When a blogger experiences the worst kind of suffering

Dry eyes. Photo coutesy: Youtube.com

A passionate blogger or a passionate writer both has a common interest in reading. Reading and writing are themselves part of life. Even in the time of writer’s block, they are spending time by reading books and articles only. So, they are very much attached with these two habits. But, can you imagine a condition of a blogger or a writer, when he or she cannot read and write in spite of having plenty of time.

I can imagine because now I’m suffering from severe dry eye syndrome. My ophthalmologist advised me to keep away from the computer screen for at least a week.  This is the time when I neither can read nor can write. This the worst kind of suffering period of any blogger or any writer’s life.

Severe dryness of the eye is a condition in which eyes become dry due to the lack of tears or inadequate amount of tears. Tears lubricate and nourish our eyes.  Tears are also very necessary to protect our front surface of the eyes and to provide clear vision. In this case, tear gland produces poor quality’s tear or inadequate tears, which leads dryness in eyes with severe eye pain.  Eyes become red, gritty and scratchy. The patient cannot tolerate light and stormy wind also on his/her eyes.

Source: http://www.aoa.org/patients-and-public/eye-and-vision-problems/glossary-of-eye-and-vision-conditions/dry-eye?sso=y

Mine is severe dryness. I cannot open my eyes at daytime. All the day, I used to lie on my bed by wrapping the eyes with a piece of a cloth with a pain in the eyes. From last four days, I haven’t  seen  the sun.  I haven’t opened the windows of my room.  I have to wear sunglass in night time also, my eyes become so photosensitive that I cannot tolerate electric lights of the room. In spite of that, the night is far better than a day for me. In the night, I can check my tablet at least.

This is not my first time experience. Last year, I also suffered in dry eyes too. But, this time, is the worst kind of suffering.  One of my friends told me that I have shed so much of tears that my tears have been dried. I replied back, she, “What did you want to mean, do I need some more heartbreaking incidents to bring tears to my eyes?” That’s not the cause of inadequate tear production, actually.

This is very common to all computer users, especially for those who are working with computer for long hours at a stretch without using anti-glare glasses on their eyes.  I had no power issues with my eyes until the date. In fact, I usually hate to wear glasses on my eyes.  So, I didn’t use anti-glare glasses. This is, I think,  one the cause of my dry-eye syndrome.  There are so many causes of this disease. I mentioned this because we bloggers are using our laptops almost throughout the days. So, this disease can affect any of us who are not using anti-glare glasses on their eyes.  So, we should protect our own eyes first unless we have to suffer in a pathetic way. The worst kind of suffering, a blogger experiences when he/she cannot read or write in spite of having plenty of time.

Don’t hesitate to share if you have ever suffered like this way. Thanks for reading.

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Jackie Jain

Hello Sayanti. . Hope you are doing well. And what? Really? Take care. I never suffered from such things even though when my strain a lot. . At those times I just take a break from writing or reading through desktop for 4-5 days. Use anti glare glasses from now. . And avoid reading much on laptops for couple of days. Happy MahaShiva Ratri. 🙂


I’m sorry, I hope your eyes recover soon x

Andy Smart

Oh you poorly thing. It must be driving you mad. Hope you get better soon > wishing you good vibes and thoughts throughout your week.


So sorry. I did not know of this before so thank you for creating awareness. Hope you feel better soon.