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#AtoZChallenge: O is For Obsession

#AtoZChallenge: O is For Obsession

The obsession is like a hypnotism. It just hacks your brain and completely diverts all your thoughts to the matter, which is not that important. Now, your whole energy and attention will be focused on that particular subject. You will be compelled to reckon your life is nothing without the things that makes you obsessed with it.

We all have more or fewer obsessions. It is fine if it stays at the level of preference. Suppose, you have an obsession with certain types of food like fish. You cannot eat without fish. Hence, everywhere, you go, you are looking for fish. This is a kind of preference. But, when you put your all energy in search of that and leave all your work for that, it will cross all the limit of preference. Then, you’ll feel a serious obsession with the fish that hacks your thoughts to see beyond the fish. In this way, an obsession engulfs all your thought process and stays at your focal point.

Passion Vs Obsession:

People often confused between passion and obsession. Both are burning as both have a tremendous energetic force. But, there is a big difference between passion and obsession.

Obsession Vs passion.


The passion is constructive. It is a love for something that you want to cherish and explore.  Hence it demands creativity. You cannot enter totally into a subject if you don’t have creativity. It is also the tremendous attachment with the subject that you want to explore. But, that attachment helps you to know yourself. The passion comes from deep inside of your heart. As much as you go deep within your passion, you feel you are close to your true Self. Thus, passion makes you enrich with wisdom and brings clarity into your vision.


The obsession is different as it compels you to burn all your energy to a particular thing that closes your vision to see beyond that.  It comes from need but not from love. So, it’s a force that wants to use the thing rather than to explore it with creativity.  Suppose, somebody is obsessed with sex. He wants that at any cost. He may do something else, but he is continuously thinking about sex. He may go anywhere and any person with whom he can have sex.

But, when a man is passionate about sex, he is very creative to explore it more intensely and give the pleasure to his partner. Even, his partner will also feel his energy of making love in a beautiful and satisfying way.


The obsession always brings stress in life and leads to psychiatric disorder. The Passion opens your heart and relieves your stress. It makes your living more joyful.

Feel free to share your experience and views about your passion or obsession. I’m really interested to know that.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- O. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.



#AtoZChallenge: B is For Balance

#AtoZChallenge: B is For Balance

Life is about a balance between too much and too little. For that reason, Buddha always said the word “right”. “Right” means balance or equilibrium. The extreme is wrong in both cases. You often see that somebody was trying too hard to crack some exam, but when the result came out he failed. The same thing happened with the one, who gave too less effort for that test. But, the one, who put the right effort, cracked it.

It likes riding the bicycle where you have to keep an equilibrium between your right and left to stop falling. It’s about staying at the center and ride the cycle by holding that balance.

letter B of #atozchallenge

It’s not a hard thing to keep that balance in animation. Just need an awareness. When the symmetry in life is disturbed, you will feel a pinch from inside. You can realize that the feeling of too much or too less. You simply need to compensate that by placing an extra weight or losing the excess weight of the balance machine of life.

quotes on balance
Quote on balance

 If you are too busy in your workplace and ignore your family or your passion, it will knock you that you are about to lose your equilibrium. Then you need to balance that by spending quality time with your family or find some time to pursue your passion. It relieves your stress and provides you an extra energy to do the work more effectively.

In the corporate world, people are engaging more on their left-brain activities like planning, analysis, profit, loss and much other logical thinking. It increases stress, which has a big impact on their working life and the family life as well. They need to do some right brain activities like some creative work or take an interest in art like painting, music, poetry. It will balance the excess left brain activities. The correspondence between the two hemispheres of the brain turns over you better clarity, better creativity, and better productivity.

The balance in life relieves your stress and makes you more productive and efficient. But, don’t take stress to keep the balance in life. Don’t worry; the imbalance always pinches you from within. Just be aware of that fact. It will tell you which is too much or which is too little. Just balance it and move the bicycle of your life in its direction.

This post is a part of Blogging from A to Z Challenge-April 2017 #atozchallenge on the letter B.

My theme of this challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

A heartiest Message for the Women of this International Women’s Day

A heartiest Message for the Women of this International Women’s Day

This is my heartiest message for all the awesome women in this world of this International Women’s Day. As an Indian woman, I always see that most of the Indian women sacrifice their dreams, their desires and even their lives for the person whom they love or the family where they belong. But, there is no acknowledgement of their huge dedications. That is very much distressing for the women. I know this is only the small reflection of the big image of women’s dedications throughout the world. And sometimes this makes the women forget about their identity and the awesome qualities they have. They see themselves by the mirror of the men for whom they perform all the awe-inspiring works. That makes them depress.

International Women's Day

In this International Women’s Day, my message for those awesome ladies is the following letter.

Dear the awesome ladies,

If you think you are not awesome, I’ll tell you to look at yourself. You came in this world with the awesome qualities and unique talents. But, it’s your fault if you don’t recognise that yet. This letter is a heartiest message from me for all the awesome women in this World.

If you think you are not awesome, I’ll tell you to look at yourself. You came in this world with the awesome qualities and unique talents. But, it’s your fault if you don’t recognise that yet. This letter is a heartiest message from me for all the awesome women in this World.

It’s good to taking care of the man whom you love. It’s good to do the things that make him happy. But, it’s not good for you to sacrifice your life, your talents, and your passion for that person who doesn’t bother about your dedications. It’s because sacrifice only increases the level of your expectations that depress your vitality and insists on thinking about yourself that you are not an awesome lady. It’s true that you need care, you need appreciation and you need love. It’s well if you get that from your man without any expectation. But, it’s all right if you don’t get that from the person whom you love more than yourself.  It’s because you can achieve those things from yourself. Just drop your expectations by loving yourself more than anything in this world. Recognise your limitations and strength. Know yourself more than anyone in this world. You don’t need to wait for someone to recognise your dedications, your talents. You are enough to complete yourself.

Do the things which you mostly like. Find your passion and engross yourself within it.  That will create a miracle for you. Day by day, it will be your world. Your creativity and talent will flourish altogether. And you will fall in love with yourself. It will be the source of your all inspiration and love. You don’t need to beg it from others.

Do your duties for the people you care. But, not more than that. Don’t try to impress them by killing yourself. You don’t need to beg acknowledgement for the care you have taken for them. Just live in your world. Create a new thing by channelizing all your agony into your creativity. It will turn into happiness. It will feel the empty spaces within you. You will find contentment within your work.

 My dear ladies, cheer up! This is not the time to waste your hard work to impress someone and expect compliment or appreciation in return. This is the time to invest all your energy and hard work to discover yourself and to recognise your awesomeness within the ordinary you. So, the awesome ladies,  celebrate this International Women’s Day with the new hope of enjoying your womanhood completely.

Keep in mind, we, the women, have the power to conceive a human body within our uterus and to give birth of that fully grown body in this world.  Hence, we don’t need to compare us with the men or beg something from them by sacrificing all our dreams and even the whole lives. We are enough to take care of ourselves.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Yours truly,


WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is relax. The commitments, troubles, financial obligations, etc. makes our life stressful. We feel that we are confined by our self-made prison. That time, we always want to escape from all the boundaries and take a break from all of these. This is relaxation. We need it to unwind our energy and take rest for sometimes.  The things for the relaxation vary from person to person. This week, the theme of WP-Weekly Photo Challenge is Relax where we have to share the  photos that make us feel relax. Here is my entry for that Challenge.

I always feel relax when I come into touch with Nature and books. These two things make me complete.Watching the serenity of nature, dramatic sunset or the charming flowers have an unbelievable capacity to create a spell at my stressful mind.



Nature always acts as a stress remover to the nature lover.  The bank of the river, the dramatic climax of the day and taking picture of that make me feel relax.

The rose

The freshness of flowers always refreshes our worry mind. The lovers use rose to express their love. Rose is a sign of love. A single rose from a loved one can relieve all the tensions which you have. Thus, the rose makes me feel cool.

The books

The books are not stressing reliever to all. But, the book lovers find their relaxation in the books. I’m not an exceptional. Being a book lover, I relax my mind by reading some good books. Sometimes, a good book can act as a good wound healer.

These are the part of our relaxation. But, I, personally, believe that doing a task from our hearts is our relaxation. It maybe blogging, maybe painting or maybe pursuing passion. So, I do the things, which I love most and feel relax when I need it.

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