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#AtoZChallenge: Z is For Zest for Life

#AtoZChallenge: Z is For Zest for Life

 Zest for life?

It is a positive approach towards the life that moves life with excitement and enthusiasm. Life will be just waiting for death if one loses it.  Hence, the zest is everything that makes the life beautiful.  It comes from inner happiness. If you happy from inside, you will find tremendous enthusiasm in your every activity. Discovering that inner happiness of life is the most important thing to bring back the zest of childhood.

Zen of living:

If you look at the children, you’ll find they have tremendous energy for everything. They do every single activity with full of enthusiasm. They are so energetic that parents have to struggle a lot to make them sleep. They do so because they can involve themselves totally in any activity. When the play, their total beings are involved in playing. When they paint, they invest their all energy in painting. They have no worries of future, they have no regret of past and they have no fear to lose anything. They are only living in the present.  Hence, no energy is wasted in thinking about past and future and total energy is engaged in the present.

Living in the present with full of consciousness is the Zen of living. The Zen living is the key to finding the zest in life. When you know to celebrate today, you’ll find real happiness in everything.

Zest; Photography of butterfly sucking nectar from flowers.
Picture quote on Zest for life.

How to find the Zest for life?

Do those things that make you happy unless you won’t find enthusiasm in those works. Love the activity which you are doing unless you couldn’t invest your full energy within it. It’s very important to choose the work that you can do from your heart or try to find joy from the work that makes you bore.  Suppose, you love to write, but you have to do a job that keeps continuing your monetary flow and you don’t like to do that job. I’ll say either you find some interesting things from that job or change it. Otherwise, the frustration comes from that work, will spoil all your enthusiasms of life.

The zest comes from inside. You cannot find that when you feel low. So, try to find your happiness in your every work. The zest will follow that and makes your life exciting and youthful at any of your age.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- Z. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

P.S: This is my last post for this challenge. I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers and visitors who regularly visit my blog, read my posts and leave their valuable comments here. Your continuous encouragements motivate me to survive in the challenge till the end after so many difficulties in real life. Thanks for all.

#AtoZChallenge: W is for Wound

#AtoZChallenge: W is for Wound


Every wound has a scar. Every scar has a story. And the moral of that story is “Yes, still I’m living.” It doesn’t matter how many wounds you have.  But, which matters is whether you have found the story of it or not. The story is nothing but the wisdom.  The wisdom is knowing yourself.  The wound is like the window through which you can see yourself.  Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters you.”  Light comes through the hole, where you got hurt, to light up the darkest part of you.  So, use that hole for introspection and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

People have a tendency to escape from the pain.  Hence, they avoid touching the wound as it creates pain. But, the harsh truth is you cannot get happiness if you escape from pain. It’s because if you don’t heal your hurt, it will grow day by day and finally, it will ruin you. If you let your disease untreated, it spreads all over the body. In the same way, the unhealed wound will spread its pain all over the mind and you cannot enjoy the happiness of life.

Quote on wound.

Introspection through the wound:

  • Introspection is the vital part of healing. You need to come out from the outside noise and make sometimes exclusively for yourself. 
  • You need to gain some courage to research on the past history of your injury. It is painful though you have to face that. Escaping from the pain is not the way of happiness.
  • As much as you analyze your pain and how did you get hurt by it, you will know yourself better than earlier.  You can recognize your weakness and mistakes. Learning from the mistake will mature you to move forward. When you commence moving ahead, the past will not trouble you again. Letting go will be easy for you, then. In this way,  wound open the window for wisdom and heal the pain for forever.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- W . My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

#AtoZChallenge: N is For Narcissist

#AtoZChallenge: N is For Narcissist

Superficially, a narcissist and the one who has self-love look almost the same. But, the basic difference between them is that a narcissist does whatever that gratifies his or her ego whereas a one who has self-love does things for their inner piece. People with self-love, know themselves and aware of their limitations or imperfections. Their love based on all over acceptance where they accept themselves with all their imperfections. Thus, they don’t try to hide their flaws by creating a false wall that is called ego. They are free to flow themselves as they are and ready to accept others as they are.

The narcissist one always needs an ego to wrap the things within him or her that he or she never wants to face. They fear to face themselves as they cannot take the imperfections within them. Thus, they need the praises and admirations from outside that satisfy their ego. Their ego is something that they exhibit outside to get those false admirations. It helps them to escape from their own flaws. Even, they so dare to run away from those flaws that they blame others for their wrong doings. They embellish their strengths with some positive appearance  (pretending something that they are no actually)  to get false importance from others.


These all helps them to nourish their ego, but not to bring the inner contentment. They are basically empty and alone from inside. They exist because of the people,  who nourish their ego by saying the words they like. In this way, they build a fantasy world around themselves and scare to get out from that zone. If the illusory world breaks, they just lose their existence as it is all about their ego.

quotes on narcissist

When the ego dissolves the thing left is the love for Self. Now, this love is pure and it is self-love that knows to live with all good and bad. The narcissist one can be the scan be the one who has elf-love when their ego dissolves and find their true Self.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- N. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

#AtoZChallenge: M is For Maturity

#AtoZChallenge: M is For Maturity

Maturity is not the experiences or the knowledge that you have gained with your ages. It is something that depends on your awareness. It is something that depends on how consciously you enjoy your present. Life is all about living in the present.  It doesn’t matter how your present is. Does it bring happiness to you or it makes you unhappy? Maturity is the thing that responds to the present. If the moment brings pain, cry out loud. If you feel happy now, laugh out loud. It’s all about responsiveness. It is all about how much you accept the present. Simply, it is a childlike attitude that is based on your innocence.

A child doesn’t know her past or future. She only knows the present and enjoys it with all her emotions and expressions. This is the innocence of the children. They don’t need any experience or knowledge to enjoy every bit of life. They are just living. But, they are living unconsciously.  They don’t learn from the things happens with them. Thus, their living is not the mature living.

quotes on maturity

Maturity needs two things. One is your childhood innocence and another is consciousness. When you start to live the moment with full of awareness, you won’t be bothered about your future or worried about your past. It is the stage where you have no fear of death or loss. It is freedom from fear freedom from anything. You will be aware of that you are rich from inside. Just like a child, you will know whatever you do, do for your own peace and this peace is your asset.

Immaturity always counts experience and age. Some people always want to win by argument even at the cost of a relationship. Their argument gratifies their ego.  But, the ego keeps one away from learning. If one doesn’t know to learn from the single thing of life, how can he or she grows up? Growing up means, growing inside deeply that is knowing yourself. It is possible only when your ego dissolves. Thus, maturity comes from inside and it is irrelevant with the ages and experiences.  It is the rebirth that recaptures the childhood with full of awareness.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- M. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

#AtoZChallenge : H is For Happiness

#AtoZChallenge : H is For Happiness

True happiness:

The journey of true happiness starts with pain.  Even, a baby has to feel pain in the birth canal to come into the world and enjoy the happiness. It’s not that it is outside and you have to cross the harsh road to find that. It is within you. But, the attachment to the external object makes you dependent on the external factors like persons, money, property, food and so on. You always try to extract pleasure from those by forgetting our inner bliss.

H is for Happiness

Inner happiness is true, independent, and constant. It stays with you, from your childhood to old age. A child itself is full of happiness. So, the external pleasure or unhappiness cannot bother a child. When a child turns to young, he/she starts to get attached to the external objects, finds his/her joy in those. In this way, you forget about your inner joy and loss yourself in the worldly attachment.

You can experience the true bliss only when you accept your pain. It makes a path which goes to the inner self.  the bliss is hidden in your inner self.  If you escape from pain, you will miss the happiness.  Pain comes as blessings. But, you always see it as a curse. Thus, you always try to escape from the pain and find pleasure outside.  Pleasure depends on various external factors. When those factors are changed, it turns into sadness.

Happiness comes from pain:

Happiness comes from pain.

The equation of true happiness is simple. First, you enjoy the pleasure as much as you can, according to your desire. If an obstacle comes, try hard to overcome it. If you cannot, accept it, rather than escaping from it. Obstacles, like grief or pain, are the light to see your inner Self. It breaks your pride that is also called ego, which acts as a shield over our “true Self” and enlightens “Self” by the process of introspection.

Sincere introspection makes you wise.  This wisdom will guide you to discover the boundless happiness.  That’s mean, again, you have to suffer in the pain of the birth canal. Then you could see the light of the world. That is happiness.  This is your rebirth because from now, you will enjoy the worldly pleasure in a new way.  Now, you don’t have to depend on other external materials for your bliss. You are full of bliss. You are complete and independent too. This bliss is so strong that, no worries, no pain, no criticism cannot make a dent to your unbound happiness.

The Sunshine comes in every morning. But, we realize the value of sunshine after a dark and stormy night. Similarly, one can only experience unlimited happiness after suffering in pain deeply.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z challenge of April 2017 on letter H. My theme for this challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


#AtoZChallenge: G is Gratitude

#AtoZChallenge: G is Gratitude

Spirit is the wave of beauty. You can enjoy this beauty of living when your attitude transforms into gratitude. It is the gratefulness for everything you have and you haven’t.  Complains, desires and comparisons will never show you the path of Contentment.  Those are all the continuation of the inner emptiness. If you want to find the lack in your life, you can see it all over.  On the other hand, if you want to appreciate every single thing of life, you will feel full and grateful for everything.


Suppose, you have no house to stay and you were dying in search of shelter for sometimes. Suddenly, someone offered you a shelter in that critical period. Then, the emotion of gratitude will flood your eyes.  But, if he or she had given the same at any other time, it wouldn’t have such value in your life. You understood the importance of roof on the head at the time of crisis. This is why you are overwhelmed by your gratitude.


In the same way, you couldn’t realize the value of life and the things related to your living until you are not falling into crisis.  The person, who lost his vision by some accident, ask him the importance of vision. The mother, who lost her little baby by any incident, ask her the value of having a child. The man, who is wandering the whole day for a piece of bread, ask him the value of food.

The fact is, you cannot feel grateful without the crisis. And your demands, expectations, and complaints are increasing by the time along with the gains. This is why you cannot appreciate the single gain of life.

When you can realize the way life is happening, how many things are involved in continuing your living, you will be overwhelmed by your gratitude.  You will feel thankful for your joy, pain, betrayal, love and mistakes as well. Everything is happening to make you conscious about your spirit. Living with full of consciousness will help you to see the beauty of living. The feeling of gratitude makes you receptive to enjoy every pulse of life.  Your whole being becomes thanksgiving because you will feel nothing is missing and everything is complete. This thanksgiving observes the richness of your livelihood.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter- G. My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

#AtoZChallange: E is For Ecstasy

#AtoZChallange: E is For Ecstasy

Ecstasy is the feeling of excitement where you are overwhelmed by the ocean of happiness. If you achieve it by meditation it likes a state of self-transcendence. This is the joy of meditation. But, if you accomplish it by some street-side drug like MDMA it is an experience of great pleasantness. Pleasantness is common between these two ways of experiencing ecstasy. But, the difference is the effect of the second one will be gone as the action of the drug over. The shadow of deep agony will cover you again as it was before. Whereas the first one gives you bliss after experiencing it. This is the reason people feel well and pleased after a successful meditation. It keeps well your mind and soul both.


 But, the drug induced ecstasy is poisoning you, slowly. It cannot liberate you from your suffering. It cannot show you the path of bliss. It’s because it comes from outside.  The things, which come from outside is always momentary. Those don’t have any long-term effect. That’s why those are easy to get in life.

Quote on ecstasy.

Ecstasy is not the thing that comes from outside. It is innate and natural. It is within you. You don’t need to effort to be ecstatic. You cannot find that because you choose misery.  It’s a hard work to stay in misery and it needs great effort to be miserable. It likes that going against the stream of the river. Life is like the river if you flow with it, you can naturally get what you have. You don’t need to take those drugs or the external stimulant to reach that level of joy. Accepting the life as it comes to your way is the secret of flowing with the downstream of life.

When you flow with your life, you feel everything is good and pleasant. Even you will find your mistakes, your grief, your joy everything makes your life beautiful. This is the feeling of bliss. Bliss always helps you to be mindful. The mindfulness leads to ecstasy.

When you will find that ecstasy it will be your addiction. So, the choice is yours whether you achieve it by meditation or by those street-side drugs.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter- E . My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living

#AtoZChallenge: A is for Acceptance

#AtoZChallenge: A is for Acceptance

The most difficult thing in this world is the acceptance. It is the ability to learn what is not for you. You fight for the whole life to accept the reality and to accept yourself as you are. That’s why the struggle in life exists. The moment you accept yourself with all your imperfections and limitations, the struggle in life will disappear.

quote on Acceptance

Everyone is unique and everyone’s life is unique. But, you are trained from the beginning that you should be like that, you should do that or you should move like that way and so on. The whole society, around you, has been focusing on your imperfections and trying to rectify that by comparing you with others. This is the reason why the self-love is missing.  This leads to thinking that you are not a unique, you should be somebody to do something.  If you cannot accept yourself, you won’t be able to accept your life with all your success and failure. You will always miss the happiness in every event of lives. That will create anxiety and stress in life. No one can give you the happiness you need for. Happiness is the acceptance. It can only achieve when you can live the life as it comes to your way.

A is for Acceptance

Acceptance is the foundation where the love grows. When you start to accept ourselves, you will fall in love with yourself. It will change your living. You will feel everything is good and everything has happened to your betterment. This insight will help you to win your fear. Fear of future or fear of death. The agony of the past will be your insights of present and show you the light to move forward in life. There is no complaint, no repentance left in your life. You will feel grateful for everything. Joy and pain are the parts of life. They come to life, like the day and night. You cannot control that; you can only accept that and learn from that.

Find out the strength on you. Note down your limitations. No need to change that. You are perfect with all your imperfections. Just love yourself as you are because you are a unique.  Then, you can accept yourself and your life.  When you do that you can accept others as they are. It makes the life easy and stress-free.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z challenge April 2017 for letter A on the theme Exploring The Beauty Of Living. #atozchallenge


Self-discovery: A Journey Towards the Self

Self-discovery: A Journey Towards the Self



The journey of discovering our true Self is the pilgrimage where we can gather wisdom, love and ultimate happiness of spirit. Life is a combination of joy and sorrow. Joy always makes us feel like that “I’m the top of the world or the world exists for me only”. Whereas pain always leaves us alone. It’s like that “I’m nothing in this world or I’m alone in this big world.”  Pain distracts us from the rest of the world. And we have a natural tendency to avoid this aloneness and to escape from the pain. But, pain can be our greatest ally, if we accept it and enter inside it. There was a nice saying of the great philosopher, Rumi, Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom. Pain opens the path of self-discovery. We can only discover our true Self when we really learn to see ourselves in the darkness of pain.

The aloneness of pain always comes as a boon. It’s  because we can only think, truly, about ourselves or see our activities in various life events as an audience when we stay alone from the rest of the world. The time when we can do that we discover our true Self or true guide or true friend.   The foremost step in discovering our Self is dissolving our ego. The Pain hits that point and we feel sad for that. If we allow the pain to do its job, it will break the hard wall of ego or false Self and discover our True Self.

My journey towards the Self:

Experiencing Pain:

Life throws us many challenges in the different phases of our lives. The challenges are the opportunity to realize our Self. I’m not an exceptional from that. From my very young years,  I always searched for a man who will be my friend, philosopher, and guide. A father is the first man in every girl’s life.  Hence, I often tried to see my hero in my Dad. But, I was not so satisfied with his performance since he scolded me a lot. Lol. But, that scolding didn’t last for long. He passed away when I was twenty, only. That was the second time, I was traumatized by an incident after overcoming or avoiding my first trauma of my first breakup.

But, I hated trauma. I hated to cry. I always kept me busy with my friends. I passed my nights by chatting over the internet to forget the grief. That time someone came into my life as a blessing. He spread his happiness over a stagnant pool of my life me like a bag full of fragrant wildflowers. His love made me feel that I’m the out of the world. Light and shade is the rule of life. One fine morning, he went from my life and left me alone again. I lost my best friend, my guide, and my man. I was traumatized again and this time it reaches its worst. I took sleeping pills and anti-depressant to blank the heartache.

The journey within the pain:

Life had been going on and I had been missing one after one opportunity of Self-discovery.  The last opportunity I found when I was the victim of an unhealthy marriage. That time, the questions bothered me so much were, “Why me and why am I alive, still?” I gained some courage to look inside the pain in search of those unsolved questions of life. That was not easy for me. I remembered the events one after one and visualized my activities, responses and thoughts during the respective incidents. When I pictured the thoughts in my mind like a live video in various incidents of life, I realized it was me, who was responsible for all. It was me, who committed mistakes one after one and blamed others for all. This body and this mind lead to all mistakes.  And I’m still alive after all the misdeeds and mistakes. Isn’t that a miracle? I realized that someone is there in my life who saves me in my every struggle, in every danger and in every mistake. And the mistakes were not the mistakes, anymore. Those all guided me to the true path self-discovery. He protects me from doing any misdeeds. He is the one, who loves me, who saves me throughout the life. He is not a man or woman who stays outside. He is the one who stays within me and within my heart. He is my friend, philosopher, and guide. He is my true Self. When I realized it, all fear has gone.  I just believe, I’m sitting on my Lord’s chariot and I’m going wherever he leads me out. I’m just flowing with the stream of life.

Osho's saying on Self-discovery.
Osho’s saying on Self-discovery.


Life is a journey which gives us the opportunity of Self-discovery. We can savor the total fun of life with its ups and down when we live the life with full of consciousness. Hope, this journey will help you to accept the pain and discover your true Self through the path of pain.The path of pain always leads to the river of happiness. It’s better to say that in Rum’s words,

Don’t run away from grief, o’ soul

Look for the remedy inside the pain

because the rose came from the thorn

and the ruby came from a stone.”

In response to the Indispirie prompt: #Self-discovery

Identity Crisis is The Turning Point of Life

Identity Crisis is The Turning Point of Life

We always fear about the crisis and want to escape from it. But, a period of crisis can be the turning point of life if we embrace it and understand it, properly. We tolerate the crisis until it is tolerable. But, when it becomes intolerable, either we choose to terminate this life or to fight back. People, who choose the second option, can realize the significance of crisis in life. It is a dangerous as well as an important component of life.

When the crisis reaches the ultimate point where the doubt of our own identity arises, crisis starts to establish the proper way of spirit.  We always look outside and believe everything exists in outside. This belief resists us to look inside our heart. This belief distracts us from our true self. This belief produces a mistaken identity that is called Ego. And we begin to trust our outer identity that is our social positions and professions.

But, these are not our real identity. Suppose, if a doctor loses his memory by some accident, tell me, what will be his identity in the society after that incident?  Suppose, a writer loses his eyesight and cannot read or write again, what will be his identity, then? Suppose, if a husband leaves his wife and denies the relationship, what will be the identity of that wife?  Does that mean they bear no identity? Thus, these identities are very fragile and not permanent.  Those are built on our certain occupations and social status, which are non-permanent and assured.  

Identity crisis

We believe that positions and professions as our identity and slowly, it becomes our ego. When the ultimate level of crisis arises, it hits directly to that ego. Then, we confront the identity crisis. This is the most horrific crisis. It’s because everything in our life is grounded on our ego that we consider as our genuine individuality. When it dissolves, everything, related to it, has been ruined, completely.  Sometimes this identity crisis leads one to commit suicide. But, those, who don’t do that, can embrace it and utilize it to discover his real identity.

The ego exists as a shield of our true Self. When the ego fades away, the light of true Self enlightens the darkness of ignorance. This light reveals the true identity of someone. This identity is eternal and indestructible by anything. Thus, the crisis of identity can guide us to discover our real identity if we accept it try to understand it.

The crisis of identity is immensely important in life to discover our real identity. We just need to accept it and use that period of crisis as the time for introspection. The proper introspection can guide one to find the treasure of the true essence of life. Then the identity crisis becomes the turning point of life.


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