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#AtoZChallenge: P is For Perception

#AtoZChallenge: P is For Perception

Perception varies person to person. You cannot change that. People perceive things by seeing its outside and come into conclusion by adding their thoughts on that. Hence, they perceive about you something that you show them and their personal beliefs that are developed by the interference of society. But, the fact is your attitude is not the same for all. It also varies according to the behaviors of the opposite person,  the situation where you belong and the condition of your mind. So, perception is totally an illusory thing.

Suppose, an action of yours is well supported by your friends, but your family criticizes you for that deed. In that case, how do you conclude yourself? The thoughts behind the support and the criticism are totally different. You cannot control their thoughts and perceptions as their mindsets are different. You can only fix yours. You are one, who knows in which platform and in which condition, you perform that action. So, you are only the right judge of yourself. People have no right to judge you according to their perceptions. There is no true mark of right doing or wrongdoing in our life. It depends on our beliefs only.

My perception is the flowers touches the sky. What is yours? Is it the sky gets down to touch the flower?

The beauty of a photograph depends on how the photographer sees the object through his/her lens.  In the same way, you can only discover the beauty of yourself by your own perception.  The reason behind, you know yourself better than the people around you.

So, see yourself through your lens, just like a good photographer. The only condition is you have to be impartial like a good judge. Don’t allow other peoples’ limited perceptions to define you. Either it makes you proud or it leads depression in your mind.  Both are harmful to you.  Keep in mind you are not what people perceive you.  You are what you perceive yourself. Give value to yourself first and know yourself. If you are valuable to yourself, other’s perceptions cannot make any difference for you.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- P. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

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