Toxicity In The Mind: 14 Destructive Nature of Toxic Mind

Toxicity in the mind:

A perfect mind is balanced with our positive and negative emotions. If this balance is changed, the peace of mind is hampered.  We often call it as stress. However, the mind has its own control mechanism to maintain this balance by its positive and healthy emotions like love, compassion, forgiveness etc., which help in resilience.  For this reason, we still feel love for ourselves in spite of the unwanted and unexpected situations of outside.

Sometimes, the rustic change (read increase) of any negative emotions like hate, anger, greed, jealousy, pride, fear, frustrations etc., can demolish the total balance system of mind and control the mind in its own way. Mind loses its natural and innate features of love, peace and happiness completely. Then, these emotions act as the toxic agents of mind and intoxicated our beautiful mind. Like our body, our mind is intoxicated by the excessive rise of these unwanted and unhealthy emotions. In this way, these types’ negative emotions and thoughts create toxicity in the mind.


Why does a mind get intoxicated?

The toxic agents of the mind are panic, anger, jealousy, hate, pride, frustrations, depression; negative self-talks and so on, which we see as the negativity of mind. But these are not actually negative emotions. These types of emotions create negativity or toxicity in mind because we cannot use them purposefully.

When a toxin is entered into the body, we should release it from the body. But, what we do with our mind? Either we suppress them in our mind or release them in such a way that the opposite persons get intoxicated by our toxins. So, a cycle of intoxication continuing from person to person.  As a result, emotional balance is hampered by these internal and external influences. The toxin like stress, worry, sadness and ego-ness etc., are released from the toxic substances of the mind and intoxicated it.

14 destructive Nature of toxic mind:

When the mind is intoxicated, it not only harms the person specifically, but it also changes the total circumstances of the person with its toxicity. The destructive effects of intoxicated mind are as follows.

  1. A toxic mind always produces negative and harmful thoughts, which ruin the capability of thinking something in a simple way. Things become complicated when it enters into as toxic mind.
  2. Toxicity in mind also changes the perceptions of the victim. When the mind becomes intoxicated, one perceives everything in a negative way.
  3. It compels one to do awful and unexpected activities. That’s why; sometimes we pass comment about a known person, who is intoxicated by the toxic emotions, “He is totally changed/ Money and fame change him completely.”
  4. An excessive level of toxicity in mind changes one’s personality.
  5. A person with a toxic mind cannot keep up any healthy relationship. Toxicity is always disturbing his or her relationships. Breaking up is very common for the toxic-minded people.
  6. A toxic mind is always suffering in an insecurity complex. Maybe, it is one of the causes of this intoxication.
  7. Toxicity in mind leads mental illness. If it persists for a long time, a person having the toxic mind becomes the psychopath.
  8. Some toxicity leads social withdrawal of the person.
  9. A toxic mind has a tendency to spread toxicity in its surrounding environment. People, who are surrounding the toxic-minded person, have a chance to get intoxicated by that toxicity if they have no control over
  10. When the toxic-minded people become the parent, the parenting becomes intoxicated by their toxicity. The innocent children become the unfortunate victim of this toxicity.
  11.  Sometimes, prolong and excessive toxicity in mind leads losing of social position and professional degradation of a person with excessive toxicity in the mind.
  12. Toxicity snatches the peace and happiness of mind. Unnecessary stress fills the mind completely.
  13. A toxic mind loses its emotional energy. Even, the positive energy of the mind is converted into the toxic energy. So, the people with toxic mind become less energetic and use their all energy in spreading toxicity in the surrounding environment.
  14. Humanity is murdered by the toxicity in the mind.


Toxicity in the mind destructs the person and his/her relationships. Not only that, but it also spreads the toxicity  in other peoples’ mind. That is a most dangerous thing because it kills humanity. So, we should be aware of the toxicity in the mind. If it is detected, we should detoxify it as soon as possible. After all, we all deserve happiness and peace.

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We need to purge and detoxify often


I agree we certainly deserve happiness and peace,

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