Transformation: The Way of Acceptance


Change is constant and inevitable. We cannot avoid it or escape from it. If we want to survive in this constantly changing life and environment, we have to accept the change. That is called adaptation according to Darwin’s theory. Hence, we have to be adaptable to the changes. Only, then we can accept the changes. Transformation is the process to be adaptable in any situation.  It is continued from the Stone Age to now. It’s the way to face the challenges in life or accept the change and then move on.


Transformation and Change:

There is a little bit difference in between transformation and change.  Transformation is just changing the form in response to the change of environmental factors. As, for example, melting of ice into water. In this transformation, the molecular composition (H2O) is unchanged and only the form changes in response to the outside temperature. That means: it keeps its identity even after the transformation.

But, in the case of “change”, the identity of the product is altered due to some environmental reactions.  If you pour acid (H2SO4) on sulfur, a pungent smell of H2S comes. The solid state of sulfur changed in the gaseous state of H2S. You cannot revert back the sulphur from that H2S. That means; the identity is altered.

Transformation and Acceptance:

I believe in accepting the change without altering myself.  But, we have a tendency to change ourselves. One, who loves himself or herself does not want to change him or her. Love means acceptance. Accept yourself as you are. You are God’s creation. If life makes you what you are, there must be some reasons. You can understand the reason when you accept yourself as you are.

Yes, it’s true, there is lots of imperfections and limitations. Don’t go to alter those.  Altering those means changing the identity. You cannot survive in life or you cannot travel with life if you change your identity. No one can stand by going against the life.

I will say, just transform yourself according to the need. Suppose, you are super sensitive and frequently, get hurt by other’s little pinch. You want to change that sensitivity. But, don’t do that. Use your that quality to feel other’s pain and joy. If you can do that, you will understand it is your treasure. Your super sensitivity is your compassion and empathy, which is the rarest thing in this cruel world. This is your transformation, but not change.

There are several ways of transformations of emotions. Emotions are the energy. If you use the energy of your limitations for some useful purpose, your limitations will be your strength.

Suppose, you are suffering from some pain, which is unavoidable, like the suffering in a relationship with a spouse or any close one. Cutting up the relationship is not always the way of getting out of that pain. It’s because sometimes, so many things relate to a relationship. It’s true that we all want to be happy. One, who is suffering in pain, can also find the happiness in his/her life and this time that happiness will not be momentary, it will be permanent and boundless.  Pain deflects us from the crowd.  When you are turned away from the crowd, you will stop comparing yourself to others.  This facilitates you to take survey for yourself. That is called introspection. This will help you to discover who you are. When you can get this answer, you will find the real happiness. This happiness is so inevitable that it will move you forward happily throughout the life. No pain, no suffering can’t  dare to touch you. This is the way of transformation of pain into your happiness.


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Transformation is the most useful process to transform our unconscious destructive emotions into the constructive purpose. It can only be possible through awareness. One has to identify and understand his or her destructive habits or emotions.  Then, there are various ways to transform those. Meditation is one of the useful measures for this process.  Transformation also happens spontaneously, if you accept yourself as you are. In this way, one can transform his or her unconsciousness to a purely conscious level.

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Thanks for sharing nice post👍😊


Hello there! I enjoyed reading your post overall, though the part about do not change the imperfections or limitations seemed confusing. Personally, I believe in embracing imperfection, since perfection as an end does not exist for instance. However, not changing limitation sounds like an argument deriving from a pre-destination adherent camp, which I find troublesome. Though I understand using obstacles (or limitations) as springboards onto what nature requires of an individual, I am not certain about your conclusion regarding limitations’ uses. Very interesting framework.


accepting the core of you is the bedrock for improving oneself. 🙂


This is such a good post .Your work brightened my not so good evening . Thank you .