Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Love is in the air. We all are in the mood for celebrating Valentine’s Day. The day of love. But, do we know really why we celebrate Valentine’s day? Many lovers often say that they don’t need to celebrate their love on a particular day and they love each other on each day of a year.  Yes, they are absolutely true. But appreciating your love or rejuvenating your long-term relationship on the Valentine’s Day by telling your lover how much you love him/her or gifting a card or any memento has a different value which you cannot understand if you don’t know about Saint Valentine. He was sentenced to death on 14th of February of 274 A.D. The day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day in every year.

The story of Saint Valentine:

Many of us know the story of Saint Valentine.  In spite of that, I’m telling it here, in short, to explain the love actually.

  • Saint Valentine is one of the martyred of Middle age who sacrificed his life for the sake of love. He was the Roman priest of the third century.
  • That time, the Roman Emperor Claudius II banned the marriage of young men. As he thought that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families or the wedded men who are not to be a warrior-class soldier.
  • Saint Valentine realized the injustice of king and felt the pain of young soldiers who are not allowed to love.
  • He began to perform the marriages of the young couples in Rome, secretly. That was a revolutionary step of middle ages.
  • Since, that time, people believed in courtly love, which is publicly announced and arranged by parents in order to increase the status and wealth of the family. These were all for political and financial gain and not related to the feelings of the bride and groom.
  • Saint Valentine first established the tradition of Romantic love or Passionate Love which based upon the feelings of love for each other by defying the Roman King.
  • When his action was discovered, he was imprisoned.
  • During his imprisonment, he fell in love with a blind young girl. Incidentally, she was the daughter of his jailer. She bought meals for him and talked at length about machismo, imperialism, Jurisdictions and the injustice of the Holy Roman Empire. During his confinement, he wrote her a letter by signing-From Your Valentine”. 
  • For this letter and his attempt to help to Christians escape from the harsh Roman prison where they were often beaten and tortured, he was executed.
  • This sympathetic, heroic, and great romantic saint was beaten with sticks and then decapitated. It was heard that the night before his death, he reached through the bars of his cell and touched the eyelids of the blind girl. A vision came to her eyes.

[Source: http://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day/history-of-valentines-day]

What is Love actually:

valentine's day
Rose-The symbol of love.

Valentine cannot die. He exists in every lover’s heart.  His sacrifice conveyed the messages on love which define the love actually. These are like that.

  • Get over your fear. Acknowledge your love by crossing all the barriers.
  • Gain enough courage to accomplish your love. “Everything is fair in love and war”.
  • Any prison can’t confine the love. Love is free. It’s not restricted to two people only (commitment should be restricted). A lover finds love in everything of life and nature also.
  • Love is irrelevant to ages. Love can come at any age and at anytime. Just keep your loving heart alive.
  • Love is not only for your girl or boy. Spread the love in every relation, every work and everywhere.
  • Love makes your heart sensitive and empathic to feel the joy and the pain of others heart.
  • Love is giving everything of yours, even your life by taking nothing.
  • True love opens the eyes. A true vision of life comes only then. You could understand what the love is actually.

Why we Celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Though it is a death day of Saint Valentine, we celebrate this day to express our love by greeting each other because Saint Valentine wrote the words of love by flowing his blood in a Roman prison.  His sacrifice will be acknowledged by us only when we express our love by greeting our beloved as “You are my valentine “or “From your Valentine”.  Then this Romantic, Loving Hero Saint Valentine will alive again with the love of lovers.

 Messages for all loving hearts: 

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”– Oscar wild.

Valentine's Day
Love is in the air.
  • Lovers, pack up your all problems and misunderstandings with your partners before this Valentine’s Day and get flooded with love. Celebrate the day as a new start.
  • Don’t ever think that “I am single. I’ve no Valentine’s Day.”  If you have a lover’s heart just love your near and dear one. He/she may be your friend, your parents’, your siblings or anybody with whom you have a bonding of love.  Celebrate the day with him/her and awake the Valentine of your heart.
  • Lovers who have recently lost your love, don’t spend the day with your broken heart and faded memories. If you think you are alone and you have no one to whom you can spend the day, just go for your passion or do the work that you love to do.
  • If you think you are not in the age of celebrating  Valentine’s Day and the day is for young’s only. You are wrong.  Age is only a number. This day is for the young hearts. You can make your heart young up to the end of your life only by expressing your love. So, celebrate this day with your age old partner or your dear ones or by doing your loving work.
  • Valentine exists in your heart. Just keep your loving heart alive by expressing your love and open all the doors of your heart. Who knows, when and where your love will come to embrace you.

Wish you all A Very Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Kamal Kothari

Nice info 🙂


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Sudhir Chauhan

nice one shine…… that rose is beautiful……

Sayanti aka Shine

Thank you, Sudhir.

Sudhir Chauhan



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