The Bliss of Playfulness

Do you know who enjoys the bliss in this universe? One is a child and another is a person, who can accept the animation as it is with its light and shade. The common thing, between these two, is playfulness. Only for this attitude, they are always living in the present. They don’t think about the past or get worried about the future. They are just living in the moment and learned from the past.

If a child burned her hand by touching a flat iron, she never touches it again. It’s because she learned that not to place her hand on the flat iron as it is hot.  The same thing happens with the playful person. The past is only the insight into him.

Playfulness in life

The playfulness is the key to enjoying the life. Look at the children around you. They are always so playful.  Whatsoever they do, like eating, sleeping, crying, laughing, playing, mischieving they enjoy that. They cry when they are scolded by the elders. Then forget about it within a moment and laughed again when they are loved by those elders.  They are not bothered by anything in the lifespan. Their playfulness makes them happy always.

But, we take the life as a so serious matter.  We have to do so many things in a life. We have to fulfill other’s expectations, we have to make happy others, impress others, achieve the goal in life, rich in society and so many things we are possessed to do in this short life. If we do not take the life so seriously, how can we complete so many tasks in a single lifetime?

We want to achieve many things within a life. Ask yourself; have you desired to achieve happiness in life? Have you wanted to accept the pain as the way of spirit?

No, we never do that. We are looking for pleasure at our spare times. Pain is not our part of life. It comes into our life, unexpectedly. So, avoid it and focus on the goals. This seriousness makes hard the wall of ego that separates the self from the soul. But, one who escapes from the pain cannot achieve happiness in life.  The wound is the window to see the life more deeply because pain brings us close to our soul. This is the way to uncover the happiness within us.


If we see the life playfully, the pain, the pleasure, the failure, and the success all we can accept as the part of the game. We are not here to solve the problem of life.  We are here neither to win nor to lose in life. We are here to travel with the life. The sportsman’s spirit or the playfulness helps us to perceive the winning and the losing in the same way. We have this life to see its beauty. We are only the traveler of the tour of life. We are only the player of the play of life.

The happiness within us makes us playful just like the children. This playfulness makes us alive in every continuum of life. So, enjoy the bliss of playfulness and enjoy the life in a playful tone.

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Plot twist! read it from end to start.Works wonders


Serene is the word I felt reading this. Wonderful as always Sayanti.

Infinite Living

Yes very well said! It is a choice to make it all that easy again …like when we laughed so easily as a child!


Bahut Khub.Sayanti ji.