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#AtoZChallange: E is For Ecstasy

#AtoZChallange: E is For Ecstasy

Ecstasy is the feeling of excitement where you are overwhelmed by the ocean of happiness. If you achieve it by meditation it likes a state of self-transcendence. This is the joy of meditation. But, if you accomplish it by some street-side drug like MDMA it is an experience of great pleasantness. Pleasantness is common between these two ways of experiencing ecstasy. But, the difference is the effect of the second one will be gone as the action of the drug over. The shadow of deep agony will cover you again as it was before. Whereas the first one gives you bliss after experiencing it. This is the reason people feel well and pleased after a successful meditation. It keeps well your mind and soul both.


 But, the drug induced ecstasy is poisoning you, slowly. It cannot liberate you from your suffering. It cannot show you the path of bliss. It’s because it comes from outside.  The things, which come from outside is always momentary. Those don’t have any long-term effect. That’s why those are easy to get in life.

Quote on ecstasy.

Ecstasy is not the thing that comes from outside. It is innate and natural. It is within you. You don’t need to effort to be ecstatic. You cannot find that because you choose misery.  It’s a hard work to stay in misery and it needs great effort to be miserable. It likes that going against the stream of the river. Life is like the river if you flow with it, you can naturally get what you have. You don’t need to take those drugs or the external stimulant to reach that level of joy. Accepting the life as it comes to your way is the secret of flowing with the downstream of life.

When you flow with your life, you feel everything is good and pleasant. Even you will find your mistakes, your grief, your joy everything makes your life beautiful. This is the feeling of bliss. Bliss always helps you to be mindful. The mindfulness leads to ecstasy.

When you will find that ecstasy it will be your addiction. So, the choice is yours whether you achieve it by meditation or by those street-side drugs.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter- E . My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green

Green always signifies the aliveness and from it, loveliness arises. After a long winter, when spring comes, its shade makes the nature green. The grayness of winter is faded away by the smooth touch of Spring. It’s become alive again. This week, the theme of the WP-Weekly Photo Challenge is, It is easy being green.  In this challenge,  I tried to capture different shades of spring. Here is my entry, for the Challenge.

It is easy being green
The fallen leaf of the Winter. Nature is ready to welcome the Spring.

The dryness and grayness of winter have gone. the dry leaves of trees have been fallen on the ground and nature is ready to welcome the Spring. The loveliness of spring makes nature alive again by smearing green on its face. The Spring is not far from the Winter. If the Winter comes in life, be sure the Spring is not far from you. So, keep hope for the spring.

Keep calm and go green.

This is a renowned park of our locality. The spring decorates it by its own shade. The liveliness of nature makes it calm and cool. The alluring spring covers it all over.


Exploring Kerala #6: Alleppey Backwater Village Trip

Exploring Kerala #6: Alleppey Backwater Village Trip

The main attraction of Alleppey backwater trip is watching the backwater dependent village-life.  The lifestyles of the villagers totally depend on the waters of those lagoons and canals. The only transport they use is the canoe and the boats. The earnings of the villagers mainly depend on the tourists and their trips on the seasons. Rest of the time, they earn money from paddy planting, fishing and selling coconuts or banana. We enjoy to see the enchanting scenic beauty of backwater and to watch the lives of the villagers. But, backwater centered village life is really struggling and they lead a life always at a risk. Here is a glimpse of that village life during our backwater trip.

Alleppey Backwater VillageTrip:

It doesn’t matter whether you book a houseboat or a Shikara or a Canoe for the trip. The trip will be same for all. But, the duration varies.  The backwater beauty depends on the narrow canals where you can find wide varieties of scenarios and freshness of typical village life. In this village tour, you can experience many interesting aspects of the day to day lives of the villagers in the land as well as in the water.

Life in the backwaters
Life in the backwaters.

They use this types of the boat (Canoe) for daily works, like going to school, office or workplace or hospital or market. Almost every family keep at least one personal canoe for their daily use. Those don’t have the canoe use public transport, that means the canoe.

The Backwater Village women.

The women of the villages are very active. They can drive the boat or the Canoe alone and can perform all the external activities like shopping, selling the homemade stuff to the nearby market, dropping the children in the school and so many works.

In this backwater trip of Alleppey, you can find a chance to visit the village Kollam. Kollam is popular for paddy plantation. Kollam rice is very much demandable and famous in South India. As a tourist, we get an opportunity to see the green paddy field Kollam.

The coconut and the banana plantation are also very popular in the villages of Alleppey.

Alleppey backwater village products.

You can see a variety of the local flowers of the village at the top left side of the picture collage. Just beside it, you can see the village people are filling their boat with the coconuts to sell those in the city market. In the bottom, you can see the paddy field of Kollam at the left side and the freshly cut raw banana stem with the cluster of bananas at the right side of the collage.

The photos and words are not enough to describe the experience of Alleppey backwater village trip. To experience the true beauty and essence of that backwater dependent village life, you must visit Alleppey once and plan a trip for the backwaters. You can plan your Alleppey backwaters trip by

For better resolution and larger views of the photos visit my Flickr account, linked to the images.

The Exploring Kerala series will be continued with the more stories of the backwaters and Alleppey Sea beach.  So, please, stay tuned with our Newsletter by subscribing your Email ( Top right side of the homepage).  And, if you like this article and think it is helpful please share it in the social medias.

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WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is relax. The commitments, troubles, financial obligations, etc. makes our life stressful. We feel that we are confined by our self-made prison. That time, we always want to escape from all the boundaries and take a break from all of these. This is relaxation. We need it to unwind our energy and take rest for sometimes.  The things for the relaxation vary from person to person. This week, the theme of WP-Weekly Photo Challenge is Relax where we have to share the  photos that make us feel relax. Here is my entry for that Challenge.

I always feel relax when I come into touch with Nature and books. These two things make me complete.Watching the serenity of nature, dramatic sunset or the charming flowers have an unbelievable capacity to create a spell at my stressful mind.



Nature always acts as a stress remover to the nature lover.  The bank of the river, the dramatic climax of the day and taking picture of that make me feel relax.

The rose

The freshness of flowers always refreshes our worry mind. The lovers use rose to express their love. Rose is a sign of love. A single rose from a loved one can relieve all the tensions which you have. Thus, the rose makes me feel cool.

The books

The books are not stressing reliever to all. But, the book lovers find their relaxation in the books. I’m not an exceptional. Being a book lover, I relax my mind by reading some good books. Sometimes, a good book can act as a good wound healer.

These are the part of our relaxation. But, I, personally, believe that doing a task from our hearts is our relaxation. It maybe blogging, maybe painting or maybe pursuing passion. So, I do the things, which I love most and feel relax when I need it.

Exploring Kerala #2: Scenic Mountain Ranges.

Exploring Kerala #2: Scenic Mountain Ranges.

In the first part of the Exploring Kerala, I mentioned that we started our journey through the train. The journey was nearly 24 hours from Hyderabad to Kozhikode of Kerala.  You can’t imagine that the scenic beauty of the path was so awesome that I never felt bored for a moment, even.  When the train entered into the Palakkad of Kerala, we found the broad Western Ghats mountain ranges in our way.  It was a nice experience when we see the broad mountain range at one side of the window of our coach; the other side’s people saw the dense forest in the plain. I chose to capture the mountain range rather than to capture the dark and dense forest.


The mountain ranges of Western Ghats.


(Please click the images for larger views)

The rocky hill ranges with banana tree garden and plantations.


The ranges of Western Ghats.


It’s a wide view of two types of hill range with the green plantations.


Keep your eye on Exploring Kerala episodes. Will come with more fun in Kerala of the trip.

Fun: The Purposeless Moments

Fun: The Purposeless Moments

Funny moments come when one can enjoy the time without any stress and worries. When we are in stress, we cannot take fun from anything. So, enjoying the moments or enjoying the life by throwing out all your worries and tension is the fun. It’s like playing the cards with your best buddies where there is no stress to win and no agony of loss. To me, fun is when I can find me alone from the known crowd of everyday’s world and do things which I like most. Like, driving alone on the winding roads of the countryside. The fun of discovering new places by driving your car alone is incomparable to anything.

roadies (2).jpg
Winding roads

Sometimes I like to get lost in a strange place without informing anybody.  From the childhood it was a great fun to me. I like the feeling of being totally cut off from the predictable world of my everyday life, immersed in the strangeness of the new. The experience of getting lost in some tranquil place, enjoying and capturing the serene beauty of that place by leaving the mobile phone in home is the greatest fun to me.

Tranquility of the river

But, these types of opportunities come in life very rarely. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m too serious in my everyday life. There is a cartoon character in my home. Watching his activities (read hyperactivities) and capturing the moments of those funny activities are always the big fun to me.

Kid’s activity.

This is my entry of this week’s  WP- Weekly Photo Challenge (#WPC): Fun

Fun differes person to person. So, enjoy your funny moments in your own way.


Creation After the Destruction

Creation After the Destruction

After a terrific storm, nature becomes calm.  Like that, a pure silence can be experienced after the demolition of the remaining constructions that is related to Ego. Creation begins after every destruction. Storm surges, the dark clouds cover the light blue sky, the strong wind ruins everything, the heavy rain washed off the signs of existing structures and then the calmness comes. The composure is so perfect that it seems like that nothing falls out before this.  But, this calmness is very productive. In this calmness, the sun comes up, the flower blooms, birds come out by forgetting the loss and people begin to accept the destruction and moves away, slow. As the day becomes long, people set out to build the new constructions over the destruction with the new enthusiasm.  

But, those, who cannot bear the passing of that devastation, who still exist in the storages of the past, cannot build anything new. Storm comes again and again and destructs them as it did before until they are ready to bear the end.

A famous quote of Graham Greene.

The path of creation is very tough. After experiencing a deep agony of destruction, one can discover the ecstasy of creation. After passing a heavy storm, one can experience the authentic  silence. This silence is the creator of so many things those never happen before. This silence knows the pain of loss and the ecstasy after an ultimate agony. This silence can realize the meaning of all suffering and significance of surviving after the tempest. Thus, this silence can cultivate one’s life, totally. Hence it’s not an ordinary silence. It is full of wisdom and vigor. It has a tremendous power of exploding one, completely. And when it does that, only the excellence comes out from the core of the existence. It’s because now there is no fear of losing anything, there is nothing left to save for future in life. Whatever is remaining after the destruction is permanent and eternal and untouched by anything.  Hence, whichever comes from the explosion is the cosmos of that eternal existence and this foundation comes from applying the totality of being.

This creation is totally different from previous creation because in this creation one can use his or her totality. So, whatsoever one will create after this storm, he or she pours his or her total energy within it. Hence, the creation after the devastation of a huge storm is incomparable to anything. It’s pure like the soul because the soul blooms like a flower in the deep silence after the storm.

This is only possible when one doesn’t avoid the storm, when one accepts the storm and its destructions and when one uses the calmness after the storm to discover oneself. The storm  always comes as a pennant of triumph in life. It can be entirely understood at the first light after the conclusion of the long stormy night.

In response to WP-Daily prompt- Storm

Image source

Macro Moments: Week 4

Macro Moments: Week 4

This is my second entry for the challenge of macro photography, which is hosted by Musin’ with Susan. The challenge begins each Wednesday, named as Macro Moments Challenge. If you want to participate in this challenge, check out the rules from the link.

My entry for this week’s challenge is Flower. This is an Indian variety of Lantana camara. This is the common roadside flower of India.

Indian Lantana.

Technical Details:

This is an experiment with Canon EOS 700D.

ISO 200,   Focal length:  55mm, Aperture- f/5.6, Shutter speed- 1/80 s.

Universal Connection

Universal Connection

Universal Oneness

What is the connection?

The connection is the common tie between two or more objects or the living beings or humans. Just like the line that connects the dots. The scattered dots on the paper look so odd. But, when you draw a line according to the numbers of the dots and connect the dots a beautiful picture is born from those dots. The connected dots work wonders.

Visible Connections:

We are very much connection dependent. We always try to stay connected with our friends and relatives. For that reason, we cannot think about a day without the mobile phone connection or the internet connection. But, life is not limited to these few visible connections. It is about much more than that.

Invisible connections:

There was a time when life and relationships  were working  without the Facebook and Orkut and other social networks. Was, there is no connection between the two school days’ friends who are separated from each other long been ago? There was a connection because when they meet after a long time a river flooded with their emotions.

In fact, think about the lovers, whose relation was broken up long years ago, still feel the warmth of that relation inside their hearts. If they meet, maybe the ocean of tears flooded them. Who says they are never been connected after their separation?

So, the people who love each other are connected by their spirit. They don’t need mobiles, Emails or other social networks.

Universal connector:

So, it’s clear that a there is a connection exists behind our senses. This connection is not only limited to two or more people. This connection can exist with every living thing on this planet. The name of this connection is love. When one finds this connection within his soul, can feel the universal connection. This universal connection is love for all in the same way. That is the Oneness. One, who finds this oneness, can relate with every living organism of this world.  He feels the universal empathy or compassion for all, equally. He doesn’t need any other connection because he has found the ultimate connection. That is Oneness with the universe and the universal connector is love.

Love the universal connector



This universal connection begins by discovering the oneness within oneself. When one discovers the hot spring of love within oneself, he can connect with every organism with the same love and compassions. This connection is eternal.  Those, who are connected with this universal connection, can able to see the beauty of living in every single affair and enjoy every continuum of life with this connected spirit.

This post is the part of WP daily-prompt Connected

Photo credit: Google Image

Google image



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