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WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

It doesn’t matter how many paths we have to cross to reach our destination. The thing only matters is our journey. Is the journey enough to learn the lessons of the institution of life or not? The sweet memories stay forever with us even after reaching our destination. The bitter ones always remain as the insights of life. So, only memories remain. This week, the theme of WordPress-Weekly photo Challange is Path. Here, is my entry for this challenge.

A walk to remember.

Walking the path with a like minded people is definitely a walk to remember. The person, whom we meet today, can not be present at our last day. But, the paths, we have crossed with the special persons, definitely remains as the sweet memories of our lives.

Only memories remain

We don’t remember the paths we have crossed. We only hold the memories of our journey. Memories are just like the falling leaves that loosely attached in our brain and fall on the ground of mind when the wind of change comes in our present. Hence, we are crossing a path after path, only memories remain with us.

The new year is coming. Let start a new beginning with the hope of brand new stories of our journey by keeping the past memories as the insights for the new beginning. Wishing you all a new beginning with the exciting and sparkling paths of the new year.


Fun: The Purposeless Moments

Fun: The Purposeless Moments

Funny moments come when one can enjoy the time without any stress and worries. When we are in stress, we cannot take fun from anything. So, enjoying the moments or enjoying the life by throwing out all your worries and tension is the fun. It’s like playing the cards with your best buddies where there is no stress to win and no agony of loss. To me, fun is when I can find me alone from the known crowd of everyday’s world and do things which I like most. Like, driving alone on the winding roads of the countryside. The fun of discovering new places by driving your car alone is incomparable to anything.

roadies (2).jpg
Winding roads

Sometimes I like to get lost in a strange place without informing anybody.  From the childhood it was a great fun to me. I like the feeling of being totally cut off from the predictable world of my everyday life, immersed in the strangeness of the new. The experience of getting lost in some tranquil place, enjoying and capturing the serene beauty of that place by leaving the mobile phone in home is the greatest fun to me.

Tranquility of the river

But, these types of opportunities come in life very rarely. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m too serious in my everyday life. There is a cartoon character in my home. Watching his activities (read hyperactivities) and capturing the moments of those funny activities are always the big fun to me.

Kid’s activity.

This is my entry of this week’s  WP- Weekly Photo Challenge (#WPC): Fun

Fun differes person to person. So, enjoy your funny moments in your own way.


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