The Clowns of the Real Stage

“The show must go on
The show must go on
Inside my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on.”


The show is going on continuously, till the death. We have to entertain our audiences like the clowns of the circus. We cannot cry in front of them as our tears will spoil our make-up. We cannot remove our colourful dresses as our black and white dresses will come out in the facade of the audiences. We are hypnotised by the phrases of “The show must go on.”

The things, we do to make happy others or to impress others, aren’t like the circus in the real life? We are breaking inside; we are going against our heart; we are crying behind the stage, but we are showing outside that we are fine. Our eyes filled up with tears, but our lips are still widening by the expression of a smile. Are we not the clowns of the real life circus?

Clown in the circus

We are executing the same show throughout our lifetimes. Practicing the same day by day, make us feel that the show is real and the real is the imaginary world. Suppressing tears, tolerating insults, following orders and sacrificing the small wishes for performing the shows or keeping the false image outside turn us into the living cadavers. We forget to live. We forget to smile. We forget to cry. We forget to rest. Is it less than a clown’s life? Performing this type of living turns our lives into the stage of the circus.

But, life is not a stage of the circus. We have gotten this lives to discover its treasure; to fulfil its purpose. But, it is not given to us for wasting it to entertain others. The conditions of clowns are quite better than us. It’s because they have a certain time to perform their shows. After the shows and training of shows, they are free to live their life in their way. But, We, the clowns of the real stage, have no time to wipe our make-up and remove the colorful dresses. We are performing the circus throughout the lifespan. This circus torturing our soul. This circus snatches our happiness. This circus turns off the light of our tremendous life force.

The peach of life persists on outside the stagecoach. The life force is hidden into our laughing, our crying and our loving. If we are not allowed to do that, our life will be meaningless. The happiness and peace of life depend on us. If we choose to go against our hearts and do the things to please the other’s heart, we are going to commit suicide. That entails, we are not living our lives. We are the clown of other’s circus. And this circus breaks free. If we choose to perform this circus, we cannot take retirement from it until our body is not reached into the grave. The claps and boos of audiences are not real happiness. We are getting that for performing the great amusing acts. Simply, the acts are acts not real. Thus, the momentary happiness we achieve from outside by hiding our originality is not ours. That is for the clowns, who are endlessly proving to impress the audiences.

This duality is tiring us and creating stress on our beautiful mind. Get out of this circus of real life and live the real life with your complete genuinity. Genuine peace and happiness will come after you.

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Thank you. If only everyone would take off their masks…


Yeah. Sometimes i feel that wearing so many masks, i have forgotten my real self. This is something i have also thought about, nice that you wrote it. food for thought now. 🙂

Peaceful Journey

This is a powerful write Sayanti. You really deal with some issues often masked in clown images. A smile which is really a frown. Tear drops that are covered. The image of happiness while sadness is hidden.


I have always felt that burden… competence argued on things others want me to do…masked all over…this is a powerful n in-sync post Sayanti……its actually quite cathartic……..loved it 🙂