The Beauty of Countlessness


Have you ever tried to count the number of stars or the clouds in the clear sky? Have you ever tried to count how many waves are generated in the ocean? Have you ever thought to count the numbers of rain drops falling from the sky? No, because it’s not possible. You cannot count the total numbers of those as those are just countless and present in the infinity. The sky is unlimited, Ocean is boundless.  You cannot define their boundary. So, they are infinite. The things present in the infinite space is countless. If you don’t know the limit, how can you count the things present in the unlimited space?

Let see your mind. It has no finite line. That’s why; the emotions and thoughts in the mind are countless. You can define your joy, pain, hate, anger, worries, but you cannot count their numbers in whole as you don’t know the limit.

Do you love someone deeply? If you do that, have you ever tried to count you care for him or her? Where there is love, there is no count of caring. As the love is infinite, the care in love is countless.  That’s the reason, why a mother or the father cannot count on the things; he or she has done for his or her child in the whole life. The things, a mother or the father does for his or her child, is countless. In the same way, their blessings are always countless.


This is the beauty of countless. You can detect it, but you cannot count it. If you think you are just a body, your life will be ended after your death. Merely, if you believe you are a virtuous soul, you’ll gain the immortality. That means a countless life span.  So, the countless things are always beautiful.

This post is the part of today’s Daily prompt- Countless

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Feelings and Freedom

Great post! Most of the beautiful things in our life are countless and I guess that’s why we forget to appreciate their presence!


A beautiful post Sayanti and thank you so much for liking our post today. Love and blessings to you :o)


love is infinite, care is countless ~ this will stick with me for sometime I guess. Nice post, Sayanti.


Just beautiful

Advanced Research Technology

“The countless things are always beautiful.” I like that!


Love this post! And the “Thank you Lord” quote is spot on. We are blessed every time we take a breathe, and who counts those? I often stand outside my back door and look up at the sky. Some nights I can see many starts, new stars, or no stars. Still I know there are a multitude of stars, and I’m blessed to be staying under them.


Wonderful Sayanti, a post with deep meaning again.


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[…] To view my previous post on Daily Prompt- Countless, click here. […]

Babu Appat

That’s really nice. Love every creature on earth however micro they seem to be. The biology and chemistry of life can be better if laced with love.


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