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WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

It doesn’t matter how many paths we have to cross to reach our destination. The thing only matters is our journey. Is the journey enough to learn the lessons of the institution of life or not? The sweet memories stay forever with us even after reaching our destination. The bitter ones always remain as the insights of life. So, only memories remain. This week, the theme of WordPress-Weekly photo Challange is Path. Here, is my entry for this challenge.

A walk to remember.

Walking the path with a like minded people is definitely a walk to remember. The person, whom we meet today, can not be present at our last day. But, the paths, we have crossed with the special persons, definitely remains as the sweet memories of our lives.

Only memories remain

We don’t remember the paths we have crossed. We only hold the memories of our journey. Memories are just like the falling leaves that loosely attached in our brain and fall on the ground of mind when the wind of change comes in our present. Hence, we are crossing a path after path, only memories remain with us.

The new year is coming. Let start a new beginning with the hope of brand new stories of our journey by keeping the past memories as the insights for the new beginning. Wishing you all a new beginning with the exciting and sparkling paths of the new year.


3 Days Quote Challenge

3 Days Quote Challenge

Day 2:

Hello, everyone, my blog Close to you is nominated for 3 days quote challenge.  I gladly accept the challenge from my fellow blogger, Brooke, the author of the blog theutopiauniverse.  Thanks, Brooke for nominating my blog for this challenge.

It’s day 2 challenge.  Yesterday, I shared a quote on happiness and sadness. Today, I want to share a very important and essential quote on living. It is from Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu scripture.  Gita is like a bouquet composed of beautiful flowers of spiritual truths collected from the Upanishads or Vedanta. Vedanta is not only the highest philosophy of the world but it also the universal religion, which formulates the universal oneness.

Bhagavad Gita shows the art of living. The quote, which I like most from it is,

 “Far better to live your own way imperfectly than to live another’s perfectly.


I would like to nominate these 3 blogs for 3 Days Quote Challenge:

  1. Way2Heart
  2. Motivation with Dehan
  3. Spiritualjourney17

You are under no obligation to undertake this challenge, but it would be great fun if you do that. Rules:

  1. 3 quotes, one a day, or all 3 quotes on the same day.
  2. You have to nominate three bloggers to undertake this challenge for each quote posted.
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform your nominees.

 Have fun. Looking forward your challenge.

To view my Day 1 quote Click.

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