Understanding is the Key of a Healthy Relationship

Understanding is the foundation of any relationship.  It’s because a perfect relationship is built by accepting each other’s imperfections, and understanding is the beginning step of accepting each other’s imperfections. A relationship is not only ended by  misunderstanding,  but it is also broken by lack of understanding.


Understanding is a big issue in any relationship. It depends on listening and observing each other, equally. But, we talk more than to heed. That is the problem. We don’t try to understand another. We just assume something based on our perception and become judgmental to another. Then, we mercilessly throw those judgments to each other. That breaks the harmony of a relationship. Finally, the kinship is ruined by lack of understanding. Where there is proper understanding, there is no place for judgment.

They are so understanding with each other

Understanding needs proper communication and it is vice versa. Communication doesn’t only mean talking with each other, continuously. A good communication is going on by talking and listening, proportionately. It needs an open mind to receive other’s views and to observe those from his or her standpoint. In this way, a proper communication constructs the base of understanding. When there is a proper understanding within a relationship, the individuals of it, can communicate with each other even in the silence. Understanding makes us kind to each other. We can sense each other’s problems with full of compassion, that gets a healthy relationship. When we can see each other in this manner, we will be able to live with each other’s imperfections. Only, then a relationship of two imperfect individuals goes on, harmoniously. Thus, Understanding is the key of a healthy relationship.

This post is written in response to the WP Daily prompt- Understanding



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Yes, very well written.
Understanding is the key, but it is another abstract notion, which changes from person to person + situations !

There is only a few of them who can be calm
Moreover if one gets upset/angry for something
the best thing that can happen is the person gets back to his normal state at the earliest.

Good Times Ma’m


Nice one sister😊👍


Nice post 👍


Nice one again Sayanti. And a good theme selected for this one. Without understanding everything else fails…


I guess in today’s time relationships are becoming more and more baseless and materialistic and people don’t want to understand its essence. Everyone is looking for their own benefits. Your article is really inspiring for the ones who are lost and don’t understand what loving is all about.