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Universal Connection

Universal Connection

Universal Oneness

What is the connection?

The connection is the common tie between two or more objects or the living beings or humans. Just like the line that connects the dots. The scattered dots on the paper look so odd. But, when you draw a line according to the numbers of the dots and connect the dots a beautiful picture is born from those dots. The connected dots work wonders.

Visible Connections:

We are very much connection dependent. We always try to stay connected with our friends and relatives. For that reason, we cannot think about a day without the mobile phone connection or the internet connection. But, life is not limited to these few visible connections. It is about much more than that.

Invisible connections:

There was a time when life and relationships  were working  without the Facebook and Orkut and other social networks. Was, there is no connection between the two school days’ friends who are separated from each other long been ago? There was a connection because when they meet after a long time a river flooded with their emotions.

In fact, think about the lovers, whose relation was broken up long years ago, still feel the warmth of that relation inside their hearts. If they meet, maybe the ocean of tears flooded them. Who says they are never been connected after their separation?

So, the people who love each other are connected by their spirit. They don’t need mobiles, Emails or other social networks.

Universal connector:

So, it’s clear that a there is a connection exists behind our senses. This connection is not only limited to two or more people. This connection can exist with every living thing on this planet. The name of this connection is love. When one finds this connection within his soul, can feel the universal connection. This universal connection is love for all in the same way. That is the Oneness. One, who finds this oneness, can relate with every living organism of this world.  He feels the universal empathy or compassion for all, equally. He doesn’t need any other connection because he has found the ultimate connection. That is Oneness with the universe and the universal connector is love.

Love the universal connector



This universal connection begins by discovering the oneness within oneself. When one discovers the hot spring of love within oneself, he can connect with every organism with the same love and compassions. This connection is eternal.  Those, who are connected with this universal connection, can able to see the beauty of living in every single affair and enjoy every continuum of life with this connected spirit.

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