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6 Keys to Discovering Real Happiness

6 Keys to Discovering Real Happiness


Real happiness is such a stage where you can find yourself as a separate entity from all the unhappiness and miseries of life. On such stage, you could realize yourself as an entity, which is untouched by the turmoil of the spirit. It’s an entity, which is far off from emotional disturbance and situational flowing of spirit.  You could see that you are set and everything is falling in its direction. You are fixed but not imprisoned. You could find the boundless freedom to flow as a river. You will discover yourself as a fearless entity beyond all circumstances of life. When your emotions transcend, fear disappears and prison unbolts, only love remains with your identity. You can discover real happiness only when you will find yourself as an independent, free, fearless and loving entity within the creation.

Real happiness
Enjoy every moment of life, just like the butterfly.

Life has no security. It’s running in its own rhythm. The only constant changes.  You cannot hold anything throughout the life except the memories. Thus, momentary happiness, pleasure, miseries all come and go with the current of animation. You can only enjoy everything when you flow your boat with its current and enjoy every moment of living. Finding the real happiness within you is the secret of enjoying the every bit of life.  To find this happiness, you have to go deep within yourself. On that point, there are certain ways to take hold of the rhythm of life and be happy in all situations.  Here are the 6 keys of discovering the real happiness.

Childhood happiness is the real happiness.

6  keys to discovering real happiness:

  1. Listen to your heart:

When life throws a challenge to you, when you think life is not working in the same direction that you predict, try to find out your internal voice. Focus on yourself. Practice meditation, if you can. People will come to you with their multiple opinions. If you live to hear those, either you will get confused or convinced by their compulsions. Try to be relaxed and listen to your heart. Later, you can understand that the voice of your heart is the ultimate guide of your liveliness. You possibly think it is illogical, but subsequently, you see its significance in your liveliness. Forget about the future, live in present and you will find real happiness when your action is triggered by your inner voice or the voice of your heart.

  1. Be truthful to yourself:

We have a tendency to impress others or to be recognized as good in the society. To do that we sacrifice a lot. We kill our inner voice, we are going against to our heart and do whatever people want . In this way, we are making us unhappy and untruthful to ourselves. You can find real happiness when you can speak what you believe and do you whatsoever want. This is truthfulness and it makes you so courageous that the concern of rejection from the society will disappear from your intellect.  You can remain happy in any turmoil and rejection of the bounciest. It’s because you are accepted by the greater Self and danced with the beat of life.

  1. Find your Passion:

Finding  your passion is another means of seeing happiness in any stress or pain. It’s a space where you can feel happy always. It’s a source of energy of energy in every exhausted condition of life. It’s because it makes a channel to deep  inside through which you can discover yourself. Passion comes to direct you towards your goal. Then, whenever you discover it, you will travel along the current of your animation and stay cool in every up and down of life. Passion is directly connected with your heart. So, performing the work of your passion automatically makes you happy.

  1. Accept the pain:

Happiness comes from pain (read this article)  When you are in pain, you are deflected from the external affairs. So, it is the high time to know yourself that is called introspection. Through the proper introspection, you can see the causes of the pain and all your limitations. You cannot improve or change other people’s  actions. You can only protect you from those unwanted actions by making yourself receptive. This is possible when you can recognize your actual individuality. This makes you so happy that the pain cannot dare to touch you. Happiness is bigger than the pain. But, you can discover this happiness after huge  suffering in pain. “The Sun always shines after the storm.” So, don’t try to escape from the pain. Accept it and use it to discover the real happiness. Otherwise, you will skip the happiness and suffer in pain again and again throughout the life.

  1. Accept and love yourself:

During the time of introspection, you may find yourself as an injured and erroneous individual.  Accept that entity. It is you. Don’t try to improve it. It’s your originality. When you accept it, you will fall in love with yourself. The flow of love for yourself will propel you to travel with the original flow of spirit. Flowing with the current of your animation makes you so happy that you can dance to the rhythm of life. Pleasures, miseries whichever come in your way, you will get over them with your own happiness.

  1. Accept others as they are:

 When you really accept yourself as you are, you could see everything in a positive outlook. You will find good in every single thing of life. This positivity helps you to nurture everything with your love and compassion.  It’s because now you are already aware of that the source of all is one and we all are full of love and compassion. The toxicity of society only covers it. Thus, we are reacting in different ways. This feeling of oneness helps you to accept other people as they are.  When you can accept people in this way , their actions cannot bring tear again in your eyes. You will just see their activities and smile in silence. This is the real happiness that brings a smile to your face even in the miserable situation of life.


Happiness is innate. It is present within yourself. The garbage of the society just makes a veil over it. Thus, you are running after it. Stop running and relax for some time. Then run inside yourself.  On that point, you will discover boundless happiness that is defined, real and unchangeable over time.

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The Joy of Togetherness in a Relationship.

The Joy of Togetherness in a Relationship.


The togetherness doesn’t only mean living under the same ceiling, sleeping in the same bed or planning for the same future. It is more than sharing room, bed, food, and money. There are many couples in this society who live in together  ( marriage or any live in relationship) without having the proper togetherness. They are living as two different bodies, but psychologically they are dealing with one or two different existence (s) between them, which has (have) no visual body. Those two existences are living behind the two worldly bodies like the shadows. And the two visual bodies are acting like the masks, pretending the togetherness by showing their artificial love, publicly. But, the pot is empty inside, in reality. It’s because they are not in real togetherness. The laughing, dancing, and intimate photos do not show the existence of the third or the fourth person between them, as they are invisible and present behind the polite masks.


What is the Real Togetherness:

Togetherness is a phase where the two real beings are living and loving together with their totality. It is a state of a relationship where no one using any mask to veil their unpleasantness.  It is completely based on acceptance, where both are able to accept their complete nudity. It’s not only physically, but also emotionally.

It is a place where each can express themselves totally with their perfectness and imperfectness, strength and limitations, good or bad. It’s like the open platform, where both can dance with their own rhythm and the rhythms maintains a sweet harmony between them.

It seems like what is yours is mine and what is mine is yours. But, this is not in a material aspect only,  but also from an emotional aspect. It is called sharing. Whatsoever is in your heart, your joy, pain, wound, desire is mine and whatsoever in my heart,  anger, jealousy, depression, happiness all is yours. When both can accept their limitations and strength as their own, everything falls into the harmony.

There is not any particular rule in togetherness.  It seems like the free flowing of the river. It slows down when obstacles come and flows with its current, when the path is clear. There is no need to control its direction.

Togetherness and Relationship:

In many relationships, the couples are claiming their relationships as the togetherness. But, they hardly maintain it. I have seen many relationships, where one is trying hard to impress other and hiding his or her originality from his or her spouse for the sake of insecurities. In that case, another person is dominating the relationship by exposing his or her Ego, shamelessly in that relationship. There is no harmony in such types of relationships because of the presence of three beings, two original and one mask. The mask and the original cannot make any togetherness.

Another type of relationship is also very common, where both partners are using masks and hiding their crude existences. The melody of togetherness cannot be played from the fake existences. It’s because there is more than one relationship are going along behind the two different bodies. That may be a relationship of slavery or monetary or enmity or anything apart from love. They are showing their love to all, but behind the door, the mask of togetherness has just been flown off from them.

Acceptance in Togetherness:

Togetherness is all about acceptance. Its potential depends on how much one accept other with his or her goodness and badness. No one can be perfect. It’s also not true or necessary that one will find his or her dream lover as his or her life mate. The beautiful faces, the handsome physics or the heavy wallets are enough to take the pleasure of a lavish lifestyle.  But those are not well enough to bring the joy of togetherness in a relationship.

And the joy doesn’t depend on upon the quality or qualifications of the individual involved in the relationship. It simply depends on upon the ability of the acceptance to each other’s totality.  It’s not that togetherness is the perfect pattern of kinship. It is, simply, the acceptability of the imperfections within a relationship by the two individuals. 



I agree with that it is difficult to accept other totally. But, if you have the weapon of love, you can conquer everything of the universe. Though it’s also true that one cannot do it alone. Cooperation from two sides can only make it possible.  If there is proper cooperation, the togetherness can be upheld even after the physical distances (separate living). The bonding of togetherness is so potent that it can get rid of every up and down in life. The warmth of this beautiful bonding, with fighting and loving, always makes the two people so energetic that they together can make the impossible to possible. When the togetherness reaches at its highest level, it turns into Oneness where the two souls live as one.

Universal Connection

Universal Connection

Universal Oneness

What is the connection?

The connection is the common tie between two or more objects or the living beings or humans. Just like the line that connects the dots. The scattered dots on the paper look so odd. But, when you draw a line according to the numbers of the dots and connect the dots a beautiful picture is born from those dots. The connected dots work wonders.

Visible Connections:

We are very much connection dependent. We always try to stay connected with our friends and relatives. For that reason, we cannot think about a day without the mobile phone connection or the internet connection. But, life is not limited to these few visible connections. It is about much more than that.

Invisible connections:

There was a time when life and relationships  were working  without the Facebook and Orkut and other social networks. Was, there is no connection between the two school days’ friends who are separated from each other long been ago? There was a connection because when they meet after a long time a river flooded with their emotions.

In fact, think about the lovers, whose relation was broken up long years ago, still feel the warmth of that relation inside their hearts. If they meet, maybe the ocean of tears flooded them. Who says they are never been connected after their separation?

So, the people who love each other are connected by their spirit. They don’t need mobiles, Emails or other social networks.

Universal connector:

So, it’s clear that a there is a connection exists behind our senses. This connection is not only limited to two or more people. This connection can exist with every living thing on this planet. The name of this connection is love. When one finds this connection within his soul, can feel the universal connection. This universal connection is love for all in the same way. That is the Oneness. One, who finds this oneness, can relate with every living organism of this world.  He feels the universal empathy or compassion for all, equally. He doesn’t need any other connection because he has found the ultimate connection. That is Oneness with the universe and the universal connector is love.

Love the universal connector



This universal connection begins by discovering the oneness within oneself. When one discovers the hot spring of love within oneself, he can connect with every organism with the same love and compassions. This connection is eternal.  Those, who are connected with this universal connection, can able to see the beauty of living in every single affair and enjoy every continuum of life with this connected spirit.

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