they have seen. Hence, they easily believe in fairy tales and the imaginative stories.  For that reason, they find wonder in the mundane things which we ignore,usually. When they see those usually “unseen” things in nature or the surrounding,their eyes wide with the wonder of watching the magic. This week, Daily post of WordPress-Weekly Photo Challenge has kept the theme based on those “Magic“. Here is my entry for this week’s Photo challenge.

Dewdrops on the leaf
Dewdrops on the leaf.

It’s amazing how the drops of dew stay distinctly on a thin leaf of Arum. We know that the Arum leaves have a special mechanism to hold the water drops on its surface. It’s because it has a coating of wax on the cuticle of the leaf that holds the water drops. The children don’t know that. They find magic when they see the leaf holds the dewdrop and the dewdrop reflects the image of the surroundings.

Reflection of the boat and its surroundings in a steel coated object.

This is a simple still coated, small, iron architecture of the Shikara boat of  Alleppey in India. It was placed at the front of the boat. So that it can  display the total reflection of the boat and the surrounding lake. It was really wonderful to see the reflection of nature in such mundane thing.

Butterfly sucking nectar from the flower.

Magic is everywhere in nature. We just need to find it. In my childhood, I heard that the fairies paint the wings of the butterfly. I thought the fairies must know some magic so that they can paint such beautiful colors on the butterfly’s wings. But, it’s not fairy’s magic. It’s nature’s magic. And that’s why nature is so beautiful.


The Beauty of Life- A new Start

The Beauty of Life- A new Start

Once you have started seeing the beauty of life, ugliness starts disappearing. If you start looking at life with joy, sadness starts disappearing. You cannot have heaven and hell together, you can have only one. It’s your choice.” -Osho

Dear my fellow bloggers and all my readers,  your blog “Close to you” now finds its identity in the new website “The Beauty of Life“. You are all moved to the new site “The Beauty of Life” with “Close to You”. The name of the blog and the domain are changed, only. You can enjoy ” The Beauty of Life” as you have enjoyed the “Close to you” as the contents and the focus of this blog is the same as it was in the old one. You just only need to subscribe your Email to get notified of the new posts from this blog.

Your tremendous supports and encouragements motivate me to take the step forward to build “The Beauty of Life”.  Please, be with me as you always were.

The beauty is everywhere. We just need to find it.

The Beauty of Life:

The aim of this blog is to find beauty in every aspect of life. It narrates the beauty of positive thinking in its Self-help posts. It shows the way of finding beauty in life when the life get stuck in the miserable condition. The posts under the Philosophy category narrates it well. Our lives become beautiful when we enjoy the warmth of our relationships. The posts under the category of Relationship tells how one can enjoy the beauty in any relationship.

Not only that, but it also shows the beauty of mindfulness through its photography posts. The posts under the category of Travel describes the scenic beauty of the places through the images and words. Hope, in future it will present the beauty through the poems and fictions.

So, it’s all about life. The main motto of this blog is to motivate all to accept the life as it is. And one can do this when he or she can see beauty in every corner of life. As the mentioned quote in the beginning of the post said that when one starts to see beauty in life, ugliness goes away from life. Hence, The Beauty of Life is a blog which tells the story of accepting the life as it comes to our way. 

My Gratitude:

Bloggers help bloggers. I realized it very well when I took the step of hosting this blog. Some of my fellow bloggers helped me a lot in this journey. Giving “Thanks ” is not enough for them. I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for them. And they are Alok Vats from I News India, Maniparna from Scattered Thoughts, Pritam Dutta from Blog Mean and Subhas Chatterjee from Agileopedia


My dear readers, I’m nothing without your support. I write because you read. And keep supporting me like this way as I can serve you more. Please, don’t forget to subscribe your Email in this blog and share the articles you like in social medias. It takes a few second from you but it means a lot to me. Best wishes for all of you. Hope, you will enjoy this blog, The Beauty of Life. Please, feel free to add your valuable feedback in the comment section.

Moonlight Musing

Moonlight Musing

The darkness can be brighter than the daylight when the moonlight of the full moon pours its nectar in your heart.  Yesterday was the full moon day. The glowing of the moon is so serene that musing automatically comes from experiencing the peach of the moonlight. So, I tried to capture the moon at my lens to share those musings.

IMG_9268 (3)
Full moon on the sky

I don’t want to be the sun. I want to be your moon to pour my light in your darkest phase of life.

IMG_9262 (2)
Close view of Full moon

When I see the moon I feel I’m very close to you as we are under the same moonlight. Perhaps this is the cause why I love darkness.

IMG_9241 (3)
Moon behind the leaves

Please put out the lamp and open the window of your room. The nectar of moonlight will shine on your darkest chamber.

The lamp in the room is like the ego or the “I”-ness or the image which we create outside to veil our originality or true Self. When the ego is dissolved, the light of wisdom comes within us to dissipate the darkness of ignorance.

IMG_9244 (4) - Copy
Caster leaves on moon

Shine so brightly that no one can make a shadow on you, even in your darkest hours of life.

The Beauty of Countlessness

The Beauty of Countlessness


Have you ever tried to count the number of stars or the clouds in the clear sky? Have you ever tried to count how many waves are generated in the ocean? Have you ever thought to count the numbers of rain drops falling from the sky? No, because it’s not possible. You cannot count the total numbers of those as those are just countless and present in the infinity. The sky is unlimited, Ocean is boundless.  You cannot define their boundary. So, they are infinite. The things present in the infinite space is countless. If you don’t know the limit, how can you count the things present in the unlimited space?

Let see your mind. It has no finite line. That’s why; the emotions and thoughts in the mind are countless. You can define your joy, pain, hate, anger, worries, but you cannot count their numbers in whole as you don’t know the limit.

Do you love someone deeply? If you do that, have you ever tried to count you care for him or her? Where there is love, there is no count of caring. As the love is infinite, the care in love is countless.  That’s the reason, why a mother or the father cannot count on the things; he or she has done for his or her child in the whole life. The things, a mother or the father does for his or her child, is countless. In the same way, their blessings are always countless.


This is the beauty of countless. You can detect it, but you cannot count it. If you think you are just a body, your life will be ended after your death. Merely, if you believe you are a virtuous soul, you’ll gain the immortality. That means a countless life span.  So, the countless things are always beautiful.

This post is the part of today’s Daily prompt- Countless

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Bloom like a Flower

Bloom like a Flower

It is said the person, who doesn’t love flowers and children, has no humanity.  Flowers always carry the messages of love, innocence, and kindness. Flower is very much linked with our soul. It is as pure as our soul is. Its divinity,fragrance and beauty always give us comfort like the love and compassions of the pure soul.  But, most of the time, this beauty of our soul is veiled by the hard coat of our ego. Our pride, prestige, success, desire, etc., make this coat harder. That’s why; our inner beauty is always unseen by us. If we rupture this hard coat of ego, our souls will bloom like the flowers. And the beauty and sweetness of our soul will articulate in our every activity.

Bloom like a flower

The flowers are tiny, light and vulnerable also. When the rain comes, it becomes bent. When the rain goes and the sun shines, it becomes straight. It’s because the flowers are tiny and have a kind of  flexibility to adapt any situation.  It is vulnerable. Its life has no security. Any natural and artificial attack can end its life. Though, it is blooming and enjoying every beat of life without any fear. Flower teaches us the way of livingWe are always finding security in life.  But, security is only found in the graveyard. We forget to live to find the security outside the grave.

The tiny, light and vulnarable flowers.

It is happy and independent in nature.  Its happiness doesn’t depend on where it is. It may be present on the grass of beautiful garden or in the on stones of rocky soil. It blooms in its own rhythm. If we are truly happy from our inner core, our happiness doesn’t matter with the situations of our lives.

The  happiness of flower doesn’t depend on where it blooms. It’s happy even in the rocky soil.


In this photo, it looks like that the flowers are kissing the sky.

The flowers aretouching the ground.

And this photo shows the flowers are touching the ground.Thus, nothing is right, nothing is wrong.  Everything depends on our perceptions. You are not what people perceive you. You are what you perceive yourself.

A flower is simple, but it has a tremendous power of winning the heart.It can make us happy, can bring a smile in our face, can convey love and respect and so onward. It speaks the unspoken words. It crosses the distances, which we cannot be  able to over by our feet. It connects heart to heart. So, bloom like a flower.


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