The journey from the known to Unknown

An adventurous Journey of Life:

Don’t worry if the road is worse for the journey. Fear of death at every step, Insecurities of losing everything that you have, deep wound, tremendous pain, the grief of losing, harsh road, these all make the journey of life, adventurous.  This is the adventure of knowing the unknown and exploring the mystery of life path. As much as you explore the mystery, as much you know the unknown, you will enjoy the pulse of life. Happiness is enjoying the life as it is. Happiness is flowing with the stream of life. It is not related to your pain or loss. It’s like an oxygen that makes you alive when you feel suffocated in the harsh road of your journey.  It is innate.  You just have to find it.

Life is like a river.

Life without any adeventure:

A journey is boring if there is no adventure.  And we always prefer to choose that type journey because we fear to have an adventure.  But, life is like a river. If we cannot flow with its stream and try to flow in the upstream of this river, we’ll be tired and we’ll feel exhausted in the middle of the journey. Thus, we cannot avoid the adventure. Luxurious bungalow, million dollar property, the lovable family cannot give us that security which one cannot have until he starts to enjoy the insecurities.  That means, living with the insecurities and taking the risk over it with our courage. As much as you try to avoid the insecurities, your life will be stuck in one place. The free flowing river turns into a stagnant pond.

A journey towards the unknown:

Our body and mind are known to us.  And our whole living is based on the comfort or pleasure of these two. For that reason, we feel so insecure and afraid of unknown. But, if we gain a little bit of courage to know the unknown and try to go deep within our wound, within our fear, within our insecurities, we can discover the unknown within the known. We can discover our true Self, which totally unaffected by the difficulties of the road of our journey and totally free from any prison of this world. This is the happiness and this is connecting us to the universe.  Thus, any worldly affair cannot be able to stop our journey from known to unknown. As much as we know the unknown, the longing for knowing will be increasing more and more. So, the journey will be continued until the end of the life.

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Inspiring and true…


Love this, it’s all about experiencing the journey.


Very nice …its a very true fact that life a journey filled full of mystery not knowing whats going to happen next..our life is filled with hills and dales of happiness, joy , love, triumph, sadness, depression, fear, frustration. A person becomes powerful if he has ability to win over negative emotions.

Take challange as an opportunity if you want to succeed, this sentence of one my teachers in high school has inspired me lot in all walks of my life


Keep on writing such encouraging and motivational writeups


Very inspiring Shine. Life is indeed a journey and it’s rarely straight forward and without any obstacles. But with a positive attitude, belief and faith we can make it.


The sojourn is full of struggles, hardships, trials and tribulations. All of these confounding factors lead to positive gestures, beautiful discoveries, and invaluable treasures. Thank you for sharing your light and shine.

Vandana Mathur

Life is of course a journey to unknown. That is the challenge, and charm of life. If everything was straightforward and on a known path, life would have been boring and stifling. We should face the challenges as they come and move forward.
Thank you for writing such an inspiring post.

Letters to life

I am completely in love with your writing, especially ‘Togetherness’ I loved it..