The Greatest Mistake of Life

The greatest mistake you have done in your life is judging you by other’s perceptions and that’s the ground why your life moves into the faulty direction. The moment, you start to dissect you, by your own perception, your life will begin from that instant.

You are the sole person in your life, who can understand you in the best way. If you think somebody will come into your life and will understand you in a better way than yourself, you are totally wrong. One can understand other only some of his or her parts, which is disclosed to him (who judge other). No one can understand you completely. Not even your parents and spouse. As they only read those, which they want or which you show outside. Thus, you are the sole Saviour of your liveliness.

No one knows you better than yourself.

In the case of understanding, I want to bring up one more matter. Now a day, understanding is a big questionable thing. People talk more than they heed. Therefore, they just assume something about somebody rather than understand somebodyUnderstanding depends on proper communication, which is based on speaking and listening, equivalently. That’s the reason why the intelligent people don’t allow other’s perception in their lives.

We all have made mistakes in our lives. When we realize that, we start to find out the causes. As much as we go deep, we find more mistakes. At the close of the day, we are stumped by the stack of mistakes. Simply, if you want to find your mistakes, sincerely, you can’t blame others for your deeds. As you go deep, you will realize that the root of mistakes is deeply inserted within yourself.  And that is your false belief. That means your trust on other’s perceptions or your dependence on other’s judgments. You will see that your those actions, for which you repent,  were the reflections  of other’s opinion or the fear imposed by others.

Suppose, you wanted to be an artist or painter. Your parents told you that it’s not a right career for you and you cannot earn more money by this profession. They suggested you to be an Engineer and continue your painting work beside that profession. You thought that they are right because if you will be an engineer, you can earn a good amount of money that helps you to maintain your lifestyle and continue your painting work. Then you went for engineering and after that you got a good career break as a software engineer.  But, you could not enjoy your success. In spite of enough property, good lifestyle and a happy family, you always feel emptiness from your heart.  And that emptiness often creates a huge depression on you. If you realize the cause of depression is choosing your profession, you could be able to identify your greatest mistake. The mistake was not your parents’ decision. It was your choice or your fear of failure. You judge yourself from their point of view, but not yours. The painting was not only your hobby, but it was also your love or passion. Painting is a full-time job to a passionate painter. How could you pursue it with any other mainstream job? You knew that. In spite of that, you committed the greatest mistake of your life.

In this way, if you can analyse your mistakes , you will see that your spirit is just flowed away by the current of other’s wishes, which bear no specific charge as no one knows you completely. So, the path is wrong. That’s why;  you couldn’t find happiness, peace and satisfaction in your liveliness.  And, you reckon your life is terminated. This precedes a great depression within you.

So, turn around. Age is only a number. Accept  your mistake and choose the right direction. That is your way of life. Dissect you, badly by your own perception only. Admit your mistake, accept your limitations and accept yourself completely. Do that, whatever you want from your heart. Say that, whichever your heart want to say.

Osho’s quote

Live the life by your own discipline and by your own terms. Believe in yourself completely. Your life will begin at this point in a right way.

This post is based on finding out the greatest mistakes. If you want to know more about the mistakes or how to correct your mistake, you can read another article of mine, Turn your mistake to your achievement.

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Infinite Living

Very very well said! It is journey of continually separating our own true ways from what beliefs and perceptions we pile on, from others! I like your simple straightforward way of bringing across these important perspectives.
I have a post with parallel views …Brilliance that only seems wasted …if you get a chance and time with ease, I would appreciate you visiting it…


Hi Sayati, yes accept as we are! Appreciate your thought for realization. But, many places I felt the topic drifts?(direction, understanding, realization…..), also, example for the mistake that you explained, not sure it’s a real mistake! So I settle for your core point and leave the rest: accept as we are. It’s a good topic to talk and learn:)
Btb, have you read the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne ?


(Sorry friend: noticed the spelling mistake in you name in my comment. Sorry Sayanti…..! Please excuse)


Immensely potent…..I drew in parallel to it very much.
U claimed the gravity of the topic brilliantly….keep writing 🙂

Peaceful Journey

Very nice Sayanti, a poignant message.


Great post Sayanti. Thank you.


Trial and error … the story of humankind!


“If you think somebody will come into your life and will understand you in a better way than yourself, you are totally wrong ” -this sentence was very impactful. I really felt its force when i read it. Great Post..


I am in complete agreement with you. Materialistic success and internal satisfaction both can be obtained by following your heart only and not by getting carried away by others’ words.


You said it right.The life begins when we believe in ourselves. We get to know how powerful we are and the life changes from then.