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#AtoZChallenge: S is For Simplicity

#AtoZChallenge: S is For Simplicity

Everything depends on our thinking. If you think life is complicated, you’ll choose an intricate way of living. If you think life is simple, you must select simplicity in your life path.  In fact, most of us are living in a so complicated way that we forget the way of simple living. Even we often think like that, those, who are living with their simplicity, are foolish of this world. But, this so-called “foolish” can move the mountain.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains”- Steve Job

Why do we think life is complicated?

We make our life complicated. We think about others more than ourselves. We use our whole intellect and senses to judge others’ attitudes, actions, and behaviors. But, how can our small brain bear so many pressures? Life is very difficult to understand. We have so many duties, which we have to accomplish in this short life span. We are possessed to fulfil the expectations of our near and dear people. We have to reach out to our goal. We have to impress others to proof “I’m the best”. We have no time to think about us. We believe that the less important person in the world is “I, myself”. This belief is the root of all complications. Moreover, the huge concern of losing all in our life plays a great role to complicate our thoughts. So, we are always busy to protect those, which we have gained by this birth, and spending the sleepless night as a guard of our imaginary treasury.  But, the funny thing is we don’t know, actually, what is the real treasure of life. Above all, the ultimate fear that is the fear of death leads all the concerns of lives.

Simplicity in the children:

Simplicity lies within us. If you look at the children, you will see how much they enjoy their life. It’s all because of their simplicity. They have no headache to get to their goal. They have no obsession to please another. They do that, what they love to do. They don’t know to hide the truth with the well-decorated lies. They don’t bother to act according to their moods. They never concern about others perceptions think about them. They have no idea about death. Thus, they have no fear of death. This is their simplicity. This simplicity makes them so happy and cheerful.


 Simplicity is the secret:

So, it’s clear that simplicity comes from within not from outside. We lose this simplicity because of the complicated guidance. This intricate living makes our life so miserable that we have to run after the happiness. But, happiness comes from simplicity.

The simplicity of the children is inborn. They don’t have to achieve that. But, after living a “complex” life, we have to achieve the simplicity by our consciousness. We need to be awakened to revert back that clarity of childhood in our life.  And awakening is not a great deal. One has to focus on oneself more than another. One has to think about oneself more than anything in the world. It’s not the selfishness. It’s Self-love. If we allow growing that self-love, we will find love in everywhere. Love makes the life beautiful. It’s just like a relationship, which  becomes so simple and alluring by the touch of love. When you can realize yourself, you’ll understand all the complicated problem in a childlike way. This simple way of living will wipe out all your intricate beliefs, unnatural fear, and self-made miseries. Life becomes as simple as the child’s life. This childlike nature brings happiness. Thus, simplicity is the secret of happy life.


Simplicity is a real treasure of life. If we can find it again,  we will bring back our natural happiness and serenity. This makes our living so stress-free that we can use our full life energy at any workplace. Maybe, that’s the reason why simplicity can move the pile.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- S. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


#AtoZchallenge- C is For Courage

#AtoZchallenge- C is For Courage

Courage is the journey to move forward beyond the fear to know the unknown. It’s like that taking the risk of known to explore the unknown. It means, a courageous person knows his or her fear and has the strength to cross the boundary of that scare. Hence, fear is a common fact, between a coward and a courageous soul. The coward one follows the fear and the brave one accepts it and goes against the fear. So, it’s very important to recognize the fear and accept it as it is. This recognition makes your inner cowardice into courage.

C is for Courage

Courage cannot come from outside. It is within you. If you don’t have the courage, you cannot live for a moment. When you go outside of your home, you take the risk of your life that any time it can be ended by anything. You are also gambling your life when you go to your kitchen to cook because any moment your life can be finished by the fire of gas stove or by the electric shock of your bakery oven. These are the proofs that courage belongs to you.  You don’t need to find it outside. You just need to boost it more from inside.

Quote on Courage

Fear is always a blurry thing. When it comes in mind, it creates a haziness. And this haziness and unclarity of fact confuse the mind. It tells the mind that the road is unknown, come back to your home. But, the moment you identify that which things make your vision blurry, you can rectify that.  You become conscious of your fear. This clarity of knowing the fear will help you to overcome that. The cowardice of the mind will turn into the courage.

Love for exploring the unknown increases the Courage. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon, he must have a tremendous fear of failure, fear of losing his life because one didn’t know what was going to happen in space.  In spite of that, he took the journey and step up on the moon with his courage. The thing that triggered his bravery is his passion for exploring the unknown. Love for taking challenges and the thrill of the adventure made him hard enough to do the impossible to possible.

Thus, knowing the fear and love of discovering the unknown are the keys to get courage and vote out the cowardice in the brain.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter-C. My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


5 Things That Stop You from Taking Chances in life.

5 Things That Stop You from Taking Chances in life.

By all means, you should take a risk in life. Either you will reach to your dream or you will learn a new itinerary to accomplish your dream.  Taking chances in life is not playing a dice with your life. It is a step that propels you ahead. Life starts beyond the comfort zone. When you learn to survive beyond your comfort zone, you are really making a motion forward in your life. And it sets off from choosing the risks or chances in your liveliness. If you count back into your past and find yourself repented for some matters, you will discover that you are repenting for the chances you have lost in your past. But, not the chances you had taken in your life.

Why you should take a chance in life?

I’m not saying that you should mortgage your house and play a high limit craps in the casino. I’m simply saying that to take a risk to attain at your aspiration.  And taking risk is a part of chasing your dream. The living is always a danger of dying. Any time and any moment it can take the life. So, there is no security in life. If you love someone, you will be at a risk of not being loved in return. In the same way, exposing your feelings to somebody is to the risk of rejection. Does it mean you will never love anyone? If you place your dream before the crowd, you will be at a risk of ridicule. Maybe the 9 people out of 10 will make ridicule about your dream. But, there might be one, who can seriously care about your dream and help you to accomplish your dream.  So, you should take the chance for that one person.

The things, which stop you from taking chances in life, do not exist  outside of yourself. Those are articulating in your mind and stopping you from taking chances in life.

5 things that stop you from taking chances in your life.

1.     Fear of  the mind:

 Fear always keeps you the same and stops you accept the change by taking a risk. It’s the trick of the mind that always find the Newness as the enemy and sameness as a friend. And you are the one, who can only win over the state of fear in your mind by taking chances in life.

2.     Not dreaming enough:

There are many people in this world who have no dream in life and like to stay at the same throughout their lives. Some people have dreams or some desire. But, they don’t live in their dream.  That means, they don’t work to accomplish that.  If you don’t live in your dream, you cannot take a risk to achieve that.

3.     Thinking too much:

Too much thinking leads a stressful life. Many people have a tendency to think more than enough about a single and simple matter. It makes them confused. And the funny things is most of their thinking is totally irrelevant to matter and dangerously negative. Hence,  there is no solution to satisfy their unreal thoughts or negative thinking. It seems like that you  are going to marry a girl and think what will happen if she cannot adjust with you. And this thinking stops you to marry someone. It’s a real example which I found at one my cousin’s life.

4.     Decision making:

One of the vital parts of taking a chance is to make a decision at the right time. People think so much to do that. For that reason, they often miss the required time to take a chance and then repent throughout the life for losing that opportunity.  To fix a decision one needs to look at all the relevant facts about the subject and his or her position. This helps to make a right decision at the right time.

5.     Lack of Confidence:

Lack of confidence stops you from making a decision and taking a chance in life. If you are not aware of your limitations and strengths, you cannot be a confident person. If you are not confident about yourself, you cannot gain the courage to accept the change or the newness.


The great philosopher and spiritual leader, Osho, once said at one of his speeches, “The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing. You may avoid suffering and sorrow. But, you cannot learn, feel, change, grow or love, Chained by certitudes, you are only a slave. Only the person who risks is free.”

Taking a risk is nothing but living the life more lively. Once you take a risk in life, it makes you more confident in your action that helps you to see the life with a positive attitude. When you win over those 5 things that stop you from taking chances in life, you can a step forward in your liveliness. I’m not saying it will bring all the happiness that you desired. But, if you miss the chance, you never get that happiness in your life.


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The Zen of Living: 5 Ways to Live in the Moment

The Zen of Living: 5 Ways to Live in the Moment

Life has no warranty period. Once it starts it can be ended at any moment without any prior notification. And living is the deal of full of insecurity and uncertainty. If you want security, you have to find it at your grave. Hence, living is an art of dancing at the edge of the leaf like the dew drops. Any moment the fall can be settle from the foliage. Thus, living is always at risk.

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” –Rabindranath Tagore.

Dewdrop falling from the leaf.
Dewdrop falling from the leaf.

Being in the present is called Mindfulness. But, we hardly do that. We often feel concerned about the future, anticipate troubles and regretting about the past. This is the cause of all our suffering and agony.  But, when we start mindful living, we can celebrate every pulse of life. There are 5 ways of living in the moment.

The Zen of Living: 5 ways to live in the moment:


Life is all about acceptance. We often waste our time, by questing life “Why Me” or by cursing our fate for all. We cannot control the things happens to us. But, we can control our reactions regarding the things happening to us. If the outcome is sorrow, don’t hesitate to cry a lot. If the things make you happy, don’t forget to share it. Sharing increases the happiness more. living doesn’t only mean pleasure or happiness.  It is the combination of every emotion. So, take life as it is. This is the secret of living.

Be mindful in every Action:

Whatever you do, do it from your heart.  Invest your full energy into that particular task.  Try to do one task at one time. Then, you can concentrate on that task. If you have sex with a woman, concentrate on the sex with that woman. Don’t think about the other woman with whom you had spent the last night. Lol. Then, you can enjoy that the sex, totally.

Stop thinking:

We think too much about the future and the outcome of our actions and think less about the present.  Thus, we always miss the present or the moment, which we are passing.  We don’t have any time machine to see the future. In the same way, life has no rewind bottom to go back to the past.  Thus , Living in the present is the only way of living. The Past is only insight. I’m not saying to forget the past. The past experiences help us to deal the present in a better way and to learn from the past mistakes. The future is only hopes. Not any statistical calculation. So, live in the present with the hope of tomorrow.

Conquer the fear of death:

Where there is life, there must be the death. But, we always think that we are immortal. That’s the cause of all our insecurities.  We cannot calculate the ending time. But, at the time of death,  we can count the moments, which we have enjoyed, truly. Death can happen at any moment. The moment, you are breathing, can be your last moment. So, enjoy every moment as the last moment of life. It works to kick out the fear of death.

Be yourself:

We waste most of the time to think about others or by comparing us with others. But, we forget that any comparison needs a basic platform. We don’t have a basic platform. Everyone is unique and every person is going through the different situations. You can’t do the thing what I can because you are not me. Thus, the comparison has no value in life.

Another thing is we are often worried about what others think about us . We actually bothered about people’s opinion about us. If we would have been trying to know us, we didn’t require people’s view  about ourselves. People only see what you show them. Hence, they cannot judge you. Be yourself and love yourself. That’s the way to know yourself, properly. We are not here to entertain others or to impress others. As much as you think about others’ view, you’ll miss precious moments of your life.


Living in the present is the secret of happiness. As much as you can live in the moment, you will spend a stress-free life.  Stress is nothing but worrying about the future that is totally uncertain. So, celebrate each moment as it is the last moment of life and enjoy it totally, intensely and playfully. Life is like an ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts. 

Never think hard about the past. It brings tears.

Don’t think more about the future. It brings fear.

Live this moment with a smile. It brings cheer.

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The Greatest Mistake of Life

The Greatest Mistake of Life

The greatest mistake you have done in your life is judging you by other’s perceptions and that’s the ground why your life moves into the faulty direction. The moment, you start to dissect you, by your own perception, your life will begin from that instant.

You are the sole person in your life, who can understand you in the best way. If you think somebody will come into your life and will understand you in a better way than yourself, you are totally wrong. One can understand other only some of his or her parts, which is disclosed to him (who judge other). No one can understand you completely. Not even your parents and spouse. As they only read those, which they want or which you show outside. Thus, you are the sole Saviour of your liveliness.

No one knows you better than yourself.

In the case of understanding, I want to bring up one more matter. Now a day, understanding is a big questionable thing. People talk more than they heed. Therefore, they just assume something about somebody rather than understand somebodyUnderstanding depends on proper communication, which is based on speaking and listening, equivalently. That’s the reason why the intelligent people don’t allow other’s perception in their lives.

We all have made mistakes in our lives. When we realize that, we start to find out the causes. As much as we go deep, we find more mistakes. At the close of the day, we are stumped by the stack of mistakes. Simply, if you want to find your mistakes, sincerely, you can’t blame others for your deeds. As you go deep, you will realize that the root of mistakes is deeply inserted within yourself.  And that is your false belief. That means your trust on other’s perceptions or your dependence on other’s judgments. You will see that your those actions, for which you repent,  were the reflections  of other’s opinion or the fear imposed by others.

Suppose, you wanted to be an artist or painter. Your parents told you that it’s not a right career for you and you cannot earn more money by this profession. They suggested you to be an Engineer and continue your painting work beside that profession. You thought that they are right because if you will be an engineer, you can earn a good amount of money that helps you to maintain your lifestyle and continue your painting work. Then you went for engineering and after that you got a good career break as a software engineer.  But, you could not enjoy your success. In spite of enough property, good lifestyle and a happy family, you always feel emptiness from your heart.  And that emptiness often creates a huge depression on you. If you realize the cause of depression is choosing your profession, you could be able to identify your greatest mistake. The mistake was not your parents’ decision. It was your choice or your fear of failure. You judge yourself from their point of view, but not yours. The painting was not only your hobby, but it was also your love or passion. Painting is a full-time job to a passionate painter. How could you pursue it with any other mainstream job? You knew that. In spite of that, you committed the greatest mistake of your life.

In this way, if you can analyse your mistakes , you will see that your spirit is just flowed away by the current of other’s wishes, which bear no specific charge as no one knows you completely. So, the path is wrong. That’s why;  you couldn’t find happiness, peace and satisfaction in your liveliness.  And, you reckon your life is terminated. This precedes a great depression within you.

So, turn around. Age is only a number. Accept  your mistake and choose the right direction. That is your way of life. Dissect you, badly by your own perception only. Admit your mistake, accept your limitations and accept yourself completely. Do that, whatever you want from your heart. Say that, whichever your heart want to say.

Osho’s quote

Live the life by your own discipline and by your own terms. Believe in yourself completely. Your life will begin at this point in a right way.

This post is based on finding out the greatest mistakes. If you want to know more about the mistakes or how to correct your mistake, you can read another article of mine, Turn your mistake to your achievement.

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Causes of Nightmare

Concealing the true nature and repressing the fear inside the mind are the causes of continuous nightmare.  Day long, we try to repress our emotions, attitudes, and thoughts to present differently to the different person. But, at night, when we fall asleep, the repressors within us also fall asleep. Then, the repressed things are coming out on the surface of mind in various ways and create the nightmare.

It’s better to recognize the hidden fear and-and try to overcome that unless it will come again and again in your sleep. If you accept yourself as you are, you don’t need to conceal your true nature. The nightmare is a sign that indicates something is going wrong inside you. So, don’t ignore continuous nightmare. Try to analyze it by the help of any psychologist or the online dream analysis website. It helps you to know yourself better and to revise your activity in a safer direction.

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Courage and Cowardice

Courage and Cowardice

The most common fact between a coward and a courageous person is fear. But, the difference between a coward and the brave is that the brave moves ahead against the fear and the coward follows the fear. Hence, fear is the only the factor between them. If there is no fear in their minds, they become fearless.

Now the question is what the cause of this fear. It’s very important to recognize the fear accept it. This recognition differs the attitude of the courageous one from the cowardice one. One, who is courageous, can accept his or her inner cowardice as the fear has always been there in our mind. When one becomes aware of his or her fear, he or she can find the way to get rid the fear. If (s)he cannot do that when the situation comes, (s)he can accept that as (s)he was prepared for that. This attitude helps one to fight against the situation or flow with the stream of life’s event.

If I give you a real example, you can understand it well.  Once, my cousin sister went against her parents’ decision and left her parents to marry a man of a lower caste (according to her parents’ thoughts) and low economic status.  When she did that she was afraid of that she may not adjust in a different kind of culture or society of her in-law’s house and cannot maintain her lifestyle in a very low budget family.  In that case, she could not return to her parents. In spite of that fear, she took the step to marry the guy and stay with his family. It was possible for her as she recognized her fear and had a confidence on herself that if she fails, she can manage it by her own effort. Even, she did that later.

Fear-has-its-use-but-cowardice-has-none (2)

So, the recognition of fear and the confidence of fighting against the situation, which (s)he fears, is the borderline between cowardice and courage. There has always been a cowardice in the mind of a courageous person and (s)he knows that well. Thus, the courageous can cross the borderline.

But, the coward cannot do that because (s)he is not conscious of his or her fear. He or she knows that (s)he has a fear but cannot recognize that as (s)he cannot accept it. The coward always pretends that (s)he has no fear and shows that (s)he has enough courage to win the fear.  This attitude stops him or her to accept the fear. One cannot win the fear until he or she cannot accept it and recognize it. One cannot get over the thing, which he or she rejects. Acceptance helps us to move forward. But, rejection restricts our movements.

Insecurities and  fears are always playing around in the ground of our mind. Hence, we all have certain kind of cowardice in our mind. But, the step makes us courageous is accepting and identifying the fear. Yes, I afraid of losing my job, I afraid of losing my family and yes, I scared to death. This is the recognition. Courage exists in our mind because of our fear. Courage is given in our mind to conquer the fear.  We just need to accept the fear to realize our courage.  So, don’t quit like a coward. Take a step forward to move against your fear with your confidence.

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Close to Sunset

Close to Sunset

And come I may, but go I must, and, if men ask you why,
You may put the blame on the stars and the sun and the white road and the sky.” – Wander Thirst, Gerald Gould.

Every time, when I see a sunset, I remember these two lines. I feel that the bidding of the sun always tells me that “Come I may, But Go I must”.  But, can you imagine that ‘going’ or ‘ending’ can also be so beautiful. It’s like that during the sunset; nature pours all its colors from its palette to the canvas of sky.  Thus, the ending of the day is so alluring.

sunset kly

The setting of Sun spreads all the colors of the rainbow except the green. That’s the reason sunset is looking good behind the green trees.

I always love sunset more than the sunrise.  Sunset indicates the beginning of the evening. It’s the time to return home and take a rest.  It’s the time when all your business is over. All the noises, all the actions, and all the crowd become overt. The calmness and silence stay with you. It’s the time for yourself and looking back all your activities throughout the day. This is the time of realization.

sunset4 (2)

Sunset also comes into our lives. But, only a few of us can able to watch  its color and beauty. We are frightened to think about the darkness of evening. The red sky of setting the sun appears like the fire to us. And we want to escape from it. But, there is no place for escapist. Ultimately, we are lost within the darkness of evening.


When things are going wrong, when we cannot manipulate the situations comes into our lives, all our external activities become diminished. We want to escape from the present situation because all we know is our job, our roles or positions in the society are the only identities of ours. So, when things are going  awry, we feel the crisis of identity. We think we are going to lose everything we have. We fear about the darkness, which is coming to cover us.

sunset6 (2)
Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies“- Paulo Coelho

The darkness or the period grieves or sadness that distract us from the external affair.  That helps to draw all our attention on ourselves. The calmness of it helps to explore our real identity that is our true Self. Our business, which are our activities of day times, are not our identity. Realizing “who I am” is our sole identity.

The darkness helps to reach you to your Self. The Sunset in life just indicates, it’s your time for realizing yourself. So, don’t be afraid about the red sky of setting Sun that leads the darkness.  Accept it in life and use the time of the evening for the realization of your deeds and misdeeds throughout the life. Only then, life will begin in a new way with the sunrise the next day.


[P.S: Photos I captured from my neighborhood except the last one (credit: PradeepSiva). I’m still at a learning stage.]

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