The Habit of Learning

The habit of learning

The only constant thing in life is change.  We cannot sustain in this world by escaping from the change. Therefore, accepting the change is the best way of living. The one, who learns how to survive within the constantly changing world, is the fittest for this world.  So, I think the best learning of life is accepting the changes in our animation.

During birth, when a baby comes out from her mother’s womb, she starts crying. Her first cry helps her to inhale excessive air that clears her lungs. Then, she starts breathing.  This is very much symbolical to our life. When we face any changes, we cannot accept it at first.  Even, we rebel against that change. After that, when we see there is no way to escape, we start to learn how to accept the change. The first cry is our rebellion against the first change of our lives.  But, when we realize that we cannot go back to the womb, we start to learn how to survive within this new environment.

Life is all about learning, from the first day of life to the last day. The more we learn, the more we grow.  Our maturity depends on our learning. The habit of learning develops our insight. Learning is not limited to the textbooks or the teaching of our school’s teachers. Real learning begins beyond our comfort zone. If we go to learn a new language, we have to come out from the comfort of our mother tongue and practice the new language. If we want to learn new technology, we have to leave the habit of using old technology. One can only change his or her habits when (s)he wants to learn things or grow more.

A quote on learning by Robin Sharma

How I have learned to accept the changes:

Accepting the change is the most difficult thing of life. Only the habit of learning can get over it. I can remember the days of my life when I moved from my hometown to a new city of a different state. India is the country of cultural diversities.  Every state is diversified with a different culture, weather and food habits.  That time, I was habituated of living with my parents. I moved into the South India from the eastern zone of India, alone, to pursue my career. I couldn’t accept this huge change of my life that is living without parents in a different state. After coming home from the office, I spend my every evening by crying and crying. I couldn’t accept the food habits, the culture, language and the weather of this new state.  I decided to resign the job and go back home. But, my Dad forced me, continuously, to do the job as it was a great opportunity for my career.  That time, I felt bad for my Dad and became ready to do the job.  When I was open to accepting the changes, I started to learn from the new environment.  This receptiveness helped me to adapt to the new food habit, new weather, and new culture. When my South Indian friends cooked for me with full of affection, I loved those foods.  The girl, who never went kitchen at her home, learned to cook from her new friends and became habituated with the hot and sour foods of South India. Slowly, I learned to speak in their language, to protect me from the sunny weather of hot summer and to enjoy their culture. It’s been six years, I’m living here. Now, I can easily claim this city as my own. The city, which I hate once become my love now. It’s all because of learning.


The habit of learning cannot change our environment or situation. But, it can make us adaptable to any situation. It cannot vanish our pain. But, the insights, we get from the pain, help us to move on with a positive outlook.  It cannot rectify the mistakes we have done in the past. But, the lessons from the mistakes make us visionary. The habit of learning is always joyful.  If we have this habit, we can always enjoy every moment of life. Thus, Robin Sharma said- “There’s a cure for aging that no one talks about it. It is called learning.”

I think life will not be same tomorrow as it is today. Changes can happen at any day or at any moment. We cannot control those. But, the thing we can do is to accept the changes in our lives as fast as possible.This is the best lesson that life has taught me so far.

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Excellent post! Lots of wisdom here!!


Splendid again Sayanti.


Yes ~ totally agree with it. Life is change. Period. No questions about it. There is point crying over it, or hoping otherwise. Change will happen. And we need to be prepared for it. How do we do it? By learning of course.

Excellent point made Sayanti.


What an excellent post! Learned something new. Change sure is constant. That’s why I always make myself prepared for it.


Adapting to changes and moving ahead in life is a huge learning. I am glad you were resilient and during your stay away and emerged stronger. I loved the quote by Robin Sharma too. Enjoyed your post Sayanti 🙂

Vandana Mathur

There is always inertia against any change. That is why there is difference of opnion and clash between two generations. We must learn to accept and adapt to change in order to be happy. Wise words from you. 👍


We are learners by nature and learn everyday…but as you say it’s up to the individual to accept…to learn… Liked your thoughts there! 🙂


well/ Travel….. see the world,,,,,, explore…..What i learn today…. I think being in peace with myself is the most important lesson.


Living is learning… every day!


Excellent as usual …especially accepting the change part I love it ☺


Great post. As Dr. Kalam said, “Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great”.



the highest learning of life is how to accept the changes in our animation. I love it!


Very good and Its all very true. But i think that learning can change our “environment or situation”. What we learn from life can help us to sort between what is significant to us and to a situation and what is just froth and help us to mould our environment to apply what we have learned.

Ashish kumar

Excellent and a very well articulated post. Liked it 🙂


Very true. The best lesson in life is to accept the change around you that automatically prepares you for new adaptations.