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WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

It doesn’t matter how many paths we have to cross to reach our destination. The thing only matters is our journey. Is the journey enough to learn the lessons of the institution of life or not? The sweet memories stay forever with us even after reaching our destination. The bitter ones always remain as the insights of life. So, only memories remain. This week, the theme of WordPress-Weekly photo Challange is Path. Here, is my entry for this challenge.

A walk to remember.

Walking the path with a like minded people is definitely a walk to remember. The person, whom we meet today, can not be present at our last day. But, the paths, we have crossed with the special persons, definitely remains as the sweet memories of our lives.

Only memories remain

We don’t remember the paths we have crossed. We only hold the memories of our journey. Memories are just like the falling leaves that loosely attached in our brain and fall on the ground of mind when the wind of change comes in our present. Hence, we are crossing a path after path, only memories remain with us.

The new year is coming. Let start a new beginning with the hope of brand new stories of our journey by keeping the past memories as the insights for the new beginning. Wishing you all a new beginning with the exciting and sparkling paths of the new year.


WP Weekly Photo-Challenge: Tiny

WP Weekly Photo-Challenge: Tiny

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”- Leo Tolstoy.

The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even the tiny drops of rain can bring flood in the land. So, the tiny thing has a great value as it always makes something big. This week, the theme of Word Press Weekly Photo-Challenge is “Tiny“. And here is my entry for this challenge.

The pollens of Hibiscus.

The Pollens are tiny. But, the pollination creates the  generations. Hibiscus can self-pollinate. The pollens from the stamen or the male part of the flower can pollinate the ovules in the stigma pads of the pistil, the female part of the same flower. As a result, a seed pod is developed inside the flower. The pod releases about a dozen of seeds after its maturation.

The  Dragonfly.

The dragonfly has a tiny  and narrow body.  The particular shapes of the body help them to be a strong and a good flyer. It can fly up to 36miles/hour.


The tiny fallen leaf.

The leaf is tiny and dried. It loses its importance in the tree but not in the ecosystem.

The shapes cannot determine the importance of things in life and the world. The series of small things make the things great. Hope, my entry is enough to appreciate the small things in life and the theme Tiny of this week’s photo-challenge, hosted by Daily Post.

The Beauty of Life- A new Start

The Beauty of Life- A new Start

Once you have started seeing the beauty of life, ugliness starts disappearing. If you start looking at life with joy, sadness starts disappearing. You cannot have heaven and hell together, you can have only one. It’s your choice.” -Osho

Dear my fellow bloggers and all my readers,  your blog “Close to you” now finds its identity in the new website “The Beauty of Life“. You are all moved to the new site “The Beauty of Life” with “Close to You”. The name of the blog and the domain are changed, only. You can enjoy ” The Beauty of Life” as you have enjoyed the “Close to you” as the contents and the focus of this blog is the same as it was in the old one. You just only need to subscribe your Email to get notified of the new posts from this blog.

Your tremendous supports and encouragements motivate me to take the step forward to build “The Beauty of Life”.  Please, be with me as you always were.

The beauty is everywhere. We just need to find it.

The Beauty of Life:

The aim of this blog is to find beauty in every aspect of life. It narrates the beauty of positive thinking in its Self-help posts. It shows the way of finding beauty in life when the life get stuck in the miserable condition. The posts under the Philosophy category narrates it well. Our lives become beautiful when we enjoy the warmth of our relationships. The posts under the category of Relationship tells how one can enjoy the beauty in any relationship.

Not only that, but it also shows the beauty of mindfulness through its photography posts. The posts under the category of Travel describes the scenic beauty of the places through the images and words. Hope, in future it will present the beauty through the poems and fictions.

So, it’s all about life. The main motto of this blog is to motivate all to accept the life as it is. And one can do this when he or she can see beauty in every corner of life. As the mentioned quote in the beginning of the post said that when one starts to see beauty in life, ugliness goes away from life. Hence, The Beauty of Life is a blog which tells the story of accepting the life as it comes to our way. 

My Gratitude:

Bloggers help bloggers. I realized it very well when I took the step of hosting this blog. Some of my fellow bloggers helped me a lot in this journey. Giving “Thanks ” is not enough for them. I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for them. And they are Alok Vats from I News India, Maniparna from Scattered Thoughts, Pritam Dutta from Blog Mean and Subhas Chatterjee from Agileopedia


My dear readers, I’m nothing without your support. I write because you read. And keep supporting me like this way as I can serve you more. Please, don’t forget to subscribe your Email in this blog and share the articles you like in social medias. It takes a few second from you but it means a lot to me. Best wishes for all of you. Hope, you will enjoy this blog, The Beauty of Life. Please, feel free to add your valuable feedback in the comment section.

Flavours of Local Festival

Flavours of Local Festival

The biggest festival of Kolkata (India) is Durga Puja ( worship of Goddes Durga). When the rest of India is celebrating Navratri and fasting, Kolkata is celebrating Durga Puja and feasting. As a bong, I also enjoy the flavour of this festival. This is mainly 4 days long festival. But, in Kolkata, it is celebrated throughout a week. Here, I just want to portray some glimpse of this local festival as an entry of WPCLocal .

The worship of the idol of  Goddess Durga goes for 4 days in the time of the festival. The idols are made up of clay and bamboo sticks. Then, painting and decorations are performed over the idol of clay. During the time of the festival, idols are placed in temporary temples, which are called Pandal. The pandals are built with bamboo, clothes, and plaster of paris. The Bengalis (bong) are very creative in making of those Pandals and idols.  Number of competitions on these creative works have been going on  all over the Bengal including Kolkata.

Local car parking in the festive night.
The purifying fire of incense sticks.

Igniting the incense sticks or Agarbati is one of the most important Indian rituals of performing any Puja.


Immersion of idols in the local river.

In the last day of Puja, the idols are immersed in the local river and the festival is ended with the hope of performing it in the next year.



Nostalgia Of Unfulfilled Dream

Nostalgia Of Unfulfilled Dream

There was a dream in my childhood that one day I will be a painter. But, I lost the dream during the walk on the path of life. The dream floated away with the waves of time. Sometimes, this unfulfilled dream haunted me “hey, Painter, did you forget me, completely”. It happens when I see the colors and canvas or art in any place. I feel nostalgic about the unfulfilled dream of my childhood. This nostalgic feeling triggered me to capture these photos.


Color pencils


Color pencils


The Penstand

This is the pot which I painted at my childhood to keep my pen, pencils, and brushes together.




This is my entry for this week’s WPC: Nostalgia

The Art of making an Idol of Goddess Durga

The Art of making an Idol of Goddess Durga

It’s been a long time I’m irregular in the blogosphere. Blogging is like oxygen to me. Hence, you can say I spent these days with a very little amount of oxygen. The reason of this irregularity is my relocation.  I have shifted from Hyderabad to my hometown, Kolkata. Shifting from a city to another city and setting up everything there is really a hectic job. Anyway, somehow, I managed the things to some extent and now I’m feeling suffocated without my “oxygen”.  I ‘d like to thank my fellow bloggers, who came and visited my blog, liked the posts, left their valuable thoughts here and followed my blog  in spite of my such irregularity. I regret that I missed so many exciting posts of yours. Hope, I’ll cover up those slowly in future.

Biggest festival of Kolkata:

It’s a great blessing to me that I came back to Kolkata at the time when one can see the ultimate joy of the city of joy. The whole city is now excited to celebrate its biggest festival. That is Durga Puja.  It’s 4 days long festival of Goddess Durga Puja. But, Bongs of Kolkata are celebrating it almost over a month. It’s started from the shopping of new dresses and ornaments, cleaning of houses, searching partner for Puja fun to the pandals (a temporary temple to place the goddess idol) hopping and dancing at the immersion of Goddess idol. Making goddess idols and pandals for placing the idols are the exclusive sign of Bengali’s artistic nature.  You cannot understand how much effort, art, and dedications are involved within it until you see it in your eyes.

Making of the idol of Goddess Durga:

The idol of goddess Durga is created with the clay and color on the basic structure of bamboo and straw. And it is done so diligently and methodically by the artisans that it looks like the real or living goddess.  I took a trip to the shop, where the idols are built, with my camera to catch the art and the dedication of the artists behind the exquisite piece of creation.  These are some photos which I took during that  time.

The event of giving eyes to the idol of Goddess
An artist’s touch on the idol.
The reflection of the idol of Goddess Durga in the eyeball of the lion’s idol.
The colors that create magic on the idols.


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