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WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

“Every natural action is graceful.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week the theme of the WP- Weekly Photo Challenge is Graceful. Gracefulness is a tricky quality — it manifests itself as an effortless, subtle harmony between a subject and its environment.  A few days ago, I visited a local amusement park of the city. The park is situated on the bank of a lake. Family and couples come there to spend some quality times. I went there just before the sunset and found an amazing harmony between the people, nature and the atmosphere. So, I couldn’t check myself to capture that graceful scenic view at my frame.

LOVE AT SUNSET1024.fade (2)
A graceful view of the landscape.

Once I found an elegant smile on the face of a nomad lady in a small stall of the street. The lady was selling some cheap and artificial gemstones. The lady belongs to the nomad community, locally called as “Banjara”. They are wandering at various places of India for food and home. They came in our city to sell some handmade stuff for the purpose of a religious festival.  They struggle a lot to save their lives by roaming about here and there for the seek of some food. But, the struggle of that lady cannot bring any impression on her gracefulness as it is natural.

A portrait of a nomad lady.

It feels amazing to see the blooming of a flower. This is the grace of the blooming lotus. I found this lotus bud which is about to bloom in my garden.

lotus _macro
A close up of blooming of Lotus.

This is my entry for this week’s challenge.

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WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is relax. The commitments, troubles, financial obligations, etc. makes our life stressful. We feel that we are confined by our self-made prison. That time, we always want to escape from all the boundaries and take a break from all of these. This is relaxation. We need it to unwind our energy and take rest for sometimes.  The things for the relaxation vary from person to person. This week, the theme of WP-Weekly Photo Challenge is Relax where we have to share the  photos that make us feel relax. Here is my entry for that Challenge.

I always feel relax when I come into touch with Nature and books. These two things make me complete.Watching the serenity of nature, dramatic sunset or the charming flowers have an unbelievable capacity to create a spell at my stressful mind.



Nature always acts as a stress remover to the nature lover.  The bank of the river, the dramatic climax of the day and taking picture of that make me feel relax.

The rose

The freshness of flowers always refreshes our worry mind. The lovers use rose to express their love. Rose is a sign of love. A single rose from a loved one can relieve all the tensions which you have. Thus, the rose makes me feel cool.

The books

The books are not stressing reliever to all. But, the book lovers find their relaxation in the books. I’m not an exceptional. Being a book lover, I relax my mind by reading some good books. Sometimes, a good book can act as a good wound healer.

These are the part of our relaxation. But, I, personally, believe that doing a task from our hearts is our relaxation. It maybe blogging, maybe painting or maybe pursuing passion. So, I do the things, which I love most and feel relax when I need it.

The Blank Canvas of Child’s Mind

The Blank Canvas of Child’s Mind

The child’s mind is a blank canvas. Whichever color we show them, they will paint their canvas with that color. Children are the unbelievably good imitators.  We can’t imagine when and which thing they start to imitate from us. Thus, to paint a beautiful art in the blank canvas, we should use our colors, consciously.

Child’s mind is a blank canvas

A trained artist knows how to employ the colors in the white canvas on making a beautiful artwork.  But, the children are not the trained artist. They don’t know art. They just know to fill their blank canvas with the colors. Hence, whichever color they find in their vicinity, they just throw it on the blank canvas. That’s why the beauty of the canvas depends on the colors they used to fill the canvas.

We cannot hide anything from the children. They have a tremendous observing power. Many parents think like that, our child is not in our room, so we can fight now in a harsh language. That is wrong because we can control our language behind the door, but we cannot control our behaviors and attitudes every time in front of them.  The shadows of harsh fighting or negative thinking and worries will create impressions on the child’s mind. And that is enough for a child, to find the colors for their blank mind.

Parenting does not mean to train a child. Parenting is actually the training of the parents. How much they build them properly, they will be able to create a good portrait on the blank canvas of their child’s mind. So, a positive mindset of the parents is very important to bring up the children.

Quotes of Walt Disney

As the children are the good imitators, it’s easy to teach them something. Many parents are forcing their children to train them according to their desires. I’m dead against to the forcing attitudes. In fact, I think force is needed to break something or to destruct something. So, it’s better to encourage the natural development of children.  If we wish to fill their blank page with qualitative writing, we should read the content in front of them. That means, if we want to input some good habit into them, we should practice that habit, continuously in front of them. They learn from us. If they see those habits within us, they will copy those.

Thus, we need to bring up first before we bring up the children. It’s because they are our shadows. They take colors from us to paint their blank canvas of the mind. So, provide them the beautiful colors to make their blank canvas colorful.


Beautiful colors make the canvas beautiful.


Photo credit: Fullhdpicture

Importance of Fairy Tales in Childhood

Importance of Fairy Tales in Childhood

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”- Albert Einstein.
Childhood is the best time to inoculate the spore of imagination into the child’s mind. Imagination is the reflection of a child’s thoughts. So, it takes and important role in children’s development.Whatever she observes in her surroundings, paints the picture in her mind. Her imagination is the reflection of that picture of her mind. The parents can understand their child’s psychology to some extent if they try to read her imaginations. A child cannot express her feelings, understandings and wishes by the words. Therefore, whatsoever is going on in the child’s mind comes out by her imaginations. Hence, imagination is the most important things in childhood for the child’s development.

Importance of fairy tale in the childhood

The parents always try to boost their child’s intelligence. They are providing all available modern technologies, books, video games, indoor games and so many things to make them intelligent. But, they miss the crucial key to unlocking their child’s intelligence. That is the book of fairy tales. One, who does not know the fairy tales, cannot be an intelligent individual. The fairy tale is the foundation of developing an imaginative child’s mind. And the imaginations lead to intelligence.
Let me clear the difference between imagination and intelligence.

Intelligence is nothing but the ability of quick thinking. That is also called sharpness of the brain. That’s mean; it depends on the activity of the brain. As much as the brain is active, the child’s intelligence will be increased.

Imagination increases the ability of fast thinking. When the child hears the fairy tales or stories, they are thinking about those by their own way. That is the imagination. It is the reflection of their intellects.
In this way, the stories and fairy tales of childhood create an imaginative mind and the child becomes intelligent. Not only that but the imaginations also increase the creativity of the child.


In recent days, the childhood is confined within the 5-9 inch screens. Children are spending their time on mobiles or tablets to play the games and watch the YouTube videos of the cartoons. These activities stop their ability of thinking. They are becoming addicted to the technologies and games. I don’t know, whether this dependency will make a creative mind or it will paralyze the ability of thinking without the “Google”.

In our childhood, we are free from those mobile Apps, unlimited cartoons of the YouTube channels and Google dependencies. We were mostly spending our times by playing in nature and reading or listening to the stories and fairy tales. I am not alleging that our childhood is the best and the childhood of the recent kids are bad or we are more intelligent than them. I am just comparing the childhood of two generations to make out the importance of storytelling. Listening stories always make the child’s brain active. That’s why, one of the most intelligent people of the world, Sir Albert Einstein, once said, “ If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.

We cannot change the nature of the recent day’s kids as it is the trends of this generation. They are just imitating the nature of their parents. It’s true that in the nuclear families, parents are mostly engaged with their own works. It’s very difficult to find some quality times for the kids. In spite of that, they are managing times for them and using the times by watching movies, making parties and strolling in the shopping malls. But, these activities cannot build a creative mind or an intelligent child. To make that type of child, the parents need to fill up her childhood with the beautiful stories and amazing fairy tales. 

They don’t need to put more effort to do that. If they can make at least, fifteen minutes to half an hour daily, to tell (or read the books) the fairy tales to their child, it will be keen to raise a creative mind for the child. Thus, developing the ability of imaginations in the childhoods is the great sign of a promising future of the child.


What is The Purpose of Life?

What is The Purpose of Life?

One of the most discussing topics of the today’s life is  What is the purpose of life? We always think like that I am an important person and I’m here for a particular purpose. When this thinking is arising in our mind, we are being busy to find the purpose of life. And then, this search distracts us from our life. We forget about the life. We forget to love the life. We forget to see the beauty of life.  In this way, if we are turned aside from the path of life, how can we find the purpose of life?

The meaning of life is hidden within the life. The life doesn’t mean money, success, job, family, property and relationships. We came into this world alone and one day we will go alone. So, “I” alone is life. Rest of all exist because of this “I”. Life is like a river.  When we can flow with the stream of the life, we can enjoy the never ending beauty of it. Thus, if we know this “I” or “who am I”, we can consciously flow with the current of aliveness. We can enjoy every beat of life with full of happiness because the real happiness belongs to our soul.

The purpose of life is to flow with the stream of life.

When we can consciously travel with the life, we don’t need to find any other purpose.  Searching the purpose of life means, focusing the aim more than the life. Suppose, someone thinks finding God is the purpose of life. That means God is more important than life. Then the next question comes “what is the purpose of God?”  In this way, the questions are going on endlessly.

God is here because life is here. If life is not here, the question will not come into the mind. Everything is because of life and life has no purpose.

Suppose, after deep thinking and astrological counting, you have found you are born to win Noble prize. Imagine, one day, you achieved it. Then what will you do then? You have already fulfilled your purpose of life. Now, there is no meaning of life to you. Are you going to commit suicide?

No, no, certainly not. You must carry on the work, you were practicing before that. That’s mean, there is nothing more valuable than the life or greater than the life. Spirit is proceeding on its own path. Life itself is its purpose. Thus, finding the purpose of life means ignoring the spirit. Only, the ignorant does that. The person, who loves his life, cannot endure finding that.  The love has no purpose other than loving. In the same way, life has no purpose other than living. So, nothing is more beautiful than living the life with the full force of spirit.


photo- Pinterest


Cherry On Top- The Sunset

Cherry On Top- The Sunset

Can you imagine what happens when the sun becomes the cherry on the top of the ice-cream sundae of nature during the time of sunset? I tried to imagine that by capturing some special scenes of the sunset sky. Hope these photos will help you to imagine that.

The sun behind the blossoms of Mango Tree.

Here, the cherry is sunshine of the setting sun, which is coming from the window of the building.

IMG_8681 (3)

Ending is glorious at the end of the day. These photos are my entry of this week’s WP- Weekly Photo Challenge- Cherry on  top.

DC: The Things We leave behind

DC: The Things We leave behind

“A hundred miles, a hundred miles,
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles”.

I have crossed more than the thousand miles; still, the childhood memory of my home is not faded by the time and path, I have crossed.When I’m in need of comfort, I love to go back down. It’s been a long year; I’m staying out of the home and my hometown, though I feel so attached to them.  My born and brought up in a small town of India. But, last time, when I went to visit my home, I realized a dangerous truth of my life.

I felt, truly, that I was not attached to anybody of my home. I only attached with the walls of my room, the grills of my balcony, the pillows of my beds and so many small things of my small room. They know the tale of my life. They are just like the living evidence of my every pain and joy. They shared my joy of falling in love for the first time.  They cried with me in the pain of my first breakup. They are the silent witness of my every struggle, sufferings and success.

It’s not that I’m alone in the house. In fact, I was brought up in a joint family structure of a big house. But, I always felt alone in the crowd of my family and shared my things with the members of my room and my daily journal. I regularly maintained my diary to share my unsaid words.  This personal journal helps me a lot to release the pain of my life. They are like my best buddy of life. Now, I miss the excitement of journal writing.

IMG_2340 (2)
My old personal journals.


This is the picture of some of my old journals, which I brought here from my home to discover me in a new way by revisiting the childhood again. If someone read it, by any chance, he or she might think, “how painful life of this poor girl”. It’s because I only shared my pain with that pen and paper and hardly ever shared my joy. There were many people at my home and school, who loved to take part in my joy, but, no one is there to share my deep pain.

There was a Pen stand on my table. I kept my love letters hidden within it.

My Old Pen stand.


I painted this earthen pot to make it a lovely pen stand. Actually, I made two pens stand, one for me and another for my boyfriend. One is here and I don’t know where another one is. Once, the stand was filled up with lots of pens, pencils, and painting brushes. But, those had been losing with the flow of time. But, still, it is valuable to me as it knows my many secrets of my childhood and young ages.

The great thing I have left behind is my sweet and old house.

The house I have left behind.


This house is 51 years old and very simple. But, still, it is looking gorgeous to me as it carries lots of sweet memories of my childhood and young ages. I don’t know how long this house will exist in future. Maybe it will be given to any builder for a new urban construction. But, it will remain unchanged and precious to me and I will play around there as before as long as I live. And still, if I get a chance I will go back to the place,where I belong like Denver.

“Country roads, take me home to the place I belong.”

In response to the Discover Challenge- The things we leave behind


Indispire Prompt

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection is an illusory thing. No one knows its exact limit. As we don’t know its limit, we are rising. When one believes that he or she is perfect, his or her development is arrested. It’s because imperfection is going towards the perfection.  When one recognizes his or her imperfections and accepts those, (s)he becomes perfectly imperfect.  Then, (s)he starts to grow.  

We always think we are perfect. This concept makes our ego strong and stops our growth.  Embracing the imperfection breaks the wall of ego and opens the door of wisdom. Wisdom makes us matured.

The thing, which is perfect, has no growth, while the imperfect one is growing.

I love myself as I am a perfectly imperfect and I’m growing.

In responce to the WP daily prompt- Perfection

Transformation: The Way of Acceptance

Transformation: The Way of Acceptance


Change is constant and inevitable. We cannot avoid it or escape from it. If we want to survive in this constantly changing life and environment, we have to accept the change. That is called adaptation according to Darwin’s theory. Hence, we have to be adaptable to the changes. Only, then we can accept the changes. Transformation is the process to be adaptable in any situation.  It is continued from the Stone Age to now. It’s the way to face the challenges in life or accept the change and then move on.


Transformation and Change:

There is a little bit difference in between transformation and change.  Transformation is just changing the form in response to the change of environmental factors. As, for example, melting of ice into water. In this transformation, the molecular composition (H2O) is unchanged and only the form changes in response to the outside temperature. That means: it keeps its identity even after the transformation.

But, in the case of “change”, the identity of the product is altered due to some environmental reactions.  If you pour acid (H2SO4) on sulfur, a pungent smell of H2S comes. The solid state of sulfur changed in the gaseous state of H2S. You cannot revert back the sulphur from that H2S. That means; the identity is altered.

Transformation and Acceptance:

I believe in accepting the change without altering myself.  But, we have a tendency to change ourselves. One, who loves himself or herself does not want to change him or her. Love means acceptance. Accept yourself as you are. You are God’s creation. If life makes you what you are, there must be some reasons. You can understand the reason when you accept yourself as you are.

Yes, it’s true, there is lots of imperfections and limitations. Don’t go to alter those.  Altering those means changing the identity. You cannot survive in life or you cannot travel with life if you change your identity. No one can stand by going against the life.

I will say, just transform yourself according to the need. Suppose, you are super sensitive and frequently, get hurt by other’s little pinch. You want to change that sensitivity. But, don’t do that. Use your that quality to feel other’s pain and joy. If you can do that, you will understand it is your treasure. Your super sensitivity is your compassion and empathy, which is the rarest thing in this cruel world. This is your transformation, but not change.

There are several ways of transformations of emotions. Emotions are the energy. If you use the energy of your limitations for some useful purpose, your limitations will be your strength.

Suppose, you are suffering from some pain, which is unavoidable, like the suffering in a relationship with a spouse or any close one. Cutting up the relationship is not always the way of getting out of that pain. It’s because sometimes, so many things relate to a relationship. It’s true that we all want to be happy. One, who is suffering in pain, can also find the happiness in his/her life and this time that happiness will not be momentary, it will be permanent and boundless.  Pain deflects us from the crowd.  When you are turned away from the crowd, you will stop comparing yourself to others.  This facilitates you to take survey for yourself. That is called introspection. This will help you to discover who you are. When you can get this answer, you will find the real happiness. This happiness is so inevitable that it will move you forward happily throughout the life. No pain, no suffering can’t  dare to touch you. This is the way of transformation of pain into your happiness.


 I wrote some articles on the transformation. If you want, you can see those.

Jealousy to compassion, mistake to achievement, anger to joy, detoxification of mind, Recycle and Reuse of the waste of mind.


Transformation is the most useful process to transform our unconscious destructive emotions into the constructive purpose. It can only be possible through awareness. One has to identify and understand his or her destructive habits or emotions.  Then, there are various ways to transform those. Meditation is one of the useful measures for this process.  Transformation also happens spontaneously, if you accept yourself as you are. In this way, one can transform his or her unconsciousness to a purely conscious level.

This post is the part of WP daily Prompt- Transformation

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