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After Facebook, WhatsApp is the very popular platform for communication in the recent days. People modify their default text messaging platform into WhatsApp. Now, it becomes the part of daily life for the Android users. Changing Display Picture (DP) and status is the fashion of the users of this App. People go on changing their WhatsApp status either to give tongue to their mood, thought or to express any message indirectly to person. So, people often search google for the Best and unique WhatsApp status. The brings an opportunity to change the WhatsApp status according to your mood with the assemblage of a huge number of status based on different categories. You can find the following features in this site.

Features :

1) They add new status daily.

2) All their status are unique and new.

3) They have hundreds of writers who write and submit new status on the site.

4) They have more than 60 Status Categories like (Love, Sad, Funny, Breakup etc)

Here, I add some exciting and unique status for using in WhatsApp based on some popular categories.

Attitude WhatsApp Status:

I love to live the life on my own terms.

Don’t expect an explanation from me. Assume whatever you like to hear from me.

Don’t judge me on my attitude. You only see what I choose to show you.

I’m perfect with all my imperfections.

Don’t try to change me. I’m perfect with all my imperfections.

Take me as I am and I’ll be yours forever.

Your rejection can’t hurt me either. I know you have failed to see what I have.

Make sure you’re perfect. Then come to judge me again.

I respect those, who deserve it, not those who demand it.

I’m not careless.  I care less to be a happier one.

I don’t care if you don’t like me. I was not here to entertain someone.

I don’t care what people think of me. At the end, I’ll remain the same.

3 things make me complete- Food, Wi-Fi, and sleep.

Home is where Wi-Fi connects automatically.

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Life WhatsApp Status:

Love the life which you have or live the life which you love.

If you want to fly you have to give up all the things that make you heavy.

I don’t have everything that I want, but I do have the things which I need.

My life is not perfect but am blessed with all my imperfection

Don’t fear about rejection. It always redirects towards the best option.

Nothing can be worse than the feeling of regretting not having done something when you had the chance.

The happiest moment of life when you learn to let go the things that you can’t change.

The harder the struggle, the glorious the victory.

Life is an ice cream. Enjoy it until it melts.

Click here for more status on Life .

Broken heart status:

I thought you were healing me. But, no, you have broken me even more.

I choose to keep my distance.

You cannot hate the person you loved. If you do that means you never loved him ever.

No matter, if you refuse me. I lost someone who never loved me, but you have lost the one who loved you a lot.

I got hurt more than I deserve. But, it shuts off something inside my heart.

I don’t want to know why you left me alone. All I want to know does it make you happy?

Your name didn’t make me smile anymore.

You hurt me because I allow you to do so.

It kills me when I have to find you in my memory.

Why we can’t freeze a moment for forever?

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 Love WhatsApp Status:

You complete me.

To me, you are the world.

You, me and our hearts together.

Let me be me. If I change, you will miss the one you loved once.

Am falling. Still am happy. Coz, I’m in love.

Falling in love can be the best ever feeling when the person you love, loves you back.

My “last seen at” was to check your “last seen at”.

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You can use these statuses on Facebook or any other social site also.  Stay tuned to The Beauty of Life for more posts on the unique status and quotes.

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Nice compilation Sayanti…
And some are like me – no status checked or changed since ages, nice pic is it your. Now next post should be on the frequency of changing the profile pics of Whats app and FB.


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