Turn Your Mistake to Your Achievement


A mistake can be our best guide when we learn from it. But, the worst mistake we have done when we walk away from our own mistake by giving excuses.

Generally, we cannot understand our mistake immediately after committing the mistake. In fact, sometimes we feel that we have taken the right step. Sometimes,  we are making  mistakes very unconsciously. But, when things going wrong or failure comes with life in a much unexpected way, we realize our mistakes. But the funny thing is that, most of the time we blame others for our own mistakes.  We even try to believe that we are perfect, we can’t do any wrong. This mistake was happening because of those people’s influences.  Even, when there is no one, we blame to our luck or life and then try to escape from it. Beyond the life there is only death.  But, the weight of our mistakes is so high that we cannot reach that milestone even.  We are living in the middle of life and death like a living fossil. In this way we just overlook our mistakes and walk away from it. As a result, we commit the same mistakes again and again.

Can you remember your examinations of student life?  Suppose, you write an exam and expect some good score. But, when the result comes out you see that your score is very poor or below yours minimum-expectation level.  What will you do then?  Either you will tell to your parents and friends that you wrote the exam well, but the examiner is very bad, could not check your paper with full of concentration and as a result this bad score has come or you will challenge the examiner to review the paper once. 

In case of life, there is no second chance because life is a very strict and confident examiner. It won’t review your paper. If you fail in your test or do not get the expected result, you have no option of paper-review. So, you have to find out your own mistakes in the test of life by remembering all your writing up that’s your actions throughout the test of your life.  Finding out the mistakes is one of the toughest challenges for everyone.

People often make mistakes in these areas:

First, you need to know which types of mistakes, generally happened in life because finding mistakes in a life is like a finding needle in a grass lawn.  If a mistake is not realized it increases at a rate like an asexual reproduction.  So, you have to find the  root of your mistake. That’s why I’m giving the examples of some basic mistakes. It may help you find the root.

Choosing career, choosing  partners,  missing opportunities, investing money, wrong decisions, taking vital steps at a wrong time, ignoring serious matter, casually thinking or taking life so much casually, playing  games with life, deceiving persons, trusting someone blindly and  wasting time without doing anything and so on.

Turn your mistakes to your Achievement: 

You can turn your mistake to your achievement by following these steps.

Turn your mistake to your achievement
  • Understanding the situations:  Don’t be frustrated when things are going wrong or failure comes. Be curious to find out the reason. Don’t try to escape from it. Find some time for yourself before going to blame others for your problem. Think thoroughly, what your problem is actually. Then, go back and remember the situations before the problem or failure, which recently arises in your life.     Suppose,  you move from a research-oriented profile of a scientific laboratory to a marketing profile of a corporate industry where you are offered a very high grade salary. But, there you cannot perform well like your previous industry. After a year, you lose your job. Coming in frustration, you start to blame to your managers rather than trying to find the cause of this disaster.                                                                   
  • Realization of mistakes:  After a deep understanding of your problem and the causes behind that,  you can realize your mistake. Obviously, your own mistake. People can suggest you something, force you for something, but what you do is totally your responsibility. So, if any mistake happens is committed by you only.                                                                         
  • Admit your mistake:   It’s very tough to admit our mistake behind a great loss. Our perfection-dilemma always makes us feel that we cannot make any blunder. We try to believe that the blunder is happening either by others conspiracy or by others fault.  So, it takes some time to accept the responsibility of your own mistake.                                                  
  • Investigation: Sometimes you have to play the role of Sherlock Holmes in life. Once you admit your mistake, act like Mr. Holmes to investigate the root cause of your mistake. Already, I told you that number mistakes are increasing at a rate of asexual reproduction. So, you have to follow the chain of mistakes to reach the root cause of those.   Like, if you are going to investigate the root cause of your job-loss in the previous example by following the chain of mistakes, you will see that the cause was your greed for high-salary. 
  • Here, I’m giving some of the most common causes of mistakes for your better understanding. These are losing faith on you, blind trust of another person, uncontrollable anger or short-temperament, greedy, proud, too much cleverness, childish behavior, emotional overflow, over confidence, ego, and hopelessness and so on.                
  • Analysis of root cause:  It’s a very important step. The learning from your mistake depends on it. A good and effective analysis of the mistake can be a turning point of your life. As because, the lessons you have learned by analyzing the root cause of your mistake is your life-lessons which you won’t forget in your whole life. As in the previous example, the root cause of mistake is your greediness for high-paid job. That is not a wrong thinking at all. But, the greediness for quick money making without knowing your own capability is wrong. You can reach at that level of salary after a certain time or you can raise your income by doing any side business. But a sudden shifting from a laboratory-job to a corporate-job is not suited for everyone.  In that case, one should keep some basic idea about him/herself. Albert Einstein said, “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them”.                                                    
  • Applying the lessons in present life:  The lessons you have learned from your mistake, apply it in your life. Then, the lessons turn into your achievement. Everything is happening  in a universe in a particular reason. Even you come into this world in a particular reason.  These are not my words. Great men and women  always said like that. Mostly, we can’t understand the particular reason because we don’t try to find the reasons behind all. Maybe, there is a meticulous purpose, that’s why you committed the mistake.  So, the lessons you have learned from your mistake, is a powerful weapon for your life. Use this weapon in your struggle. Definitely, you will win the battle of life by achieving your goal.

[“I knew everything happened for a reason. I just wished the reason would hurry up and make itself known.” ― Christina Lauren, Beautiful Bastard]


Once Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” So, don’t be scared about the mistake. If it happens, admit it as soon as possible and learn the lesson from it.  Failure is the stepping-stone of life. It comes in life to teach us something. So, don’t ever try to escape from it rather than admitting the mistakes.  Just keep your hope up in the time of disaster and follow these steps to learn the lessons from it.  Your mistakes will be rectified only when you apply the lessons of your previous mistakes to your next test of life to reach your goal. If your learning is right, you must achieve your goal. So, embrace your mistakes and find a new meaning of life.


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Kamal Kothari

Brilliant post. This is one to preserve in Pocket app and read over from time to time. Thx sharing


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