Why do you try to impress others?

Do you know what is the greatest prison of our life? We are always concerned about what other people are thinking about us. This thought makes us imprisoned within our unhappiness. To enjoy the freedom of life, one should  completely get over this thought. As much as you try to impress others, you will be confined within your self-made prison. So, no need to impress others to get the importance because three reasons:

  1. Perception: It varies person to person.  It’s not necessary that your perception will be same to others.  As much as you try to reach other people’s perception, you become tired and finally, you will get frustrated with your life.
  2. Satisfaction Level: Most of the people don’t know exactly their satisfaction level. They want things by comparing you with other people without considering situations and time. If you ever try to achieve their satisfaction level, you couldn’t do that. I’m sorry to say that. Since there is no exact limit of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
  3. Expectations: We have no limit of expectations. We have less hope but have much expectation. So, if you try to fulfil someone’s expectation, you couldn’t be the exactly expected person to him/her. Since, the expectation is increasing at a rate of geometric progression.  If someone finds out that you are trying to fulfil his/her expectations, he/ she becomes very desperate to want more and more from you without considering your pain and your limit.


When you are trying to impress others, you are dictated by other’s command.  It forces you to live a dual life. That means, you are thinking one thing and saying another thing to the people or doing another thing for people. You are more concerned to say something, which is more convenient and comfortable for other people, whereas you are thinking totally different about that. You are very conscious of doing a thing that is easily accepted and admired by others, whereas you have a wish to do a completely opposite thing. So, living a dual life means losing freedom of life. Since you are always dictated by others command by ignoring your inner voice. The inner voice is very dangerous. It’s always haunting you like this way – do you really want that? Are you truly happy with that? Is it your morality? Are you being untrue to your nature and so many questions? Then you might feel suffocated by your own self-made prison.  For this reason, you have to experience tremendous mental pressure like depressions, anxiety, frustrations. Since, one cannot enjoy his morality, when he feels that he is being untrue to his nature. It seems like that to do beautiful things; you have to live a dreadful life.

So, stop living this dreadful dual life. A human birth is bliss to everyone. Live for yourself once and enjoy the freedom of life. Life is beautiful. You don’t have to try to make it beautiful.  Just accept it beautifully. Then, you can find out the beauty of the life. Just try to be moral for yourself. You can deceive everyone but not the inner voice or your true self. It starts nagging if you go against your nature. Nature of everyone is not similar. That’s why we are looking for like-minded people or try to choose partners close to our nature. We always try to be truthful to ourselves. A circle of similar-nature people helps us to stay in our own nature. It makes us feel comfortable within our circle. But, wise people always say that life starts beyond your comfort zone.

So, we have to gain the little courage to begin the journey of our life. Courage comes from our morality, from our truthfulness. It’s not necessary that we find similar minded people in everywhere of our travel. If we come in contacts of dissimilar-minded people, we should accept them as they are. Since, we cannot change their perceptions,  satisfactions and expectations. But, you can make them understand that like them you too have a particular nature, that is your morality. No one gives you the responsibility to fulfil their perceptions, satisfactions and expectations.  You just do your duty truthfully and are moral to yourself because at the end of the day you have to give an answer to yourself, not others. There are no places of excuses and explanations to your conscience.

This practice is quite difficult, but not more than living a life with a dual nature. It’s true that there must be a fear of rejections and a chance of being alone. But, those are not permanent. We need to respect ourselves first.  If you know to respect and give value to yourself, people around you must learn to respect you as you are.


Don’t try to waste your time to impress others by decreasing your morality and ignoring your true nature. It only gives you pain and unhappiness. Try to listen to your inner voice and satisfy yourself. You cannot get any beautiful and happy life by ignoring your inner voice or conscience. Living a dual life only makes your life ugly.  If you want importance from other, try to give importance to yourself first. Only then, you can learn to give value others by not impressing them.  So, break the wall of your self-made prison and enjoy the happiness of freedom.

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[I’m grateful to the book, “I am that: Talks on the Isha Upanishad” by Osho for writing the content]


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Advanced Research Technology

Excellent post! We are happiest when truest to our inner voice. Others may not understand, but they don’t have to. We need to understand ourselves and move forward in the direction that is most beneficial to ourselves. This will also be the direction that is most beneficial to all around us.

Amitav Chowdhury

Wise advice here. Well written.


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