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#AtoZChallenge: O is For Obsession

#AtoZChallenge: O is For Obsession

The obsession is like a hypnotism. It just hacks your brain and completely diverts all your thoughts to the matter, which is not that important. Now, your whole energy and attention will be focused on that particular subject. You will be compelled to reckon your life is nothing without the things that makes you obsessed with it.

We all have more or fewer obsessions. It is fine if it stays at the level of preference. Suppose, you have an obsession with certain types of food like fish. You cannot eat without fish. Hence, everywhere, you go, you are looking for fish. This is a kind of preference. But, when you put your all energy in search of that and leave all your work for that, it will cross all the limit of preference. Then, you’ll feel a serious obsession with the fish that hacks your thoughts to see beyond the fish. In this way, an obsession engulfs all your thought process and stays at your focal point.

Passion Vs Obsession:

People often confused between passion and obsession. Both are burning as both have a tremendous energetic force. But, there is a big difference between passion and obsession.

Obsession Vs passion.


The passion is constructive. It is a love for something that you want to cherish and explore.  Hence it demands creativity. You cannot enter totally into a subject if you don’t have creativity. It is also the tremendous attachment with the subject that you want to explore. But, that attachment helps you to know yourself. The passion comes from deep inside of your heart. As much as you go deep within your passion, you feel you are close to your true Self. Thus, passion makes you enrich with wisdom and brings clarity into your vision.


The obsession is different as it compels you to burn all your energy to a particular thing that closes your vision to see beyond that.  It comes from need but not from love. So, it’s a force that wants to use the thing rather than to explore it with creativity.  Suppose, somebody is obsessed with sex. He wants that at any cost. He may do something else, but he is continuously thinking about sex. He may go anywhere and any person with whom he can have sex.

But, when a man is passionate about sex, he is very creative to explore it more intensely and give the pleasure to his partner. Even, his partner will also feel his energy of making love in a beautiful and satisfying way.


The obsession always brings stress in life and leads to psychiatric disorder. The Passion opens your heart and relieves your stress. It makes your living more joyful.

Feel free to share your experience and views about your passion or obsession. I’m really interested to know that.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- O. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.



#AtoZchallenge- C is For Courage

#AtoZchallenge- C is For Courage

Courage is the journey to move forward beyond the fear to know the unknown. It’s like that taking the risk of known to explore the unknown. It means, a courageous person knows his or her fear and has the strength to cross the boundary of that scare. Hence, fear is a common fact, between a coward and a courageous soul. The coward one follows the fear and the brave one accepts it and goes against the fear. So, it’s very important to recognize the fear and accept it as it is. This recognition makes your inner cowardice into courage.

C is for Courage

Courage cannot come from outside. It is within you. If you don’t have the courage, you cannot live for a moment. When you go outside of your home, you take the risk of your life that any time it can be ended by anything. You are also gambling your life when you go to your kitchen to cook because any moment your life can be finished by the fire of gas stove or by the electric shock of your bakery oven. These are the proofs that courage belongs to you.  You don’t need to find it outside. You just need to boost it more from inside.

Quote on Courage

Fear is always a blurry thing. When it comes in mind, it creates a haziness. And this haziness and unclarity of fact confuse the mind. It tells the mind that the road is unknown, come back to your home. But, the moment you identify that which things make your vision blurry, you can rectify that.  You become conscious of your fear. This clarity of knowing the fear will help you to overcome that. The cowardice of the mind will turn into the courage.

Love for exploring the unknown increases the Courage. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon, he must have a tremendous fear of failure, fear of losing his life because one didn’t know what was going to happen in space.  In spite of that, he took the journey and step up on the moon with his courage. The thing that triggered his bravery is his passion for exploring the unknown. Love for taking challenges and the thrill of the adventure made him hard enough to do the impossible to possible.

Thus, knowing the fear and love of discovering the unknown are the keys to get courage and vote out the cowardice in the brain.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter-C. My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


A heartiest Message for the Women of this International Women’s Day

A heartiest Message for the Women of this International Women’s Day

This is my heartiest message for all the awesome women in this world of this International Women’s Day. As an Indian woman, I always see that most of the Indian women sacrifice their dreams, their desires and even their lives for the person whom they love or the family where they belong. But, there is no acknowledgement of their huge dedications. That is very much distressing for the women. I know this is only the small reflection of the big image of women’s dedications throughout the world. And sometimes this makes the women forget about their identity and the awesome qualities they have. They see themselves by the mirror of the men for whom they perform all the awe-inspiring works. That makes them depress.

International Women's Day

In this International Women’s Day, my message for those awesome ladies is the following letter.

Dear the awesome ladies,

If you think you are not awesome, I’ll tell you to look at yourself. You came in this world with the awesome qualities and unique talents. But, it’s your fault if you don’t recognise that yet. This letter is a heartiest message from me for all the awesome women in this World.

If you think you are not awesome, I’ll tell you to look at yourself. You came in this world with the awesome qualities and unique talents. But, it’s your fault if you don’t recognise that yet. This letter is a heartiest message from me for all the awesome women in this World.

It’s good to taking care of the man whom you love. It’s good to do the things that make him happy. But, it’s not good for you to sacrifice your life, your talents, and your passion for that person who doesn’t bother about your dedications. It’s because sacrifice only increases the level of your expectations that depress your vitality and insists on thinking about yourself that you are not an awesome lady. It’s true that you need care, you need appreciation and you need love. It’s well if you get that from your man without any expectation. But, it’s all right if you don’t get that from the person whom you love more than yourself.  It’s because you can achieve those things from yourself. Just drop your expectations by loving yourself more than anything in this world. Recognise your limitations and strength. Know yourself more than anyone in this world. You don’t need to wait for someone to recognise your dedications, your talents. You are enough to complete yourself.

Do the things which you mostly like. Find your passion and engross yourself within it.  That will create a miracle for you. Day by day, it will be your world. Your creativity and talent will flourish altogether. And you will fall in love with yourself. It will be the source of your all inspiration and love. You don’t need to beg it from others.

Do your duties for the people you care. But, not more than that. Don’t try to impress them by killing yourself. You don’t need to beg acknowledgement for the care you have taken for them. Just live in your world. Create a new thing by channelizing all your agony into your creativity. It will turn into happiness. It will feel the empty spaces within you. You will find contentment within your work.

 My dear ladies, cheer up! This is not the time to waste your hard work to impress someone and expect compliment or appreciation in return. This is the time to invest all your energy and hard work to discover yourself and to recognise your awesomeness within the ordinary you. So, the awesome ladies,  celebrate this International Women’s Day with the new hope of enjoying your womanhood completely.

Keep in mind, we, the women, have the power to conceive a human body within our uterus and to give birth of that fully grown body in this world.  Hence, we don’t need to compare us with the men or beg something from them by sacrificing all our dreams and even the whole lives. We are enough to take care of ourselves.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Yours truly,


How I Transform My Anger into Joy

How I Transform My Anger into Joy


One of the wild emotions of our life is anger.  As it is wild, it can destruct anything and anyone in a moment. If you try to suppress this wild feeling, it will kill you. If you go to throw it to another, it will break one’s heart.  The problem is when you recognize this emotion in your mind, neither can you hold it nor can you throw it. What will you do with this untamed emotion of your mind?

Me and My Anger:

My issue was the short temper. From my childhood, my family knows me as an angry young girl (yes it’s girl). I was getting angry with the small issues in my life because I was very impatient.  But, now I don’t want to go with those issues because sometimes those were very ridiculous.  A good thing, about the short tempered people, is that they don’t keep their anger inside, for a long time. They do some activities that their anger gets released. When I was getting angry, I just threw the stuff near my hands on the floor. But, one funny thing about me is that I was very careful about throwing the stuff.  I threw only the non-breakable items like pillows, papers, chairs and doors (couldn’t throw it, just shut it with full force).  These activities helped me to cool down. But, I’m not saying it’s the way to be calm in anger.

Transformation of my anger into Joy:

People always told me to control my anger; otherwise it will destroy everything of mine. Yes, I have tried almost every measure from counting number to  clenching jaw and fist.  But, those are very much unhealthy for the health and mind both.  It’s like that you want to vomit, but someone is prohibiting you to vomit and you are trying to hold your vomiting by your full energy. Controlling or supressing the anger is a very bad thing. It can harm you, more than that the anger can.

Every emotion is energy. Anger and hate are the most powerful emotions among all. For that reason, these two can destruct anything and anyone.  But, if this huge energy is applied in a creative work, it will be transformed into the delight of creativity. By this way, one can release his or her anger without hurting someone.




The process of Transformation:

There are many processes to transform the anger into the compassion or joy.  But, to do that, one has to accept his or her anger. When I could not get over the anger or escape from my anger, I just accept it at own nature.

I admitted  that I’m a short tempered . That helps me to recognize my anger when I’m getting angry.  This is one of the troubles with the angry people that they cannot realize their anger at the pickaxe of the moment. They can understand it when everything is over. In between the huge energy ruins its target. Thus, recognizing the anger is a very important step.

When I am could admit it, I am able to apply it. I saw my anger comes from the expectations. When I anticipate something from my near and dear ones and that doesn’t fulfil that expectation level, I become angry. Then,  I tried to curb my expectations. It was tough. But, day by day practicing this habit helped me to diminish the degree of expectation near to zero.  It was the great step to manage my short temper.

Now, the problem is one can control his own car, but cannot control other’s car on the road. Sometimes, people’s behaviours or actions reaches such a high extent that it gets very hard to protect one’s temperament from that heat.  When the temper reaches to its boiling point, it wants to get blasted out.  Blasting this anger into the harsh words is not a solution. Sometimes, it can be the cause of regret in the hereafter. Thus, at this stage, I attempted to apply this energy to pursue my passion. It helped me tremendously. Whenever I realized this boiling point of my anger, I set out to write something rather than throwing harsh words.  I realized that energy boosts my thoughts and the words fall down along my paper like the rain fall and produce something constructive.  I found the joy of creativity.

But, that doesn’t mean I  tolerate any insult or injustice. Whensoever’s the question of injustice comes in my way, I never move to transform my anger. In fact, I use it to create the rebellion against that unfairness.


It’s true that once I was an angry young girl. But, now, I cannot find that wild emotion in my mind.  It comes  only when I see any injustice at anywhere and by anyone. It denotes that I am able to domesticate the savage nature of my emotions.  Standing on that point, I just want to suggest you something on this issue.

  • Don’t try to control your anger. Just transform it into your joy.
  • Minimize your expectations first.
  • Accept your anger as your part.
  • Recognize it at the moment of heat.
  • Find your passion, if you not find it yet and follow it. Use the energy of your anger into your passion. It must produce a newfangled thing that makes you joyful.
  • If your passion is doing something that you cannot pursue in a public place like dancing, singing, perform any other energetic activity like walking. But, must do some actions. If anything is not possible, then simply cry in silence. Your tears will release your anger.

Don’t forget to share any new measure on this transformation.

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How to find your passion?

How to find your passion?

“If you can’t figure out your purpose,figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”- T.D. Jakes

What is passion?

passion is an oxygen for life

The word passion is used very passionately.  But sometimes we used it consciously and sometimes unconsciously, without knowing its exact meaning. Suppose someone says “Bike is my passion”. He must be fond of new bikes with new features. Even he is ready to spend his whole salary to buy a bike with unique features. That’s mean he can die for a bike or he can sacrifice the rest of the world for a bike. Such kinds of persons think that their passion is their world. In fact, it becomes their oxygen to live the life.  And we need oxygen to live. If the supply of oxygen decreases, we feel breathing trouble.  Life without passion  is like, closed in an oxygen less chamber.

Why should you follow your passion?

  • Passion gives you the required fuel to spend your routine and monotonous life with full of liveliness.
  • Passion is a window by which you can see that the life is how much beautiful
  • Passion is a type of meditation which helps you to explore yourself. Suppose, if painting is your passion, you always think about your painting. During the making of every new portrait you will reach in such level of concentration which will shed light in the dark places of your mind. By this light you can discover yourself in a new way.
  • Passion sets your dream. If you haven not set your dream, life flows you here and there without any purpose. At the end you will be frustrated from life.
  • Like Depression, Frustration, grief many negetivities often comes in our life. We have to live life with these. Your passion saves you from all the negative effects of those.
  • Passion always sends you a positive signal or positivity in your life comes from your passion.
  • No one can give you happiness for a lifetime without your passion. If you are passionate about photography, you can feel a true happiness whenever you pick up your camera, even on your last day of life.
  • Your passion is the only medicine for your stress. It makes your mind quiet and peaceful and manages your stress. Suppose, you have a passion for driving a car. In the time of high work pressure or any type of life stress, if you drive your car, you will  feel relaxed  and refreshed. You can’t find that type of refreshment from any activities like watching movies, or listening music or anything.
  • Passion fix your direction of life. A directionless life becomes a nightmare for everyone.
  • Passion enrich your thoughts and your mind with wisdom and creativity.

Why passion is different from a hobby and obsession?

Passion is a burning desire

We often confused  passion with a  hobby or obsession. But Passion is completely different from those.

Passion and Hobby: 

A Hobby is a type of interest which you like to do in your free time or to pass the time. But passion is your such type of interest for which you feel strong desire and strong attraction. Even you make time from your daily routine to do it. But keep in mind that sometime your hobby become your passion. You can understand this well if I tell you a real story of one of my passionate friend.

My friend has a passion for cooking. But doing a full-time job and managing a family with her child, she hardly finds time for cook passionately. She is crazy for her passion. Almost in every weekend she invited our group of friend to her home and made some delicious dishes for us. She made each and every dish with full dedication.  It’s nothing to say that every dishes maintained the restaurant standard. Inspired by our true appreciation, she took a risk to accept her passion,  as her business.  She first started a weekend business of home delivery for party and any occasion. Her marketing strategies and good works made her weekend business popular in the city. After getting enough confidence and response from market, she quit her professional carrier as a Marketing Manager of a national Bank. By her all earnings from her job, she built up a restaurant where she took a role of Master Chef as well as Owner. Now, this is one of the famous restaurants of the city. Her passion makes her dream fulfil.

In comparison, those having a hobby is cooking, they pursue that in their free time or any occasion. But they have not the courage to take it as a profession or leave their job for their passion. This is the difference between hobby and passion.

Passions & Obsessions:

Obsession is a compulsive force of doing something in any way by anxiety or fixed in some unpleasant idea without any logic. Whereas passion is an urge to do something with creativity and in an organized way.

Obsession is losing yourself for an external object which harms your mental stability in most of the cases. In contrast, passion connects you to yourself and develops your own capability.

Long time ago, I heard about an obsessive man from my Psychiatrist friend.  The man had a obsession for sex .  That’s mean he could not control his sexual urge.  Even, his compulsion was so high that he did not bother about his partner’s mood or satisfaction. Sometimes he did not bother about his partner. For his Obsession, he used to go to the red light areas and sometimes he used to abuse ladies of his workplace.

In contrast, if someone has a passion for sex, he does it with full of love and full of attraction to his partner.  In fact a passionate sex partner always takes care of his partner’s pleasure and satisfaction.

How to find your passion?

To know how to find your passion, you should have a clear idea about passion. Because the thing you don’t know how can you find that. That’s why, before telling it,  I described the above things. There are three steps to find your passion.

  1. Make a list of your hobbies. Like, painting, dancing and photography. Then, pursue those for a week or two week regularly. After two weeks, you  shall feel a strong interest about one or two. Then, pursue those hobbies seriously for one or two weeks more.  Keep taking guidance from the learning videos of YouTube channel (  After doing those seriously, you must feel  a strong desire to pursue one of your hobby almost regularly. That will be your Passion.
  2. Think deeply about yourself. Which work give you comfort when you are in stress or which work you like to do with full of interest even when you are in low mood state. It may be driving a car, riding a bike, doing sex, taking care of your pet and so on.  That particular work  must be your passion. Because, if you follow your passion, your passion will take care of you.
  3. Think deeply about your childhood before you go to sleep. Try to remember your every childhood and boyhood or girlhood activities, how did you perform those? Was your any particular activity appreciated by your friends or parents or teachers? Did you feel very happy to perform any of those activity? It may be leadership, maybe compassion for your friends or animals, storytelling, guiding or playing some particular game.  So, try to find that particular work and do it in your recent life again very frequently. This must be shown your passion.



Passion opens a new horizon of life

Everybody  has a passion. But many of us cannot recognize it specifically.  By Floating in the flow of life, we forget to find it. For that reason, frustration, Depression, stress or any types of negativity dare to dominate our life. Coming in those negativities, we lose our direction in life and always think  “Why Me?”. But, if you find your passion once in your lifetime and continue to follow it, you definitely get answers for all of your queries about life. So, live your  life passionately. Your passion will open a new horizon of your life.

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