WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is relax. The commitments, troubles, financial obligations, etc. makes our life stressful. We feel that we are confined by our self-made prison. That time, we always want to escape from all the boundaries and take a break from all of these. This is relaxation. We need it to unwind our energy and take rest for sometimes.  The things for the relaxation vary from person to person. This week, the theme of WP-Weekly Photo Challenge is Relax where we have to share the  photos that make us feel relax. Here is my entry for that Challenge.

I always feel relax when I come into touch with Nature and books. These two things make me complete.Watching the serenity of nature, dramatic sunset or the charming flowers have an unbelievable capacity to create a spell at my stressful mind.



Nature always acts as a stress remover to the nature lover.  The bank of the river, the dramatic climax of the day and taking picture of that make me feel relax.

The rose

The freshness of flowers always refreshes our worry mind. The lovers use rose to express their love. Rose is a sign of love. A single rose from a loved one can relieve all the tensions which you have. Thus, the rose makes me feel cool.

The books

The books are not stressing reliever to all. But, the book lovers find their relaxation in the books. I’m not an exceptional. Being a book lover, I relax my mind by reading some good books. Sometimes, a good book can act as a good wound healer.

These are the part of our relaxation. But, I, personally, believe that doing a task from our hearts is our relaxation. It maybe blogging, maybe painting or maybe pursuing passion. So, I do the things, which I love most and feel relax when I need it.

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wow..amazing pics


This flower is beautifull and the sun set in the nature is very nice.